PNDC Bulletin  
 April 2008
Larry Manwell

Once again its time to get ready to put those tubers in the ground.  I’m sure the new varieties of tubers have been ordered, tubers have
been potted up and cuttings taken.  Soon it will get really busy when its time to plow, get those weeds removed and start to prepare the soil
and plant.  
My favorite time during the dahlia year of course is attending the shows.  The time of year when we can renew old friendships, “talk
dahlias”, learn some new tricks of the trade and of course view all of the wonderful flowers.  
I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the spring meeting on the 19th of April at Portland.  The PNDC Show at Portland this year
promises to be spectacular. I would ask as many of you as possible to attend and participate in showing and judging.  Plan to attend the
Trial Garden Judging on Sunday.  Gordon Jackman has volunteered to coordinate this effort.  Please encourage the Candidate and
Accredited judges from your societies to attend this judging. This will be an excellent opportunity for all to learn judging techniques
including point scoring.  I note, in talking to our judges, that many have never used point scoring to evaluate dahlias.   I would take this
opportunity to thank everyone for the many cards and letters of condolence in the loss of my wife Dorothy.
See you at the meeting!

Joan Marsh

The roster is printed, the spring news letter has gone out and I am feeling very pleased with myself!
Dan Korb did not get in the new roster but is in last years. He is a member of Lane County. The spring meeting will be held in Portland at
Scooners as usual. Lunch costs $14 including gratuity and we hope to have a good turnout. If you do not want to attend the luncheon, the
meeting starts at 1.00 P.M. Remember to bring your tubers for the auction, it is always good fun. The date is the 19th. April.

Dorothy  Elaine Manwell

Dorothy Elaine Manwell, wife of Larry Manwell, President of the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference passed peacefully in her sleep on
Saturday February 2, 2008.  She will be missed by friends and family.  Most of all she will be missed by her devoted husband Larry.  He
has been her constant companion and care giver for many years.  The joy of her last years has been all of her grand children and great
grand children.  They lit up her face, even in her grayest days. Our most sincere condolences and our thoughts go out to Larry and the
family in their time loss.  

Vice President
Sally Miller

2008 Judging Schools

August 2-3
– Wayne and Eleanor Shantz will conduct a judging school at the Shoreline Senior Center, 12531 28th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA.  
The Seattle Dahlia Society is hosting this event and there is no class fee.  The only stipulation that the club has is that the attendees be
members of the PNDC.  (The March 2008 ADS Bulletin had the dates listed incorrectly.)  

All attendees are to bring their judging book and classification book to the class.  
Contact Tom Ball for further information at 1-206-367-5647 or by email at .

August 9-10 – Wayne and Eleanor Shantz will conduct a judging school at the Umpqua Valley Art Center, 1624 W. Harvard St., Roseburg,
OR (back of the building).  This event is being hosted by the Douglas County Dahlia Society.  Class fee and class schedule – to be
determined.  Dahlia clubs will be notified of the fee and schedule as soon as they are available.  

All attendees are to bring their judging book and classification book to the class.  

In order to keep the registration fee low, it is requested that all attendees bring a potluck dish of a salad or a dessert for the lunch on
Saturday.  The club will provide the main dish.  Sandwiches will be provided by the club for the lunch on Sunday.  

Contact Ginger Clack for further information at 1-541-863-4501 or by email at .

August 9-10, 9 a.m. – Jeanette Bensen will conduct a judging school at the Georgetown Realty offices, 1000 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR
(Exit 21A on Hwy 405).  This event is being hosted by the Portland Dahlia Society.  Class fee – to be determined.  Dahlia clubs will be
notified of the fee amount as soon as they are available.  

All attendees are to bring their judging book and classification book to the class.  

Contact Jeanette Bensen for further information at 503-649-4118.

