December 2009
Editor Tom Ball
Taratahi Lilac by Lexa Cookson
Don C. M SC W
Winner of 2010 Lynn Dudley Medal for best Miniature dahlia. The last introduction by
Dick Canning. It was shown on the ADS bench by Wayne and Eleanor Shantz. Mike
Canning grew this one for several years to get enough stock to introduce it.
Presidents Message
Mike Riorden

Dear Fellow PNDC Members,
I hope you all had a successful growing and showing season.  Perhaps, like me, you’re eagerly awaiting the NW
show reports and the ADS December Bulletin with the trial garden and seedling bench evaluation results.  The new
2010 ADS Handbook and Classification of Dahlias will tell the tale of which varieties to grow for likely success.  Yes,
this is the stuff of which next year’s successful garden schematics are made.
This year I was pleased to participate in four Societies’ shows.  I was very impressed with the changes,
improvements, and innovations our member societies have brought to their club sales and annual exhibitions.   
Lane County deserves special recognition for successfully moving the show venue from a mall to their county
fairgrounds.   As Show Chairman, Michael Canning explained to me the object was to cause those viewing the
exhibition to do so as a conscious choice rather than an accident of circumstance.  Shoppers in the mall saw the
blooms and wondered aloud if they were real, and the bolder among them palpated to satisfy their curiosity.   
Special recognition goes to the Lane County publicity chair for strategically placing an article with photos in the
Eugene Register Guard about the Society and its show that weekend.  Society volunteers also planted, tended
and superbly groomed a dahlia demonstration garden next to the exhibit hall. Thanks to plenty of hard work and
thoughtful planning the Lane County Show and its new venue proved a resounding success.
My own Portland Society is very indebted to our Past President, Larry Smith.  During the 2008 growing season
Larry asked  Oregonian contributor, Kim Polkarney, to write a human interest story about our life-members, Bob
and Myrtle Bloomfield.  The story, complete with color photographs, ran in the Oregonian’s gardening supplement
directly prior to our April sale and auction.  Oh yes, the sales event was also mentioned in the article.  Our sales
volume broke all records!
I’m sure other Societies have successes to share with fellow conference members.  However, none of us have a
monopoly on good ideas about how to stimulate interest in our favorite flower.  Please encourage your
corresponding secretaries to share some of these ideas in your society reports.
ADS Image Library
 Claudia Biggs

So far, we have about 80 new introductions that I'm working on for the New
Introduction program, scheduled to be done by the end of December this year.
For those of you that are not aware, I am currently under treatment for breast
cancer and going through some grueling chemotherapy, only to be followed by
radiation.  I work on the library projects when I feel up to it.

There will hopefully be some new programs coming out with the
Fabulous Fifty and Photo Contest Winners, but probably not until next spring.
Contact me if you have questions about any programs.  My phone is 509-326-1953,
and my email is dbiggs@mindspring.com.

Editors Note:
I just found out that Claudia has won the Stanley Johnson photo contest award with her photo of Pam Howden  
taken at the Seattle Show.  The picture will be on the 2010 Classification Book.  Our congratulations to Claudia.

A Brief History of the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference
Wayne Shantz

In September of 1953, Tony DeRooy, who represented the Snohomish County Dahlia and Rose Society, met at an
annual show with several societies including Kitsap County, Portland and Washington State. He suggested that the
societies form an association of societies, much akin to the Central States Association.  

As a result, the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference (PNDC) was organized January 13, 1954 under the guidance
of DeRooy and Peter Kershisnik from Portland. They had brainstormed and provided suggestions adopted by the
delegates; they recommended that PNDC have a uniform show schedule for an annual conference show reserved
for Labor Day weekend. Fourteen delegates from Washington State, Portland, Snohomish County and Portland
attended. Officers elected included:

Tony DeRooy, President – Snohomish County Dahlia Society
Peter Kershisnik, Vice President – Portland Dahlia Society
Mae Evans, Treasurer – Snohomish County Dahlia Society

They established a committee to write a recommended constitution and by-laws that delegates would approve at
the Snohomish County August 1954 fall show at the Floral Hall, Forest Park, Everett, Washington where they
established a rotation schedule for the annual conference show, the first held in Everett in 1955 on Labor Day
weekend. They also decided that the Annual Show would include a banquet and conference meeting where they
would take care of conference business. Note: The Snohomish Dahlia Society held a successful 100-year
celebration of its existence by hosting the 2009 ADS National Show and Convention at the Floral Hall in Forest
Park, a sight to behold. Tony DeRooy would have been most proud.

