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                        August 6                    Stella Newboms Birthday 100 Yrs.

                        September 9,10         PNDC Show

                                    Southern Oregon Dahlia Society

                                    Pony Village Mall, North Bend OR

                        August 12, 13            Victoria Dahlia Society Show.

                                    Hillside Centre, Victoria, B.C.

                        August 19, 20            Nanaimo Glad & Dahlia Society Show

                                    Country Club Centre, Nanaimo B.C.

                        August 26, 27            Douglas County Dahlia Society Show

                                    Douglas County Fair Grounds, Roseburg, OR

                        September 2, 3          Seattle Dahlia Society Show

                                    Lake City Community Center, Seattle, WA

                        September 2, 3          Portland Dahlia Society Show

                                    Clackmas Fair Grounds, Canby OR

                        September 9,10         Wenatchee Dahlia Society

                                    Wenatchee Mall

                        September 16,17       Inland Empire Dahlia Society

                                    Interstate Fair, Spokane, WA

                        September 23, 24      Lane County Dahlia Society

                                    Oakway Mall, Eugene OR


Presidents Message

Bill Swanstrom

Wow! It's finally here my last Presidents message.


OK-OK- you do not have to be so excited. It has been an honor and a privilege and I would like to thank everyone I have worked with. Everyone that pushed me into doing it and all of the wonderful folks in the dahlia world.

Ok now that is out of the way. It has been an interesting season so far. Started out ok--then about planting time it rained buckets!!!! My dahlias were in pots sitting on a screen bench and I think they were better off for it. I was late as usual putting them in the ground. The ones that were in the ground about drowned. The Trial Garden here in Spokane looked like a war zone. Bob was digging diversion ditches all over the garden to try and drain the deluge away from the tender starts. As fast as it rained it turned to over 95 degrees and cooked everything for a few weeks.

But if we did not have something to complain about it would not be a normal year. My dahlias seem to be finally coming along ok, hope all of yours are as well.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the shows. Please try and come join us at the PNDC show in Coos Bay.

I talked to Larry Manwell the other day and he has been having a rough time but we hope he is on the mend and will be showing up in Southern Oregon and in Spokane as he said. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Larry.


As you all know, the new judging requirements are now in effect. Please read them in the June 2006 ADS Bulletin or down load a copy from the PNDC Web Site at The revised judging report for 2006 reflects the information that is required to be reported in order to maintain judging status. Another change is that starting in 2006 candidate judges who are members of the ADS will now be listed in the Annual Judges Roster.


Joan Marsh

Welcome aboard to the North Central Washington Dahlia Society. Received their letter requesting admission to the PNDC and we are most happy to have them join us as a participating society.

Roster changes: Please correct your roster with the following changes.

Kathy Iler     #982

Claudia Biggs #969

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the PNDC Show in Coos Bay.


Spring ADS Executive Board Meeting

Bob Miller

The ADS Executive Board held its spring meeting by telephone conference call on June 10, 2006.

We were advised that the June Bulletin would be mailed during the week of June 12 to 16.

The requirements for judges were revisited again. Ron Miner had received several expressions of concern about the need for definition as to what constituted a "judging/training school" or "training seminar". The suggestions ranged from a couple of hours for refresher courses to a minimum of 8 hours per session. In the absence of a consensus of opinion and since Bob Moynahan the Chairman of Judges was not in attendance, the question was delayed until the Executive Board Meeting at the National Show at Long Island.

President Ron Miner has announced that he will not be running for President this year. First Vice President Jerry Landerholm from Lombard, IL has been nominated to assume the Presidents roll and his name will appear on the ballot in the June Bulletin.

Wayne Shantz expressed his desire to get the color chip numbers listed in the Classification and Handbook for as many existing cultivars as possible. He requested that Senior Judges make color chip comparisons with as many varieties as possible and send information directly to him.

There was some discussion of the membership numbers for this year as opposed to last year. There is a slight drop and this continues to worry people. There was some discussion about whether we should send the new full color book "Raising Beautiful Dahlias the Easy Way" to new members as an incentive for joining the ADS.

The ADS currently uses the less expensive "Grow Guide" as a sign-up bonus. There was no resolution of the problem because of the time constraints on the conference call.

It was interesting to learn that some societies automatically require new members to join the ADS as well as the local club. This definitely helps the ADS to gain new members. Please do not forget to judge some seedlings this year. Almost all of the trial gardens are

in desperate need for judges to judge the entries. If you are in the area of a trial garden, please give them a helping hand by judging some entries.