Tuber Sales and Show Schedules

Douglas County Dahlia Society – Roseburg, OR

Saturday, April 26, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sale – Farmer’s Market at the Roseburg Valley Mall
September 20-21 – Show – Roseburg Valley Mall
Flower of the Year – Kallista’s Angel M C LB PK/W

Inland Empire Dahlia Society – Spokane, WA

Saturday, April 26, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sale – NW Seed & Pet, 7302 N. Division St.
Saturday, May 3, 9 a.m.– Tuber Sale – NW Seed & Pet, 2422 E. Sprague
Saturday, May 10, 9-5 – Tuber Sale – Garden Expo, Spokane Community College, Lair Bldg.
September 13-14 – Show – Spokane Interstate Fair & Expo Center, Floral Bldg.
Flower of the Year – April Dawn B ID LB W/PK

Lane County Dahlia Society – Eugene, OR

Thursday, April 3, 7:30 pm – Tuber Sale & Auction – Campbell Senior Center, 155 High St. Saturday, May 10, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sale – The
World is Your Garden Sale, Alton Baker Park September 13-14 – Show – Gateway Center
Flower of the Year – Valley Porcupine NX LB PK/W

Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society – Nanaimo, BC

Saturday, April 26, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sale – Country Club Centre
August 23-24 – Show – Country Club Centre
Flowers of the Year – Mary’s Jomanda BA DP and Jessica BB IC BI Y/R

Portland Dahlia Society

Tuesday, April 8, 7:30 p.m. – Tuber Sale – Rose City Park United Methodist Church, 5830 N.E. Alameda, Portland, OR
Saturday & Sunday, May 3-4, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sales – Master Gardener’s Annual Sale, Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Canby, OR
August 30-31 – Hosting the PNDC Annual Show, Clackamas County Fairgrounds, Canby, OR
Flower of the Year – Chimicum Katie BB FD L
Challenge Flower – Gitt’s Perfection A ID LB L/W

Seattle Dahlia Society

Saturday & Sunday, April 19 & 20, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sales – Court Village, 23730 Bothell-Everett Hwy., Bothell, WA
August 30-31 Show – Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA
Flower of the Year – Snoho Sonia BA L

Southern Oregon Dahlia Society – North Bend, OR

Saturday, April 12, 9 a.m. – Tuber Sale – Pony Village Mall
September 6-7 Show – Pony Village Mall
Flower of the Year – My Beverly BB LC LB Y/DP
Challenge Flower – Kenora Challenger B SC W

PNDC Regional Vice President
Bob Miller

The ADS Executive board held its March meeting in Milpitas California.  I was unable to attend, but I have learned that they covered several
items that will potentially affect the PNDC societies.

A proposed revision of the ADS bylaws was discussed and will be voted on at the national meeting in August.  The proposal includes
wording recognizing the ADS representatives of each society as an “Outreach Official”.  Prior to this action the ADS reps have had no official
recognition of the relationship to the ADS in the bylaws.  The draft wording is as follows:

“Article X - ADS Outreach Officials

Section 1. ADS Representatives.

Clause 1. Each Participating Society will designate an ADS member to serve as its ADS Representative, subject to approval by the ADS
president or his/her designee. In the absence of such designation, the ADS Representative may be appointed by the ADS President or
his/her designee. The ADS Representatives will be Officers of the Society but will not be members of the Executive Board.

Clause 2. The ADS Representative shall serve in that capacity until succeeded by a new ADS Representative or until he/she notifies the
ADS President or his/her designee that he/she can no longer serve as ADS Representative.

Clause 3. It is the responsibility of the chief officer of a Participating Society to
communicate the name, address (postal and E-mail) and telephone number of the ADS Representative to the ADS President or his
Clause 4. It will be the responsibility of the ADS Representative to communicate
information from the ADS to the Participating Society on a regular basis and to
communicate the opinions and suggestions of the Participating Society to the Regional Vice President or such other ADS Officer as is

Each of our societies should examine their bylaws and be ready to amend them to provide for the designation of an ADS representative.

I also wonder if the PNDC might not be stronger and able to provide more valuable service to our members if our bylaws were written to
have member societies elect or appoint a PNDC representative to serve on the PNDC Board of Directors.  At present, our societies have no
continuing presence on the board.

