The Darkest Dahlia I Have Ever Seen
Written by Robert Miller, 2005
At the Roseburg show Ron and Ginger Clack entered a first year seedling that was the talk of the show. It is a
small mignon single that is black. It is the darkest dahlia I have ever seen, darker than Aurora’s Kiss, Fidalgo
Blacky, or the old timer Pot Black. I took several pictures of it. On my computer screen this is how they appear:
The first is a picture taken on the show bench that had a black background. You will note that the ray florets are
invisible and only the disc center shows. The second picture is the same picture lightened up by the computer so
that you can see the ray florets. The third is a picture of it with a group of other dahlias. I had to lighten this one
up too as the flower was too black to show any detail. The fourth is a shot with a white background again
lightened a bit. The fifth is a shot that has not been lightened at all and is exactly how the camera recorded it.
The last shot has has been lightened by the computer so that you can see the color of the ray florets. They are
dark red according to my camera. It was said that the darkest color chip on the color chart is a purple chip, thus
they felt it would be classified as purple.
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