The Lane County Dahlia Society will host a judging school August 5 and 6 at the Eugene Garden Club at 1645 High Street in Eugene. Wayne and Eleanor Shantz will lead the seminar with other senior judges also involved. This course is appropriate for persons wanting to judge and also for those simply just wanting to learn more about dahlias. The school will begin at 8:30 A.M. with registration on Saturday, concluding on Sunday afternoon with a final open book examination for judges. Class sessions both days will dismiss between 3:30 and 4:00 P.M. All participants should own the latest judging manual, The Judging of Dahlias in Shows, on the Seedling Bench, and in the Trial Garden, 2002, $4.00 and the 2006 ADS Classification and Handbook of Dahlias, $5.00. These publications will be available at the judging school. The course fee per student is $15.00 and the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference membership fee is Single $10.00 Couple $15.00. Fees may be paid by cash or by check on August 3. Make checks payable to the Lane County Dahlia Society. Lunch will be provided.

Directions: Take Exit 194B to 1-105 West from 1-5. Go.8 miles and take Exit 2. Stay in the left lane at this exit and it will take you to Coburg Road. You will see signs saying to "Downtown Eugene and the U of 0". Get into the right lane as you merge onto Coburg Road. Cross over the Ferry Street Bridge and turn right onto 6th Avenue. On 6th Avenue get into the left lane and turn left onto Pearl Street. (This will be the next street after High.) Continue on Pearl and turn left on 17th and left on High Street. 1645 High Street will be on your right.

For further information, contact the Lane County Dahlia Society, c/o Eleanor & Wayne Shantz, 4736 Royal Avenue # 11, Eugene, OR 97402, (541) 688-5769, e-mail










I plan to attend the dahlia judging school in Eugene this summer



Name__________________________________Telephone ( )____________________





_____This will be a first time course


_____This will be a refresher course. As a refresher course, I especially would like to have the following additional topic included in the course: _______________________________________________________________________




Please detach this section and return to Wayne and Eleanor Shantz, 4736 Royal Ave. # 11, Eugene, OR 97402




The North Central Washington Dahlia Society was formed by Tony DeRooy and Dr. John Ruud in July of 2003. It is located in Wenatchee, Washington. The current officers are President, Dr. John Ruud, Vice President, Tony DeRooy, Secretary/Treasurer, Sherry Anderson. We have about 20 members. Our main activity is our community garden on Emerson Street. We have 18 rows with 12 plantings in each row. About 10 of our members plant and care for the plants there. We also have a show planned this year on Sept. 9th & 10th at the Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee. We meet each month at the public library on the third Thursday. For our May meeting Dr. Pappu from WSU presented a program on the Dahlia Mosaic Virus which was very informative. On August 5th Tom & Twyla Ball will teach a staging class for our members in Wenatchee. We feel very lucky to have them coming as most of our members are new at showing and will benefit from their experience. Our club has joined the ADS and the PNDC this year and look forward to learning from both of these organizations.







6:30 - 8:30am            Registration and staging of blooms

Note: Contact Show Chair Sally Richards if you need to place your entries Fri

Evening. 541 759 4309 or

8:30 am                      Entries close. Instruction to judges.

9:00 am                      Judging

After Judging            Show open to the public

3:30 pm                      Executive Board Meeting at the North Bend Library Small                                                             Conference Room, 1800 Union, North Bend.

6:00 - 7:00 pm                       Reception with Hors d’oeuvres at the Black Market Gourmet

                                    495 Central Ave. Coos Bay

7:00 pm                      Banquet, Awards presentation and PNDC Annual Fall meeting


10:00 am - 1:00 pm   By special arrangement, The Friends of Shore Acres will host the

                                    PNDC and our other visitors at the Garden House, Shore Acres                                     State Park, Charleston. View the open gardens with 250 dahlias                                        arranged in formal beds. Directions and maps will be available at

                                    show. The park has a $3.00 parking fee per vehicle.

8:30 am +                   Open garden tours. Times, locations, and maps will be available at

                                    the show.

11:00am-4:30 pm      Show open to Public

4:00pm                       Show closes

Directions to Pony Village (PV) Mall (North Bend)

            From southbound Hwy. 101, at the second light turn right onto Virginia Avenue,

            PV is on the left after the second light

            From northbound Hwy. 101, at the first light beyond the Mill Casino turn left on

            Virginia Avenue, PV is on the left after the third light.