Another thing that may be preventing us from providing beneficial services to our members is distance.  Since I have been the ADS
Executive Vice President for the PNDC, I have tried to visit the member societies.  It is not easy to do.  It is a 14 hour drive from Nanaimo to
Roseburg , including about 2 hours of ferry travel and possibly several hours of waiting for the next ferry during the busy season.  It is a 10
hour drive from Spokane to Coos Bay.  It is about 13 hours from Nanaimo to Spokane, including the requisite ferry ride.

Should we consider establishing a northern and a southern unit and having the representatives of these units to hold local unit meetings
and then meet at a central location to provide guidance to the Conference?  We need to get local input on what our members want and
expect from the PNDC.

Doc Peters

Here it is the end of March, and I look out my window and see a sheet of snow over my dahlia garden.  Three inches of new stuff came in
yesterday.  Beautiful, yes; but I really want to get out and dig in my garden!

Anyway, here are some items that you might want to bring up to your club about the ADS:

First, if your Society has not tapped into the materials that our Image Librarian, Claudia Biggs, has put together, you are missing out.  She
has DVDs, Slides, CDs, etc. of a number of dahlia subjects.  Of course the DVD on the 2008 Introductions is popular, but she has other
programs as well.  She is also actively seeking other items to capture for us.  If anyone has a set of slides, digital pictures or paper
pictures on a dahlia subject, she would love to hear about it.  Please contact her:   or 3332 W. Elmhurst Ave.,
Spokane, WA  99208-4706

Next, you may want to notify the exhibitors in your Society that there are proposed changes in the Classification System being proposed.  
Encourage them to study this system by referring to pages 75-79 of the current ADS Quarterly Bulletin for March 2008.  Our new
Classification Committee Chairman, Lou Paradise, has put a great deal of thought and effort into the new, proposed system.  It appears to
have many significant advantages.  It is scheduled to be tried out this coming season at the Dahlia Shows of the Pacific Southwest Dahlia
Conference.  The Executive Board of the ADS has recently given approval for Lou to go ahead with the 4-digit system.  He will be issuing a
report at the close of the Pacific Southwest Conference's dahlia exhibition season.  The important thing for you is to inform your exhibitors
so that they can have input while the plan is in its developmental stage.  Any thoughts, suggestions, or helpful criticism can be forwarded to
Lou:  phone:  415-564-3461 (Lou works nights, so phoning is not the best way to get ahold of him)   2645 34th
Avenue, San Francisco, CA  94116.

Thanks much,

Tom Ball

Starting with the 2008 Show Year, Tom Ball will no longer be the Chairman of Judges for the PNDC.  This Chairmanship will be passed to
the very capable hands of Joni Beasley and Bill Swanstrom of the Inland Empire Dahlia Society.  

More information will be available as Judging Report Forms, Evaluations Sheets and other correspondence is sent to each member

To contact Joni Beasley:    

509 294 0540  Cell

2723 E. 16th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99223-5111

I would take this opportunity to thank each of you for your cooperation during my tenure as Judges Chair.  I know that you will provide Joni
and Bill with the same courtesy helpfulness and cooperation.

Bob Miller

I think we are a little premature to try to react to this proposal at this time, but I know Lou has put a lot of thought into the proposed
numbering system.

I was unable to attend the Milpitas meeting, but here is what the meeting minutes say about this subject:

"CLASSIFICATION. Lou Paradise explained the proposed four digit classification, which is printed in the March Bulletin. He said the reason
for the change is to give incurved cactus its own classification and also gives room for expansion for new forms, colors, etc. The first digit
indicates size; this is true from AA through Miniature. The second number denotes form and the third and fourth numbers indicate color.
The 7000 series of numbers is for open center dahlias with more than one row of ray florets. The 8000 series is for open center dahlias
with a single row of ray florets. The four Northern California Societies will use this system this year and Lou hopes to have a report by the
national show. Most of the feedback he has received wants the current fifteen colors left as they are. MOTION by Alan Fisher, second by
Bob Moynahan to encourage Lou to continue with the development of the four digit classification system. Passed."
I think it might be more timely to spend some time on these classification items (again, quoted from the meeting minutes):
"Lou noted that he had received a request to increased the diameter of Mignon Singles to 2 1/2 inches at the classification committee
meeting at the national show in Chicago. Lou will ask his committee to look at the Mignon Singles in the rest of the country to see if this is
a general or localized problem. For now the size will remain as is. He mentioned that there are some issues with light and dark blends
and flames being incorrectly classified. He and his committee will look at these cultivars and make the corrections as needed. Lou
thanked Bob Moynahan for bringing this situation to his attention. Lou also reported a problem of cultivars with duplicate names. He wants
the trial garden directors and seedling bench directors to check names to avoid duplication. Growers are urged to check the Composite
Classification Book before naming their cultivars to avoid confusion."

Snohomish County Dahlia Society

On August 22nd and 23rd, 2009 the Snohomish County Dahlia Society will celebrate 100 years as an organized dahlia society by hosting
the American Dahlia Society National Show.  Make plans now to attend this spectacular event.

In order to give everyone a chance to find varieties for the 2009 National Show the following classes that will be in Section 59 are listed

Flower of the Year                Snoho Doris
Challenge Flower                Edna C.
Leroux Introduction                Kenora Wildfire/Kenora WOW
Ambrose Introduction                Camano Sitka/Camano Puff
Bonneywell Introduction        Snoho Sonia
Wilson Introduction                Lakeview Curley/Lakeview Peach Fuzz
Parshall Introduction                Clearview Irene/Clearview David

(excluding ALL Leroux, Ambrose, Bonneywell, Williams and Parshall

Best Single Entry                Little Bees Wings
Best Dahlia 40 years or older.

What flowers do you consider the best examples of the various forms?
By Ted J. Kennedy

That is really a loaded question. As members of the ADS, we keep track of the winners in the various classes and the most empirical
answer to that question is probably just looking at the compilation of the winners in the classification book.

I do not believe that the simple answer is what the author of the question is posing.  The definitions of the forms of dahlias are rather
clearly written in the judge’s guide. However, there is no set of illustrations that purport to demonstrate what these forms should look like in
the ideal. I believe that the authors of the judging manual purposely left out these illustrations and with good cause.  I can paraphrase a
senior judge who was talking to his judging team: Many of the  definitions of the forms are written in ranges of characteristics. The form
definitions are there so that we can place entries in the shows and have dahlias of similar types compete against each other before going
on to compete against the dahlias of the other types. Certainly, some dahlias fit the form definitions more precisely than others but within
the ranges given by the definitions, dahlias can be quite different in appearance.

There are numerous examples of this:
The definition of a cactus dahlia says that the ray florets should be revolute for more than 50% of their length.  It does not state an ideal for
this characteristic and if a ray floret is 55% revolute or 95% revolute, they are equal in form.

The same is true of ball dahlias. The ray florets should be involute for more than 50% of their length but no extra points are awarded to
cultivars that involute even further.

Another way of illustrating this is to compare three of the top winning semi cactus dahlias and recognize the great range in appearance that
they display. All are said to have impeccable form and all have won numerous best in show awards. And I believe that they are quite
dissimilar  in appearance:

Embrace BB SC Y
Hamari Accord B SC Y
Kenora Jubilee A SC W

Pictures of the three flowers are below.

Embrace has many more ray florets than the others. The florets meet the definition of semi cactus as they are revolute for less than 50% of
their length but are quite close to the 50% maximum allowed. Another differing characteristic is that Embrace’s ray florets are very tightly
revolute. This along with the high petal count gives the flower a very distinctive look which to me is very similar to that of a straight cactus.

Hamari Accord has ray florets that are broader at the base than most semi cactus types.  The ray florets are revolute for just over the 25%
required in the standard and this allows the viewer to see a large portion of the face of the floret.

Kenora Jubilee has ray florets that are longer than most semi cactus types. The ray florets are revolute for more than 25% of their length
but are not tightly rolled as in Embrace nor are they rolled only at the tip as is Hamari Accord.