PNDC then established The Pacific Dahlia as its official Bulletin. The early organizers had vision and desired to
provide information for dahlia growers living in the West. A part of the long range plans for the conference included
establishing societies in Oregon and Washington. Later they hoped to include California as well, which did not
happen. To establish an official trial garden was another priority since they felt that this contribution would provide
good information for dahlia growers across the United States.

Tony DeRooy acted as the editor of the Bulletin the first year, literally doing all of the tasks. In The Pacific Dahlia,
with P. F. Kershisnik as the editor, the conference directed that the material appeal to a wide range of growers,
“from the beginners to the most seasoned exhibitor.” (The Pacific Dahlia, March 1954, 1.) Headings for articles
included such titles as Twenty Aristocrats of Dahliadom, Forty Years of Evolution, The New Varieties: Are They
Worthy, Helper of the Bees, Dahlia Root Division, A Commercial Grower’s Responsibility, Strikes and Spares,
Dahlias Are My Hobby, Why We Have Dahlia Shows, Digging and Storing Dahlias among many others. In fact,
many of the chosen titles would be of intrigue and just as appropriate in this century. Other editors followed:
Francis McDuffee, Phil Traff, Willis Collins, and Lawrence Fox among others.

The Snohomish County Rose and Dahlia Society had organized in 1909. In addition to Snohomish, the Tacoma
Dahlia Society became another of the first dahlia societies organized in the Northwest and held its first show in
1910. The city of Tacoma adopted the dahlia as its official flower on September 21, 1925. This choice is
appropriate since few places in the world exist where dahlias grow as well. In 1926 the Tacoma Dahlia Society was
renamed the Washington Dahlia Society. Seattle organized its first society in 1923 and functioned until 1939 when
it disbanded. The following year the Puget Sound Dahlia Society formed. Other dahlia societies also organized:
The Capital Dahlia Society from Olympia, Washington in 1934, and Kitsap Dahlia Society from Bremerton,
Washington in 1926. Influenced by Daryl Crose, the current Seattle Dahlia Society chartered in 1956,

The Portland Dahlia Society was the lone society in Oregon, organizing in 1927, until 1956 when the Southern
Oregon Dahlia Society formed in Coos Bay mainly through the efforts of John McEvoy, Madge Kershisnik, and
Emaline Cole. To the north, the Victoria Gladiolus and Dahlia Society led by William and Bea Kempster became the
first Canadian society to join the PNDC in 1946. In Spokane, the Inland Empire formed in 1962. At this time, William
Allen and Walter Hoppe launched a lasting joint effort with Spokane Interstate Fair. Walter Scott (Scotty) with help
from McEvoy organized the Lane County Dahlia Society in 1962 and Gray’s Harbor formed in 1963. The
Wenatchee Valley Dahlia Society followed in 1965 under the experienced leadership of Tony DeRooy. Scott also
started dahlia societies in Cottage Grove (now defunct) and the Douglas County Dahlia Society in Roseburg,
Oregon circa 1987.

The first official trial garden in the Northwest had its setting in Puyallup, Washington at the Washington
Experimental Station. Growers from many states availed themselves of the opportunity to send their seedlings.
Disbanded after a few years because of a lack of cooperation, the conference again dedicated itself to finding a
new trial garden. By 1971, the Inland Empire established a trial garden, the second to maintain a lasting history for
dahlia growers, now located in Manito Park. Today, a trial garden exists in the Canby, Oregon vicinity, surrounded
by forty acres of Swan Island Dahlias. For some years PNDC also operated trial gardens in Roseburg, OR (Central
Oregon Trial Gardens) and Victoria, B.C., Canada. These trial gardens have served well in the development of
judges in the Pacific Northwest.  

After the organized societies began to have shows, they quickly recognized the need for judging schools,
conducted by experienced dahlia judges and growers of winning entries. PNDC formed A Judging School
Committee to establish the first judging school in the conference. The guidelines for the 1958 school follow:

Experienced judges will be the teachers and all classes will present identical subject matter and examinations.
There will be five classes in all, beginning in April and continuing through August. The classes will be two hours
each, with the first four for study and the fifth for examination. Classes will be held for each affiliated society.

Dr. Ward Cook’s Judging of Dahlias in Shows will be used as the textbook. The first lesson will cover the bloom:
color, form, substance, uniformity and size. The second lesson will cover the stalk: stem, foliage, bloom position,
and distinctiveness. The third and fourth lesson will review the first and second lessons with emphasis on point
scoring. The fifth lesson will be devoted to examinations, both written and oral. (The Pacific Dahlia, March 1958, 8.)