Directions to The Black Market Gourmet (BGM) (Coos Bay)

                        (541) 269-0194 / 1-877-2826

            From Southbound Hwy. 101, turn right on Commercial (at the Blue Heron Bistro),

            left on North 6th Avenue, on Anderson, and left on South 5th Avenue, The BMG

            is across from Coos Bay City Hall and is the building with the pink awnings on

            the right.

            From northbound Hwy, 101, same as above except turn left onto Commercial

            (at the City Center/ State Park sign).


No Host Bar

                    Hors d’oeuvres: Brushetta’s with Assorted Toppings

                                Non-alcoholic Beverage Station

                                 Oven Roasted Brisket of Beef

                                          Chicken Marsala

                                 Chunky Cream Cheese Potatoes

                                     Seasonal Hot Vegetables

                            Green Salad with Assorted Dressings

                                         Rustic Bread & Butter

                                             Charlotte Russe

                  (Lady fingers with cream filling and raspberry puree)

                                         Coffee service to table

                                                (541) 269-0194 / 1-877-777-2826

                                                  Chef Jardin & Kristin Hoefer

Cost of Banquet is $25.00 per person which includes gratuity. Reservations must be received by August 30th. Please make checks payable to SODS and mail to

Sally Richards, 71605 Crannog Road, North Bend, Oregon 97459-8755.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact Sally at 541-759-4309 or

Banquet Reservation Form:

Name #1:__________________________________________________

Name #2:       ___________________________________________________________

Address:        ___________________________________________________________

City:               _______________ State/Province __________ Zip Code ____________

Phone:                        __________ Email: ________________ Home Society: _____________

No. of People for dinner: _________Total enclosed: ________ Check #: ____________


BEST WESTERN HOLIDAY MOTEL                                 COMFORT INN

411 N. Bayshore Dr. , Coos Bay                                               1503 Virginia Ave., North Bend

1 800 228 8655 - best                                           1 800 272 6232 -

EDGEWATER INN                                                                  MOTEL 6

275 E. Johnson Ave., Coos Bay                                                1445 N. Bayshore Dr., Coos Bay

1 800 233 0423 -                                  1 800 759 4533 -

RED LION HOTEL                                                                  THE MILL CASINO HOTEL

1313 N. Bayshore Dr., Coos Bay                                              3201 Tremont Ave., North Bend

1 800 RED-LION -                                               1 800 953 4800 -


LUCKY LOGGERS RV PARK                                              MILL CASINO RV PARK

250 E. Johnson Ave., Coos Bay                                                3201 Tremont Ave., North Bend

1 800 267 6426                                                                           1 800 953 4800

News from the ADS Image Library

Claudia Biggs

Yes, the name has been changed from Slide Library to Image Library. We now offer several programs on DVD. Requests for programs on DVD have far exceeded slide programs. Therefore we will be making fewer slide programs available. The DVD programs are very effective and we recommend that approach

if you have access to the appropriate equipment.

One change for New Introductions for 2007 is that the program will first include dahlias grown in a trial garden or judged on a seedling bench. Others may or may not be included. I will accept a 35mm slide, a 4x6 photo or images on a CD or DVD with resolution of 300 dpi. A data form is required for each entry and a release form for the total is required. Those can be copied from the forms in the September ADS Bulletin.

New programs available now are on DVD: Fabulous Fifty Dahlias on Parade (100+ photos of dahlias listed in the 2004-2005 Fab. 50). Also a DVD of the winners of

the 2005 ADS Photo Contest is available. These sell for $11.00 each which

includes shipping. A slide presentation is available of the Photo Contest Winners.

There are more programs in the works and when available will be noted in the ADS Bulletins and the PNDC newsletter.

Questions? Contact me at 509-326-1953 or


Ted Kennedy


I have the web site up and running. It is It is hosted by Yahoo and costs us $8.96 per month. I brought over a lot from the old site but not all. I may need to add some buttons to help navigate back to the original page but for now one must use the back button on your browser to go back. I will add "home" to the pages. I need to know what the PNDC members want on their web site and I will see about adding those items. Here is a list of items that may need to be added or updated:

About us. It would be nice if someone wrote a history of the PNDC. I am interested as I was not around when it started.

News Letters



Dahlia Shows Perhaps just a link to the site that lists these by State is all that is needed.