If these flowers look so different, how can they be all semi cactus and all of them win best in show awards?  It is because they all fit easily
into the definition of semi cactus. They vary in form in areas that either are not covered in the definitions or vary within the ranges in the

I believe that what makes these flowers so competitive is their great symmetry. They are symmetrical in roundness of the bloom, the lack of
bearding, the lack of gaps in the petals, the consistency in the appearance of the petals. Symmetry is what they all have in common and
symmetry is probably the one characteristic that distinguishes most show dahlias from the others, no matter what the form.

New DVD Programs
Claudia Biggs

New dvd programs available from the library:  Cost is $13 each which includes shipping.
2007 Fabulous Fifty Dahlias
2007 ADS Photo Contest Winners
Biggies - AA and A Size Dahlias

New Slide program available:
Dahlia Gold (the top 50 dahlias that won the most awards)  There are only
two copies of this program so first come, first served.

I have folders of images on basket making, leaf and stem cuttings
and digging and dividing. There are not enough photos to put into
an automated program but can be put on a cd and used with a digital
Image Library
Claudia Biggs

A new program is available for the winning photos of the 2006 ADS
Photo Contest. I am currently working on the 2008 New Introductions program and hope
to have it completed by the end of December.  If you have photos you want included, all I
need is the classification information, vendor and originator.  The Trial Garden scores and Seedling Bench Evaluations will be available to
me soon from ADS.  The data sheet and release form were overlooked for publication in the ADS Bulletin, so you can use last year's or just
send the information to me.  My address  is
3332 W. Elmhurst Ave, Spokane, WA 99208.  Cost of DVD is $11.
projector.  There is a charge of $5 for the cd and cost of shipping.

Most programs have a handout included.
Make checks out to ADS and mail to me.
Give me some notice of your requests so there is time to process them
and get them to you in time for your meeting.  On occasion I might be
traveling and not available to mail programs immediately.

I am working on several other programs waiting for more images.  One is
aboutTrial Gardens and the other is about the 2007 National Show.  I also
am considering a program on reading and understanding the
Classification Book.I will advertise the programs when they become available.
If you have any other ideas for programs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Claudia Biggs
3332 W. Elmhurst Ave.
Spokane, WA. 99208


Portland Dahlia Society
Larry Smith

Portland Society closed out the year with a festive holiday dinner and party that was attended by about 70 members and guests.  While the
rest of the membership was taking a midwinter break, the Board kept busy with our annual meeting in January.  PDS is hosting the PNDC
show this year and much of the meeting was spent on planning for this.  We will have a fantastic show, offering over $1500 in prize money
to be won, and invite any PNDC member to join us on Labor Day Weekend in Canby.  We agreed to pay out additional cash to winners in
the Arrangements and Basket classes.  A new trophy, the Nick Gitts, Sr. Memorial Award, will be given for Best Disc Flower.  Arrangements
for a PNDC Banquet are being finalized, to be shared with you as this solidifies.

The PDS membership kicked off the year with a program on how to do cuttings in February and also had a slide presentation of new
introductions.  In March, we had a presenter on soil amendments.  Our April offering, as usual, is our annual Tuber Sale and Auction.  We
also have tuber sales at the Master Gardener Sale in Canby the first week of May.  Prior to the sales, members assemble at Swan Island
Dahlias to package and ready tubers for the sales.  Oh, what fun we have, and finish the day with a delicious lunch prepared by Marge

Our Mentor of the Month program, where an experienced member comes in 30 minutes prior to the regular meeting to answer the
questions of new members (or anyone who wants to learn) has been going very well.  

Trial Garden director Bill Mishler reports that reservations for new cultivars to be grown is complete and that planting will occur early in

One of our most avid members proposed creating a Sister Society relationship with an Australian Society.  This way, we could exchange
information and enthusiasm (and maybe even tuber exchanges), even in the "off season."  This idea has gone over very well with
members in both hemispheres and we will share our experiences in future communications.