As the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference accomplished goals for themselves, they continued to evaluate and
project what makes a better show or displays the dahlia more effectively. In 1971 at Gray’s Harbor, the PNDC
prompted a size change for dahlias, dividing the “A” and “AA” sized dahlias. This change prompted agreeable and
disagreeable discussion, especially concerning borderline sized dahlias. Questions followed. Should an 8 ¼ inch
dahlia be shown as an “A” or a “B?” Should a dahlia such as Edna C that has the potential to grow as a “B,” “A,”
and “AA” be allowed to be shown in the class that its size best fits? Fortunately for PNDC members, these
problems are no longer the difficulty they once were. Since the inception of this size change, the American Dahlia
Society has adopted the same size breaks for each variety. Over the years, the PNDC leadership has taken
innovative steps for the betterment of the dahlia.

The Pacific Dahlia ceased publication in 1980 due to disagreement among members. At this point, a good number
of members left PNDC and formed their own organization. Today, PNDC continues to offer judging courses,
promote trial garden experience, host an annual show, and provide active participation at the national level.
Participating societies include: Victoria, B.C. and Nanaimo, B.C. in Canada, Seattle and Inland Empire (Spokane) in
Washington, Portland, Lane County Dahlia Society (Eugene), Douglas County Dahlia Society (Roseburg), and
Southern Oregon Dahlia Society (Coos Bay/North Bend) in Oregon. Officers include: Mike Riordan – President
(Portland D.S.), Ted Kennedy Vice-President (Portland D.S.), Joan Marsh – Secretary (Victoria), and Elva Sellens
– Treasurer (Douglas County). Tom Ball (Seattle) serves as editor of the Newsletter and Joni Beasley (Inland
Empire) takes care of judging records. Trial garden directors are Bill Mishler (Portland) and Bob and Joni Beasley.
For current information about PNDC, see its website http://pndc.com .

Note: If anyone has viable information about the Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society, please contact Wayne. w.
shantz@comcast.net . Thanks.

Joni Beasley

Another year and another of taking too many entries!  We had 51 and it was a chore, but they were beautiful to be
sure.  We even got the paperwork in on time!  The season began with weather issues but we muddled along and
took cuttings and only lost two full entries.  Our pass/fail rate was better than fifty percent and we were lucky to
have a number of the Hart Award Winners as well as the Evie Gullikson Award Winner sent to us by the entrants.  
To make it even better two of the entries we were allowed to keep a clump each to auction next spring at our tuber
Now would be a good time for anyone wanting a space for 2010  to e-mail us and let us know how many spaces
you will require.  WE SWEAR we are going to limit the number of spaces to a manageable size.  
Not getting any younger here!

Judges Evaluation Chair
Joni Beasley

Thank you to all who sent in your reports in a timely manner.  I really believe it did help to have them available at
show time and I am deciding on whether to do this again next year.  If you have not turned in your report as yet,  
PLEASE HUSTLE!          This is the last  thing on my plate to be done as the trial garden reports are done, tubers
are dug and put away til spring and our attic has been insulated.
I have enjoyed the comments on the forms and I am finding that the percentage that either judged at a trial garden,
the seedling bench or in a senior judges garden to be far less than fifty percent.  I hope that you all realize it is a
requirement for maintaining judges status.  This is not my rule but an ADS rule.  I will remind everyone next spring
on the need to find the time to accomplish this every year.
Maintain judging status – Accredited or Senior
Must be a continuous member of good standing of the ADS and fulfill the following requirements.
  Continue to grow and exhibit in ADS sanctioned shows virtually every year (minimum 4 of 5 years).
  Judge in at least eight ADS sanctioned shows in five years.
  Judge seedling entries either at a Trial Garden or on the Seedling Bench.  The recommended number is two per
year but not less than 10 in five years.  
Societies without seedling bench evaluation entries or trial gardens reasonably close may have their judges fulfill
their maintenance requirements by:
  Score, using the ADS score card, disseminated cultivars set up as seedling entries at the society show, training
class, or seminar to the satisfaction of the Judging Chair.
  A garden of a society member may be used for a garden scoring experience when two or more disseminated
cultivars of the same variety are grown side by side provided there are 6-8 blooms and the scores are reviewed by
the Judging Chair.
  Judges must fulfill the requirement of judging “entries”.  The recommended number is two per year but not less
than 10 in five years.  
  Attend a judging seminar once every other year and satisfactorily take judges test once each five years.  
  Senior judges are required to judge every and all classes if asked by the Judging/Show chair unless they have
an entry in that class.  
All judges must be given the opportunity to score seedlings even though they may not be assigned to the scoring
team which will give the seedling the official score.  Their score will be compared with the official team score and
reported back to them.
For the full text of this ADS requirement please refer to the ADS Bulletin of June 2007.

My thanks to all of the members of the PNDC for the honor of being the 2009 recipients of the PNDC Gold Medal
Award.  We feel very blessed to be in the company of past gold medal recipients.  Thank you again.