Plant/Tuber Sales A page for each club (Portland is the only club with a web site and I could do a page or two about each club)

Images. I mixed in lots of images on the various pages. If the PNDC wants to have images/pictures that is always possible. We have lots of space left. I have a few more pictures available to post. I would like to do pictures of baskets and arrangements as there is no site with those on it. Another idea for images would be pictures of various dahlia growers gardens. It would be possible to have pictures of winning dahlias at each of the PNDC shows.

Show Results.

Articles. There is only the one article on the site. Some suggestions for articles that would be good for the site. How to Show and Stage Dahlias. How to Grow Show Dahlias. How to Prepare an Arrangement Entry. How to put together Basket Entries. Biographies of interesting dahlia people. How to breed Dahlias. and the list could go on and on.

Calendar of PNDC Events


We owe a debt of gratitude to Angela Laveragne of the Victoria Dahlia Society for her effort in setting up the original Web Site. Due to work and family commitments Angela

found that she is unable to carry on as the Web Mistress. Thank you Angela!


Seattle Dahlia Society member Stella (Kuntz) Newbom will celebrate her 100th Birthday on August 6th, 2006.

Stella was born in Roslyn, Washington on August 6th 1906. Her family soon after purchased a farm in Sunnyside Washington where Stella attended school grades 1 through

12. After graduating with honors Stella came to Seattle and attended Halls School of Commerce for two years. Upon graduation, she moved back to Sunnyside and worked for a law firm there. Stella married Henry Newbom in 1940, moved to Seattle and has lived here since.

Henry and Stella attended the Puyallup Fair and there were smitten by the Dahlia Bug. They have grown dahlias and taken them to shows far and wide winning many awards in all categories of the shows. They became Charter Members of the Seattle Dahlia Society in 1956. Stella and Henry along with several other members of the Seattle Dahlia Society were instrumental in having the dahlia named as the official flower of the Century 21 Exhibition held in Seattle in 1962. Since Henry’s passing in 1977, Stella has carried on as a member of the Seattle Dahlia Society, the American Dahlia Society and the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference.

Stella has been the Sunshine Chairperson for over thirty years for the Seattle Dahlia Society. Since joining the Society in 1956 Stella has been absent from only two meetings, an exceptional record. She is still active in the Society. Stella judges baskets and arrangements at each Seattle show and supplies many of the entries for the show, still winning many awards. She also acts as the Show Hostess for each show, greeting guests and answering their questions. She also plays the piano for the singing of carols at the society’s Christmas Party. Stella lives in and maintains the family home. She plants her dahlias each year and cares for them throughout the season. She has been a member of the North End Flower Club for more than 55 years. She travels to downtown Seattle via public transportation each week to attend to business and shop. Stella is quoted as saying “I have lived through the horse and buggy days into the computer age.”

Portland Trial Garden

Bill Mishler

The Canby Trial Garden seedlings were planted about the 15th of May. The Plants are topped and groomed according to their growth. Some of the miniatures are budding and will be blooming very soon. Some of the cuttings entered are also on the verge of blooming as well as two of the open faced dahlias. It looks like they will need to be judges fairly early this year. So - we hope to some of our judges at the Canby Trial Garden this year.

Victoria Trial Garden Report July 2006

Barry Willloughby

The dahlias are up and growing at our new site at the Horticultural Center of the Pacific. A group of about twenty members planted the entries and border area on May 15th. Maintenance on a weekly basis has been minimal but more work is around the comer as the dahlias are beginning to stretch and put on more growth with the good weather we have been having the past two weeks. Secondary tying and disbudding will be needed

soon - opportunities for new members to learn.

We have twenty one entries this year up two from last year. Of some interest is that this year we have more entries from Canadian growers and this reflects an increasing interest in growing seedlings in Canada. Twelve individual growers submitted entries - 4 from the US and 8 from Canada. We don't know why the interest is increasing in Canada but we are pleased that we can provide an option for growers to have their best dahlias evaluated. This interest bodes well for the future of dahlias in Canada as well as our Trial garden.

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Victoria Dahlia Society and we are looking forward to our show at Hillside Mall. If you are coming please find the time to take a look at the Trial garden and if you have the time do some judging. Please feel free to contact me if interested and I will help to set up a judging session at the Garden for Sunday morning, August 13. I can be contacted by e-mail


Ted Kennedy

As I write this, we have had record temperatures here in Oregon City where it hit 102 degrees. Perhaps global warming has come to Oregon! We are all worrying about our dahlias making it through the heat.