We at PDS wish you all a great growing season and hope the results will be on display at the PNDC show.

Inland Empire Dahlia Society
Joni Beasley
This is the time of year we all reconnect and begin another year of dahlia growing , showing and spending lots of time with one another
doing tuber sales, picnics and shows. As I write this it seems unseasonably cold for us. We are 10-15 degrees cooler than our normal.
Still. . we have 3 tuber sales coming up- one being the large Garden Expo held at the community college. It is a city wide event with
thousands of people wandering the campus looking for all types of garden related items.
But, before that, a number of us are planning on attending the PNDC spring meeting in Portland.  So far we think there will be 8 of us there.
It is a good time to hear how all of the rest of the societies are doing and what events they are going to hold over the next 7 or so months.
We are always looking to do different programs and such for our members to enjoy.
The officers had their board meeting this winter and the show schedule is being finalized and will be going to print soon. Our show dates
are the 13th and 14th of September . It is working out well for us to do just a 2 day show at the end of the Interstate Fair schedule. Doing 5
days was overwhelming with so few members to do the majority of the planning and work. This is perfect for us now.  We hope you will put
us on your travel schedules this year and come and join us. Next year we are  hosting the PNDC show and are all ready well into plans for
that including the prizes . Can't  begin too early!!!!
Hope all of your gardens thrive and you meet new and old friends in your dahlia travels.   

Trial Garden
Joni Beasley

The 1st of April is when we are expecting our tubers to arrive. Note books are purchased, tags made and with 30 entries so far we are
looking forward to a more relaxed season. Last year 50 entries were a challenge to keep up with and many, many hours were spent
making it look as spectacular as it always does. Bob Beasley (the manual labor 1/2 of the directors---I being the  other 1/2 and  the
paperwork one)  puts a lot of time and pride into the large kidney shaped plot in the middle of Manito Park and it is a favorite of park goers
every year. We welcome all judges to stop and give us their opinions and scores of the entries during the months of July thru late
September. Call us for directions and score sheets if you need them.  We shall try and send photos of the progress to the PNDC web site
a couple of times this summer so everyone can see it.

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society
Ed Johnson
Never change anything that is working well Camano Pet is a gorgeous dahlia with one big fault. It makes very poor tubers, just a clump of
hairy roots and a few wispy tubers as thin as a pencil. But they do grow well from Pot roots and three years ago I bought two from the
originator, Dick Ambrose from Camano Island. They grew fine and the two healthy plants produced lots of flowers. When I dug them up the
roots/tubers they had increased to about double the size. And I stored them like I always do, left them whole, buried in vermiculite. The
following spring I split each clump into two pieces and after planting, all four did well. I started winning best stellar either as a single or a
triple. Same results that year. I now had 4 bigger clumps, stored them for the winter in vermiculite in my cold greenhouse (with a small
heater set to come on if the temperature inside the greenhouse falls below freezing).In the spring of 2007 I split each clump into two, and
gave 4 of them to a dahlia friend who was delighted. My own four grew well. That year when I dug them up I decided to store them
differently. With the reasoning that tubers which are left to winter in the ground do well, I put each clump into a 3 gallon pot covered them
with good dry soil and stored them in the greenhouse. About once a month I simulated wintering conditions in the ground and gave them
about 3/4 of a cup of water..
Last week I removed them from the pots and guess what. Every one was completely rotted.

Happy Spring from Dahlia Acres!!
Judy and Vern Stevens
Our tubers held up well over the winter.  We stored them in shavings inside cardboard boxes.  Dusted any that looked iffy for possible rot or
mold with flour of sulphur.
We’ve been busy splitting and filling tuber orders and getting ready for our club tuber sale on April 26th at Country Club Center.  It’s our
major fund raiser and gets us set for expenses through the year.  We put the fall rye on the flower beds to return nourishment to the soil.  
We find it’s not too high to turn in if we plant it at the end of February or beginning of March.  We have a number of tubers know to be slow to
get started for eyes under the lights just to encourage them a little more.  Looking forward to a good growing season.  Hope this note finds
all of you well and just as busy as we are.