Storing Dahlias
Ted Kennedy

Flash:  Hollyhill Cotton Candy  B IC DP won the Derrill W. Hart medal for "B" sized dahlias. Average score

A discussion on storing dahlia tubers for the more experienced grower.

Over the years, I have seen numerous discussions on how someone successfully stored their tubers using a
particular method. Then the next year or two later someone else tried this same method and it supposedly it failed
for that person.  I have found that there are many factors that people may overlook concerning the storage of
dahlia tubers:

(1) Variety related issues; many varieties are prone to loss in storage. Barbarry Bingo is a wonderful dahlia and an
extremely poor keeper. Mingus Nicole is also very difficult to keep over.  Why do these varieties fail to store well?  
They appear to make reasonably good looking tubers. It is my belief that both of them are susceptible to fungus
infections that cause the tubers to rot. It may well be that the infection affects the entire plant before the tubers are
dug and that very little can be done with fungicide treatments after digging
and dividing.  Or, maybe it is just plain bad genetics. These varieties may not have the ability to go "dormant" in
storage conditions. So, when you compare storage methods one must take into consideration what varieties are
being stored.
(2) Very few people talk about the the actual temperature and humidity levels in their storage area.  Temperature
is an interesting issue. If a dahlia tuber has been properly prepared for storage, dahlias can be stored at just
about any temperature above freezing. But, the storage temperature has a lot to do with the growth of insects and
fungus. Insects do not generally thrive in cool temperatures.  There needs to be some research done on
temperature as it affects these vectors. Humidity in the storage area is also another factor
that no one seems to talk about. Some areas are more humid and some climates are more humid during the
winter.  I know of one grower who believes his overly humid storage area causes rot and has installed a
dehumidifier there. In the Northwest, more tubers are lost to too wet storage than too dry. In climates with drier
winters, there may some risk of too dry tubers. All in all, a little bit of too dry is probably better than a little bit of too

(3) Tubers that are not "ripe".  In many show gardens, dahlias are grown with a more than an ample supply of
nutrients and water. When harvest time comes in the Fall, the plants are still growing and the newly formed tubers
are not good candidates for storage. They can be identified by their nearly transparent skin and the fact that they
are still rather skinny. Unripe dahlia tubers do not store well. They are much more susceptible to bruising and their
thin skin is easily damaged by handling and cleaning.  When they are mixed in with the more mature tubers, they
can spread rot to tubers nearby. If you keep these tubers, store them in a separate bag or box.

(4)  Broken necks. Many dahlia varieties have thin necks where the tuber attaches to the stem. If the neck is
broken when you dig tubers, the tuber may look perfectly good but a very high percentage of these tubers (90% is
good estimate) will rot or fail to sprout. Many varieties are notorious for having long slender tubers that easily get
broken necks. Red Velvet and Jessica are two that come to mind. When digging these very
long tubers, it may be better to trim them to shorter lengths as you dig them.  
A tuber with about 1/3 of its length cut off will store a lot better than a long skinny tuber with a broken neck.

(5) Curing of tubers before storage. I was surfing the internet and came across an article on how potato growers
prepare their tubers for storage. There are numerous steps that they go through just to get the potatoes into a
dormant stage. For example during digging and hauling to the storage area, potatoes are bruised and skin is
damaged. Potatoes need to have some time (two to three weeks) in reasonably warm and dry conditions to heal
these defects. Then they are slowly reduced in temperature before going into storage.
Do these steps apply to dahlias?  I believe they do. After you harvest and divide tubers, they need to be in a
special environment to heal and go into the dormant state. It should not be too humid or too dry. The tubers need
to heal bruises and to have the skins thicken.  When fully cured, storage success will be improved.

(6) How wet and cold is it when you are digging? In the Northwest, there may be weeks of rain during the digging
season. In Montana, the humidity may be very low. Dahlias need to be handled differently in different conditions. In
the Northwest, wet tuber clumps need to be divided very soon after digging. The wet tubers need to be dried
before storage.

(7) Peat Moss, vermiculite, cedar shavings, newspaper, perforated plastic bags, small plastic bags, saran wrap,
sand, wax, saw dust, etc. Dahlias have been successfully stored in all of these mediums and probably many more.
The medium itself may not be the answer but how you use the medium. No one talks much about
whether tubers are stored touching each other. I believe that separation of tubers from each other is as important
as the storage medium.  For example, vermiculite can be used to separate the tubers in the storage container.  
Saran wrap and the like does the same job with much reduced storage space. Separation of tubers and the
preservation of proper moisture in storage are key factors. But when using any of the storage methods, a rotten
tuber can create problems for other tubers in storage.  It produces excess moisture and
even some gases that affect tubers in the same area. Rotten tubers probably attract insects. Rotten tubers can
harbor secondary bacterial and fungus that can spread to adjacent tubers. A good practice is to check tubers in
storage several times during the winter and to remove rotting tubers.