Dahlias are survivors. Earlier this summer, I moved all of the dahlia plants out of the greenhouse to an outdoor bench. I inadvertently overlooked one dahlia that was in a 5 inch pot. A week later, I went into the greenhouse to get a tool and there was the poor

dahlia plant in the pot. One would expect that with no water for a week and temperatures of about 105 degrees each day that the plant would have died. But it was not dead and I took outside and gave it some water and it survived .. This plant had made some tubers in the pot and the tubers seem to help the plants survive both heat and drought. Perhaps this is how the native plants survived heat and drought in the mountains of Mexico.

How much water do my plants need? In the really hot weather, they need some water each day to keep growing. Also, during the really hot weather, the plants have a more difficult time pumping nutrients from the soil to their leaves. One grower on the East coast says the solution to this is to spray the foliage of your plants with a very dilute mixture of liquid fertilizer. Certainly, you should not do this during the heat of the day. The fertilizer is absorbed by the leaves where it is really needed.

I have noticed too that if a dahlia reaches about 2 feet tall before the heat of the summer, it will bloom and continue grow during the heat. However, if you planted your dahlias late in the spring, as many of us did during this wet spring, and they are not very big plants when the hot weather hits, they seem to go dormant. I was visiting with a grower last year who had this problem. He had planted late and the hot weather came early and most of his dahlias had just stopped growing during the hot weather. Later in the season they put on normal growth and there were lots of flowers and his garden looked great.

From the Societies


Connie Thompson

July 1st Canada Day and July 4th Independence Day have come and gone and with this hot weather we have been having on the West Coast our dahlia plants are finally growing like mad. We went from an unusually wet cool Spring to HOT ..... and tubers that I thought would never make it are appearing suddenly this week.

Our Show Schedule is printed and if anyone is wishing a copy in advance of the show, please contact Show Chairman, Vern Stephens at 250-755.1412 for a copy. We do have some changes this year and PRIZES too that you will like. We are hoping that as many of you as possible attend and participate in our show, August 19th and 20th at Country Club Mall. Please don't forget that we have a fun dinner on the Saturday evening. This is always a nice time to sit, relax, talk and get "caught up" with old friends.

I am sure that Jim Gilchrist, Judges Chair has contacted many of you about judging for this year. Please let him know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend and judge. We always need judges and clerks too for those of you who might not feel ready to judge, but still want to learn.

Once again, we have planted a display garden at the Malaspina College's Horticultural Teaching Center in Nanaimo; this is a great opportunity for the public to see the plants in bloom, and for our newer members to learn the fine art of tying, disbudding and identification of dahlias. It makes a wonderful "hands-on" teaching area. It is also interesting at our annual tuber sale how many customers comment that they got the name of the cultivar from visiting this display garden. We also grow Gladiolus there and hope to get more of our members actively growing them as a result.

We have had lots of new members join our ranks this past year, and hopefully many of them get thoroughly "hooked" on growing both dahlias and gladiolus. Have a great summer and enjoys your shows!

Victoria Dahlia Society

     Bill McLachlan


Summer is upon us and along with it comes very busy time tending to our dahlias. The weather has been good and dahlia flowers are now in evidence in many member gardens. We are well into our 60th year as a club.

We had very successful Tuber Sale held on April 29/06 at Hillside Mall. Ian Back was the 2006 Sale Chairman and must be congratulated for bringing off our best sale ever. This one day event brought in a record sum of money into our coffers. The Club is now looking at constructive ways to use these funds for betterment of member experiences and our community.

The new Trial Garden at The Horticultural Center of the Pacific was planted at it's new site and is doing well; thanks to Barry Willoughby and other clubs members who regularly turn up to help out. There are some 21 cultivars on trial; 13 from Canadian sources and 8 from the United States. To fill up the site other cultivars are planted to round out the garden display. Hopefully we will have lots of flowers to sell at our August Show.

On July 29th a Dahlia Judging School will be held in Nanaimo. This event presents a great opportunity for members to learn how judge and improve their knowledge of dahlias in general.

Our summer Barbecue will be held on August 5th; this a popular summertime event as it also includes several garden tours to showcase member gardens.

Our main event for this summer will be our 60th Annual Flower Show to be held on August 12th and 13th at Hillside Mall. The Victoria Flowers of the Year--2006--- Saanich Surprise and Kenora Jubilee.

This event requires a lot of planning and member participation. President Angie Lavergne is the show Chairperson of this years show. Our annual Banquet will be held on the night of August 12th to hand out Show Awards and enjoy some fellowship with club members and those visiting from out of town. The show attracts a lot of interest from the community and we like to think it is Hillside Malls event of the year.