Dahlia Storage
Bob Sampson

*A combination of Fir, Hemlock, Pine, Spruce, Alder and Maple shavings, that are good for horse stalls or hamster cages.

Ken Beswich

This is my second year in growing the elusive tuber and every meeting we have is a wealth of new knowledge for me to absorb. Not only
me, as we have increased our membership since the last August show by passing out membership information and answering the
hundreds of questions from the public. Our program topics at the General Meetings are always well received and put together very
professionally by our dedicated Executive and members. We are about to unwrap our 2008 season by holding our tuber sale on April 26th.
This is preceded the week before by a bagging party where we all bring our prepared tubers and sort them into boxes for the sale.  
Unfortunately it will also be the last time we will be cutting and bagging tubers from the Trial Garden as you already know. We sold off the
stakes to members and that page in this Society is now behind us. Our Flower Show is the weekend of August 15th and 16th.   All
committees are in place for both these events and the posters have been printed and we are ready to go.  

Kathy Iler

Welcome spring! Southern Oregon ended the 2007 dahlia season with a progressive picnic to four local member’s dahlia gardens. The
day was perfect: sunny and warm, beautiful dahlias, great food and dahlia conversation. SODS
gained 14 new members in 2007 and the 2008 Calendar promises more fun events and informative meetings for all.One of the most
important events of the year, the tuber sale, will be held April 12th at Pony Village Mall from 9am-4pm. Last year we offered over 250
varieties and sales were brisk from start to finish. With the time, effort, and tubers donated by our members, we look forward to another
successful sale.  SODS 52nd Annual Show will also be held at Pony Village Mall on September 6th and 7th. This year we have added extra
cash awards and gift certificates. Flower of the year is: My Beverly  BB LC LB  and the Challenge Flower is : Kenora Challenger  B SC W
One of our members donated tubers of these two varieties and another member, Linnea McIntosh volunteered to grow them in her 2007
dahlia garden. The tubers will then be distributed to club members for the 2008 dahlia season.

Congratulations to Jeff Jeffs on his promotion to ADS Accredited Judge. Jeff enthusiastically shares his dahlias with the public by
displaying blooms at the store where he works. By the end of the season his customers have a long wish list ready for the SODS tuber
sale. Jeff holds the SODS record for first dahlia bloom of the season!

This year’s slate of officers is:
President: Paulette Woodward  267-0740
Vice President: Emily Gorsch
Secretary: Kathy Iler
Treasurer: June Adams
Southern Oregon wishes everyone another bountiful dahlia season. We look forward to growing and sharing our favorite flower.

Twyla Ball

The Seattle Dahlia Society started the year with a new Program Chairman (Vice President) Diana Blackmer.  Diana is scheduling
horticulture programs for each meeting and inviting guest speakers from outside of our society to make presentations.  Each program is
most interesting and informative.  These presentations will be beneficial to all of our members, especially to our new members and novice
growers.  We are most fortunate this year to have Wayne and Eleanor Shantz present a two day seminar on August 2nd & 3rd.  All are
invited to attend.  For information please contact Twyla Ball at 206 367 5647 or
We are gearing up for our annual member and public tuber sales under the chairmanship of Doris Hanson and Roberta DeVerna.  Our
Public Tuber Sale will be held at the Country Village on 19 & 20 April.  We are also preparing for our Annual Show to be held again this year
at the Lake City Community Center on August 30 & 31.  We invite all dahlia growers to exhibit blooms and attend our show.  Our Show
Chairpersons, James and Donna Chavez are making plans, setting up committees and in general preparing for our Main Event of the year.
The Seattle Dahlia Society members send each of you our best regards and our wishes for a great growing and showing year.   


I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to this news letter.  I know that everyone is super busy getting
tubers ready and preparing to plant.  The next newsletter will be published in late July.  Please be thinking about an article on your society,
a member of your society that you want to recognize or some general dahlia information that we all can use.  I hope to see many of you at
the shows.  I send my best wishes to all for as great growing and showing year.
Thank you.