Victoria Dahlia Society Show
August 15 – 16, 2009

          Cultivar        Exhibitor
  Flower of the Show        Mary’s Jomanda        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Triple in Show        Camano Sitka        Ray/Jane Lauzier
  Best AA Single        Sir Alfred Ramsey        Connie Young-Davis
  Best AA Triple        Zorro        Connie Young-Davis
  Best A Single        Vassio Meggos        Connie Young-Davis
  Best A Triple        Camano Sitka        Ray/Jane Lauzier
  Best B Single        Jennie        Sandra Wilson
  Best B Triple        Jessica        Paul McKittrick
  Best BB Single        Clearview David        Connie Young-Davis
  Best BB Triple        Keating Envy        Cathy/Dave Featherby
  Best Miniature Single        Keating Centavo        Barry/Mary Willoughby
  Best Miniature Triple        Weston Spanish Dancer        Bob Sampson
  Best Ball Single        Mary’s Jomanda        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Ball Triple        Mary’s Jomanda        Jean Vantreight
  Best Miniature Ball Single        Camano Zoe        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Miniature Ball Triple        Odyssey        Penelope Wood
  Best Pompon Single        Irish Miss        Sandra Wilson
  Best Pompon Triple        Yellow Baby        Eric Roberts
  Best Waterlily Single        Sandia Melody        Bob Sampson
  Best Waterlily Triple        Pam Howden        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Stellar Single        R. Sara        Paul McKittrick
  Best Stellar Triple        n/a        n/a
  Best AOV Single        Natalie’s Star        Karen Bull
  Best AOV Triple        n/a        n/a
  Best Three Bloom Entry        n/a        n/a
  Best Five Bloom Entry        Odyssey        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Nine Bloom Entry        Elsie Huston        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Three Different Laciniated        Colwood Eve, Lois V,        Cathy/Dave Featherby
          Keating Arizona
  Best Flower of the Year (Single)        Colwood Hope        Cathy/Dave Featherby
  Best Flower of the Year (Triple)        Lyn’s Concorde        Bob Sampson
  Smallest Most Perfect        Rembrandt        Paul McKittrick
  Largest Dahlia Bloom        Inland Dynasty        Connie Young-Davis
  Best 25 Years & Over        Moor place        Cathy/Dave Featherby
  Best Origination        Mary’s Jomanda        Cathy/Dave Featherby
  Outhouse Dahlia                Barry/Mary Willoughby
  Best Photography        April Dawn        Ralph Hellens
  Best Basket        Parkland Rave        Connie Young-Davis
  Best Bowl or Vase        Mary Jo        Vern/Judy Stephens
  Best Lily Pond Floater        Juul’s Lotus        Teresa Thom
  Best Seedling                Barry/Mary Willoughby
        Best ADS Seedling Bench                       Keating Centavo                          Barry/Mary Willoughby

The Victoria Dahlia Society has had a good year commencing with our tuber sale in the Spring and of course the
Mid August Show. It was well participated in with the help of our friends from the Nanaimo Club. It seemed like they
did very well with our awards and in return we cleaned up at their show the following week. Some of our members
exhibited in other shows around the Pacific Northwest and did very well. I believe our Connie Young- Davies
received best in show six times !!  Last year with profits from our tuber sale the club was able to buy a power point
slide projector and screen. This year we are buying a laptop computer. This will be used to record our tuber sales
to each member selling and to tabulate the show results at our August Show. Our President. Paul McKittrick and
another Executive member Phil Newton developed a spread sheet program which makes recording the results very
easy and quick. If anyone is interested in their program you can make contact through the club. Our elections last
meeting returned our Executive for another term. That's about it from Victoria.  We all send you our best wishes

Lane County Dahlia Society
Michael Canning
The 2010 growing season is just about history, and we at the lane County Dahlia Society have plenty to be
thankful for.  Our September show was a great success in the new venue at the lane County Events Center with a
mostly new show steering committee.  Our financial situation looks solid as of the date of this writing, and our
membership has grown to a point where we draw a good and energetic crowd to our monthly meetings throughout
the year.  We look forward to building on our successes of 2009 and discovering new stories for even better
results in 2010.