Inland Empire Dahlia Society

Joni Beasley

Things have been hectic for our society these past few months. We did 3 tuber sales in 3 weeks and netted over $3000.

As soon as we got through with those there was the V. A. Garden to plant and the next weekend the Trial Garden had to go in. Of course, immediately it rained for eleven days and we had way too much rain for either of the gardens. The Trial Garden suffered the most as it was the last to go in and the plants had no chance to settle in before they were way too wet. Unfortunately we did lose more than we would have liked. Now they are finally taking off and we even have blooms.

Many of you may have noticed that we changed the weekend of our show at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds for the first time in over 20 years. It had gotten to be too much work for the few of our active members to try and keep flowers in the Floral Building for four and one half days. So ... we have a two day show beginning September 16. We are all excited about the change and invite all of you to come and show flowers at the show and judge the Trial Garden the morning of the 17th. With fifty entries we are overwhelmed in that area and need all the help we can get.

Our picnic is the 6th of August at Bill Swanstrom's, our Presidents home. Later that month we hope to travel to Sandpoint to judge in the North Idaho's show .. another move for them from Coeur d'Alene.

We wish you all a great show and safe traveling to wherever you may go.

Portland Dahlia Society

Larry Smith

Weather in the Portland region has been uneven, going from temperatures in the 60's one week and spiking to over 100 degrees the next. Overall, June was much hotter than average and July is following suit after mostly cold and very wet weather at planting time that forced delay of getting tubers into the ground. This is creating some interesting growth patterns in the dahlia garden. I planted in early May and have yet to have blooms on other than mignon singles, but have a number of 4 foot vigorous budded plants standing right next to tiny sprouts that don't look healthy. Many of our members are reporting similar findings in their gardens.

We had a successful sale season, starting with our April auction and continuing through June. Our most successful fund raiser has become participating in the Master Gardener Fair in Canby. As usual, this year's MG Fair was held on the first weekend in May. A lot of manpower is necessary to make these events successful, but more importantly, working together makes for some great team building and bonding. Our members came through with a bounty of tuber donations this year and thanks to the advance work of our President, Ted Kennedy, we were able to exchange some of our surplus stock with other clubs from around the west early on in the season. This allowed us to boost our sale stock with some newer and unusual varieties. If any club would like to exchange tubers with us next year, contact Ted and make arrangements early. The remaining tubers that did not sell were donated to the gardening programs at care centers for the elderly

and some were sent to a nonprofit organization that was having a plant sale.

June's program featured a presentation by PDS member Max Ollieu, showing a unique

way of transporting blooms to the shows. Max has fashioned PCV pipe into travel safe containers. July's program featured a panel of experts presenting information and answering questions on the care and feeding of growing plants, including how to minimize plant disease and keep critters (bugs, slugs, and animals) on a mission to the damage plants at bay. In August, we will hold our monthly meeting at Swan Island Dahlias/Canby Trial Garden, which will include a mini show and staging demonstration in preparation for our annual show. As usual, our show will be held in the main Pavilion at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby on Labor Day Weekend. The show is run concurrent to the Swan Island Dahlia Festival, which is also in Canby, so plan to come take in both shows and also to view and judge in the Trial Garden. Our September program includes a contest for seedlings brought in by members and a presentation by a very impressive high school student who is working on research to control virus in dahlias.

Seattle Dahlia Society

Our tuber sale this year was once again a great success thanks to our Chairperson Doris Hanson. In addition to our regular sale Doris and her crew put on a Mothers Day sale, selling cuttings, baskets of dahlia goodies, (tubers, books, etc) which were also very successful. A big round of applause to Doris and all of the folks who helped out setting up, selling and cleaning up. Our thanks to all of those who donated tubers and cuttings for both sales. We couldn’t have done with out you.


Our charter member, Stella Newbom will be 100 years old on 6 August 2006. We are most happy and proud to wish Stella a Happy 100th Birthday.

Our show this year will have a new venue. We will be at the Lake City Community Center, 12531 28th N. E., Seattle. We will have a lot more room for the show, an indoor staging area and no stairs to climb. Our picnic this year will be held on July 30th at Richmond Beach.

The Seattle Dahlia Society is working on setting up a Web Site. Deb Milan has volunteered as the Web Mistress. It’s still a work in progress and we are looking forward to getting up and running.

The Seattle Dahlia Society sends our very best regards and our wish to one and all for a great growing and showing year.