Best (1) Double Bloom        Narrows Tricia        Eleanor Shantz
Best (1) Disc Bloom                0-9 – Seedling                Wayne Shantz
Best (3) Double Blooms        Narrows Tricia        Eleanor Shantz
Best (3) Disc Blooms                07 – Lo Blush                Wayne Lobough
Best Basket in Show                Chimacum Linda        Eleanor Shantz
                          Harris, Don C.         
Best Design Arrange.                Westward Ho                Gordon Jackman
Best 1 AA                        Nick SR                Max Ollieu
Best 1 A                        Kenora Jubilee        Mike Riordan
Best 3 A                        Hollyhill Samurai        Mark & Laura Oldenkamp
Best 1 B                        Narrows Trishia        Eleanor Shantz
Best 3 B                        Narrows Trisha        Eleanor Shantz
Best 1 BB                        Shea’s Rainbow        Emily Gorsch
Best 3 BB                        Esmerelda                Wayne Shantz
Best 1 Miniature        `        Ryecroft Daves Choice Linea McIntosh
Best 3 Miniature                Weston Spanish Dancer Eugene Kenyon
Best 1 Ball                        Mary’s Jomanda        Gretchen Randle
Best 3 Balls                        Snoho Doris                Ron Clack
Best 1 Mini Ball                Ms Kennedy                Lexa Cookson
Best 3 Mini Balls                Chimacum Troy        J & S Rasmussen
Best 1 Pom                        Mi Wong                Mike Riordan
Best 3 Poms                        Pop Willow                Eleanor Shantz
Best 1 Single Bloom                Tahoma Eldean        Audrey Oldenkamp
Best 3 Single Blooms                Alley Rose                Wayne Lobaugh
Best 1 Mignon Single                Alpen Starlight        M & L Oldenkamp
Best 3 Mignon Singles        07 – Lo- Blush        Wayne Lobaugh
Best 1 Orchid                        09 Seedling                Wayne Lobaugh
Best 3 Orchids                        Midnight Star                Wayne Lobaugh
Best 1 Novelty Open                Jacs Kelli                Tiffany Boatwright
Best 3 Novelty Open                Christmas Star                Wayne Lobaugh
Best 1 Peony                        Red Chic                Gordon Jackman
Best 3 Peony                        Miss Muffett                Wayne Lobaugh
Best 1 Anemone                Comet                        Tiffany Boatwright
Best 3 Anemones                Dad’s Favorite                Tiffany Boatwright
Best 1 Collarette                Alpen Cherub                Emily Gorsch
Best 3 Collarettes                Alpen Cherub                Linnea McIntosh
Best 1 Waterlilly                Wildwood Marie        Ray Sturman
Best 3 Waterlillies                Sandia Shomei        Ray Sturman
Best 1 Stellar                         Alloway Candy        Eugene Kenyon
Best 3 Stellars                        Crazy Legs                Ray Sturman
Best 1 Novelty Double        Rivers Novelty        Linnea McIntosh
Best 3 Novelty Double        Rivers Novelty        Linnea McIntosh

Southern Oregon Dahlia Society
Paulette Woodward
We’re ending another year, changing pace; and enjoying the holidays before we turn to a new year.  The PNDC
Show and our show being on the same week end, we had a small show.  (Approximately one half of our normal
blooms).  There were sixteen exhibitors with 376 entries.  Our appreciation to those who took the time to prepare
entries, exhibit, judge and answer questions.  Then there are the helping hands, there wouldn’t be a show without
them.  Our venue, The Pony Village Mall and management did a wonderful job working with us, so many of you
have been squeezed out of malls, we are blessed.
Our 2010 Officers:
President:        Ray Sturman                541 439 2058
V. President        Jeff Jeffs                 jef3505@wmconnect.com
Secretary        Kathy Iler                chankrz@yahoo.com
Treasurer        Paulette Woodward        541 267 0740
Thanks to all who stepped up to take their turn at leading our group and adding a new prospective to us.
The Dahlia of the Year for 2010 will be Cameo WL Y.  An Australian Tapley introduction listed in the fabulous fifty
list 2008.  Cameo ranks 25th with 130 blues and higher awards.  Cameo is a good cut flower and a medium tall
Take time to enjoy the last of this year and Happy Holidays.

Southern Oregon Dahlia Society
Grand Master                Cameo                        Ray Sturman
Triple Crown                Greendor                Harold Ayers
Single AA                Dauntless                Ray Sturman
Single A                Iola                        Jeff Jeffs
Single B                Tioga Dawn                Ron Clack
Triple B                Charron                Paulette Woodward
Single BB                Chimacum Katie        Michael Canning
Triple BB                Jomanda                Ray Sturman
Single Min                Tui Avis                Cora Vandervelden
Triple Min                Daddys Girlie                Ray Sturman
Single Ball                Greendor                Harold Ayers
Triple Ball                Greendor                Harold Ayers
Single MB                Little Caesar                Ray Sturman
Triple MB                Ms. Kennedy                Ron Clack
Single Pom                Stoneleigh Joyce        Michael Canning
Triple Pom                Atom                        Paulette Woodward
Single St                Crazy Legs                Jeff Jeffs
Triple St                Crazy Legs                Ray Sturman
Single WL                Cameo                        Ray Sturman
Triple WL                Woodland Marie        Ray Sturman
Single Pe                Elvira                        Connie Garsch
Triple Pe                Elvira                        Connie Garsch
Single An                Goldie Gull                Connie Garsch
Single Co                Pooh                        Jeff Jeffs
Triple Co                Alpen Diamond        Ron Clack
Single MS                O.G. Charm                Cora Vandervelden
Triple MS                Alpen M & M                Cora Vandervelden
Single O                Pink Orchid                Paulette Woodward
Triple O                Honka                        Eugene Kenyon
Single NO                Mars                        Jeff Jeffs
Triple NO                Ebony Star                Ron Clack
Single NX                Valley Porcupine        Ron Clack
Triple NX                Valley Porcupine        Eugene Kenyon
Novice Sweepstakes                Linnea McIntosh
Amateur Sweepstakes                Connie Garsch
Advanced Am Sweepstakes        Ray Sturman
Single Dahlia of the Year        Vista Lindsey                Cheryle Hawkins
Best Basket in Show                Embrace                Ginger Clack
ADS Seedling                 Don C                         Michael Canning
Best Arrangement in Show        New Plateaus                Cora Vandervelden
Best Novice Arrangement        Vista Nueva                Eugene Kenyon        

Portland Dahlia Society
Larry Smith

Like other dahlia enthusiasts around the Northwest, we in the Portland area are celebrating the end of the growing
season and have started into the task of digging and storing our treasures.  If only there was a way to complete
this task in a warmer, dryer season! I have always said that if anyone will develop varieties that will self dig, divide,
and store, I would be willing to pay top dollar!  
Many of our members went on the road, participating successfully in several shows around the Northwest.  In
addition, we hosted one of our most successful shows in recent memory and already are planning for next year
and looking ahead to hosting the 2012 National Show at the Columbia Red Lion, just across the I-5 Bridge.  Ink
that onto your future calendars, Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1 and 2, 2012.
One of our Lifetime Members, Myrtle Bloomfield, has been recovering from a serious car accident in a rehab facility
near her home.  Her husband, Bob fared better in the accident and has been visiting her daily.  She will be
released to return home soon and they will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary.

Portland DS 2009 Show Results:

Open Sweepstakes              Larry Smith                           168 points
Amateur Sweepstakes          Tiffany Boatwright                  123 pts.
Novice Sweepstakes             Eugene Kenyon                      127 pts.
Junior Sweepstakes              Heidi Oldenkamp                     151 pts.
Design Sweepstakes             Margaret Kennedy
Best Design                           Margaret Kennedy
Best Basket                          Eleanor Shantz                   Don C/Linda Harris
Largest Bloom                        Inland Dynasty                     Jerry Rasmussen
People's Choice                     Hollyhill Joker                       T & M Kennedy
Best Double Bloom                 Alden Snowlodge                   Mike Riordan
Best Disc Bloom                     Daisy                                 Larry Smith
Best Triple Double                  Peach Delight                      Max Ollieu
Best Triple Disc                      Daisy                                  Larry Smith
Best AA                               Inland Dynasty                    Jerry Rasmussen
Best A                                 Mingus Nicole                      Bob Patterson
Best Triple A                         Amgard Delicate                   Wayne Shantz
Best B                                  Peach Delight                      Jerry Rasmussen
Best Triple B                         Peach Delight                      Max Ollieu
Best BB                                Chimicum Katie                    Aaron Ridling
Best Triple BB                      Northland Primrose                 JerryRasmussen
Best Miniature                      Alden Snowlodge                  Mike Riordan
Best Triple Mini                     Kathy's Choice                     Jerry Rasmussen
Best Ball                              Cornel                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Best Triple Ball                      Snoho Doris                          Larry Smith
Best Mini Ball                         Odyssey                              Ted Kennedy
Best Triple Mini Ball                 Chimicum Davi                   TiffanyBoatwright
Best Pom                              Frank Holmes                       Ray Sturman
Best Triple Pom                     Hallmark                              Mike Riordan
Best Waterlily                        Pam Howden                       Gordon Jackman
Best Triple WL                      Sandia Showmei                     Ray SturmanBest Stellar                          Woodland's
Arroya                  Bill Mishler
Best Triple Stellar                    Woodland's Merinda                 Larry Smith
Best Anemone                       Dad's Favorite                    TiffanyBoatwright
Best Triple Anemone                 Melqua Nebula                     Ric Liddle
Best Collarette                       Beaucoups Amis                  Gordon Jackman
Best Mignon Single                  Daisy                                 Larry Smith
Best Triple MS                        Daisy                                 Larry Smith
Best Orchid                            Midnight Star                      Max Ollieu
Best Triple Orchid                    Midnight Star                       Elva Sellens
Best Peony                             Miss Muffet                        Max Ollieu
Best Triple Peony                     Powder Gull                         Larry Smith
Best Single                            Bride's Teardrop                 TiffanyBoatwright
Best Triple Single                    Alba Purity                          Wayne Shantz
Best Open Novelty                  Jac's Kelly                        TiffanyBoatwright
Best Triple ON                        Jac's Kelly                        TiffanyBoatwright
Best Double Novelty                 Mingus Eleanor S.                  Elva Sellens
Best Triple DN                        Valley Porcupine                   Ray Sturman

Special Awards

Best vase of 5 B Blooms                Mike Valle                Berwood Wood
Best vase of 5 Miniature Blooms        Lynn Weger                Ms Kennedy
Best vase of 10 Poms                        Dick Williams                MiWong & Little Willow
Full house AA/A/BBB/Min                Dawn Anselmo
Best Potted Dahlia                        Lorraine White
Largest Bloom                                Bill Swanstrom        Penhill Watermelon
Dahlia of the Year                         Dawn Anselmo        Embrace
NW Origination                `        Tom Ball                Skipley Twyla
Foreign Origination                        Dick Williams                Odyssey
Smallest Pom                                Elva Sellens                Mi Wong & Little Willow
Best Pre 1950 Dahlia                        Mike Valler                Jersey’s Beauty

Best of Show

AA Single                                Greg Smith                Inland Dynasty
AA Triple                                Dianna May                Zorro
A Single                                Roy Barton                Vassio Meggos
A Triple                                Delsie Marienau        Elsie Huston
B Single                                Z Bruce Hall                Peach Delight
B Triple                                Tom Ball                Skipley Twyla
BB Single                                Mike Valler                Taratahi Lilac
BB Triple                                Elva Sellens                Ferncliff Lemon Aura
Min. Single                                Dick Williams                Barbarry Red Dwarf
Min. Triple                                Bill Bonneywell        Badger Twinkle
Ball Single                                Norm Anselmo        Crossfield Ebony
Ball Triple                                Bill Bonneywell        Snoho Doris
Min Ball Single                        Wayne Shantz                Pocrates
Min Ball Triple                        Mike Valler                S Bs Sunny
Pom Single                                Norm Anselmo        Crossfield Ebony
Pom Triple                                Dawn Ansellmo        Pearson’s Michelle
Waterlily Single                        Dick Williams                Pam Howden
Colarette Single                        Delsie Marienau        Alpen Diamond
Orchid Single                                Wayne Shantz                Midnight Star
Orchid Triple                                Elva Sellens                Juuls Star
Single, Single                                Mike Valler                Dandie Sunset
Single, Triple                                Wayne Shantz                Reanns’s Peach
Peony Single                                Lynn Weger                Elvira
Peony Triple                                Lynn Weger                Raeann’s Peach
Anemone Single                        Carol Konitzer                Rockstar
Stellar Triple                                Bill Bonneywell        Seedling 567
Novelty Open Single                        Claudia Biggs                Ebony Star
Novelty Open Triple                        Rebecca Hawkins        Elizabeth Jane
Novelty Double Single                Dianna May                Clearview Magic
Novelty Double Triple                Elva Sellens                Valley Porcupine
Laciniated Single                        Mike Valler                Pinelands Pam
Mignon Single        , Single                Cristina Carlsen        Alpen M & M
Best Bloom in Show                        Z Bruce Hall                Peach Delight
Best Triple in Show                        Bill Bonneywell        Badger Twinkle                                                
I would take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a joyous and happy holiday season.  May your Christmas
be a most joyous one and the New Year usher in all that is good and wonderful for you and your families.  I look
forward to seeing many of you at the 2010 shows and meetings.  
I would like to increase the News Letter delivery via e-mail by as many as possible.  If you will agree to receive your
copy via e-mail please e-mail me and let me know that.     E-mail is really the better way of delivery.  You get the
news letter the day that it is ready to be mailed instead of having to go to the printer, then be picked up folded,
enveloped and mailed.  This is efficiency and a money saving move, but more importantly you will also help your
editor to beat his envelope glue addiction!  I’m beginning to like that stuff…
I thank each of you who took of your valuable time and considerable talents to write something for this publication.  
I really mean it when I say, “I couldn’t do it without you”.  The next news letter will be published in the latter part of
April.  I would like to have some articles pertaining to tuber sales.  What does your society do to increase sales and
are sales increasing or decreasing?  Of course the articles about the happenings within each society is always
most interesting.  Of course any article that you choose to write will much appreciated.  
Happy Holidays!

Mingus Nicole