PNDC Bulletin
March 2007
March 21                                    Spring Begins
April 1st                                     Palm Sunday//April Fools Day
April 3rd                                     Passover
April 8th                                     Easter Sunday
April 21st                                    PNDC Spring Meeting
August 25th & 26th                     PNDC Show
Presidents Message
Larry Manwell
Spring is almost upon us. Time to check those tubers and to amend the garden soil as necessary. As always, I am looking forward to going to the shows,
seeing and visiting with my dahlia friends. Remember the PNDC Spring meeting on the 21st of April at Steamers in Portland. If you have agenda items for
the meeting please contact Joan Marsh as soon as possible. Please also consider bringing some cuttings or a tuber or two for the auction. This is always a
fun time and is our only fund raising function. See you at the meeting!
Message from the secretary.
I am preparing the roster and I hope everyone has already paid their dues or they risk being left out. Please note that everyone except Jack Adams will
have a new exhibitor’s number this year. If you have stickers already made, you will have to cross out the number and insert the new one. A job for the
fine evenings in May!
Any errors in the roster should be reported to me as soon as possible so a correction can be inserted in the next news letter.
Notice of the Spring Meeting.
The Spring Meeting will be held at the Steamers Restaurant in Portland on Saturday 21st. of April. The Executive meeting will be at 10.30, buffet lunch at
noon and the general meeting at 1.00. The cost of lunch is $14.99 and reservations with cheque to Elva Sellens as soon as possible. Agenda items should
be sent to me by e-mail, snail mail or phone. My e-mail is now, not telus. net
Directions to Steamers:
From I-5 South take interstate 205, exit at #238, staying in the left exit lane and proceed west to Steamers. From the north take interstate 205, exit at 23A
and go west to Steamers at 8237 Sandy Boulevard (82nd. and Sandy)
Alan Fisher
ADS Membership
The U.S. postal service has caused us more problems than normal with
the December issue. We have learned that a number of our members
have still not received this issue.
If you are with a Participating Society within ADS and can contact
your members either through a monthly publication or E-Mail list,
please inquire and let me know if any have not received this issue.
If you are a member of ADS (especially if you subscribe at large
rather than thru a Participating Society) and have not received the
December 2006 ADS Bulletin with the 2007 classification handbook(s),
please let me know by sending me a message:
Subject: did not receive Dec. Bulletin.
Send to
Include your name and mailing address (including ZIP) -- US, Canada,
or overseas.
If you have already reported and requested a re-mailing, Harry
Rissetto and I will be doing re-mailings this weekend. We have a lot
on backlog. We had to order 2 more boxes of Classification Handbooks
from the printer to be able to send this re-mailing.
Thank you,
Alan Fisher
News from the ADS Image
Claudia Biggs
The past couple of months have been really busy for the ADS Image Library. I finished the 2007 New Introductions DVD and did a second narrated
version. I've redone the Fabulous 50 Dahlias on Parade and 2005 Photo Contest Winners. Music has been deleted (for legal reasons) and narration has
been added. I'm anxiously awaiting the results of the 2006 Photo Contest so I can work on that program.
I'm adding some more slides to the Dahlia Forms slide program. We started out with 20 slides and I'm adding 40 more. I've had many requests for loaning
slides so dahlia society members can give talks to other local garden clubs, master gardeners etc, so I'm trying to help by adding more photos.
I am working on scanning the old slides of "The Dahlia Year" but I'm in need of more up to date photos of storing dahlias. The old program was all about
"waxing". Does anyone do that any more? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have slides or photos of storage methods. Web photos are
too poor resolution and I've not been successful in finding anything else.
I'm working on creating a color handout showing photos of the 19 forms of dahlias. This is still in the works but should be good for judging classes or
handouts for a program or tuber sales. I'm trying to put images to good work for everyone who might need them. Most of these photos are my own and
I'm willing to share them. This will be in a pdf format when finished.
I've been in contact with Dr. Hannu Pappu to try and update a virus program. This is still in the works.
Do any of you have slides/digital images of your trial garden? It would be fun to see trial gardens in a program. Share your photos of planting, working,
blooms. I'd love to do a program about different trial gardens in the country so societies can enjoy the different gardens.
I'm going through some of the old slide programs, and scanning the slides and tweaking them to hopefully make them look better.
All this has kept me very busy!
If you have a particular request, please contact me and I'll try and help you if I can. Or if you have an idea for a program, let me know and I'll see what I
can do.
From the Toledo Dahlia Society
I regret to inform you that The Toledo Dahlia Society has disbanded, because of lack of active members. Our society has been in operation for 70 years
and we have always enjoyed meeting and talking with members of other societies as we have traveled around to other shows and others have attended our
show. We will miss the fun. I have enclosed our medal for your show. Please do not send your medal this year we will not have a show.
We have enjoyed exchanging medals with your society and wish your organization many great years.
Thanks again,
The American Dahlia Society
Bob Miller
The American Dahlia Society has increased its efforts to keep in touch with the individual societies. The new vice president, "Doc" Peters, has sent
communications to all ADS Reps that have e-mail addresses. Check the list at httl:2:// to be sure your society
information is correct. If your ADS Rep does not have e-mail, an alternate contact should be designated to receive the information from the ADS and relay
it to the ADS rep for the society.
An initial supply of 100 of the new dahlia poster is available to each society for only the cost of postage. If you have not received yours, send a check for
$8.10 to cover the cost of the postage to Steve Nowotarski and he will send them to your society. The charts should be useful for display at your tuber
sale and at other contact points. In addition to good information on growing dahlias, it has addresses of dahlia suppliers.
The ADS is searching for an editor or editors for the annual "Classification and Handbook of Dahlias". Wayne and Eleanor Shantz have agreed to work
with the new editors to help them get started. If anyone is interested in assuming the responsibility for publication of this handbook, they should contact
Jerry Landerholm or Wayne and Eleanor.
Now is a good time to start thinking about how you will judge the required number of seedlings to retain or attain your judging accreditation. The
requirements are being published in the new member roster. Plan to visit a trial garden or attend a training session where you can judge a display under the
supervision of a senior judge. Please visit and judge at a trial garden if at all possible. Trial garden directors are always looking for help in getting the
entries judged.
Victoria Trial
Barry Willoughby
It seems that we almost always have to talk about the weather as a group of dahlia growers and I guess that is because weather has such a bearing on the
growth and quality of our dahlias. I only have one word to say about the weather this winter """RAIN, WIND, RAIN, MORE WIND and MORE
RAIN""". Hopefully our summer will be an improvement. Now that we have got that over with we can talk about the upcoming season.
This year the Victoria Dahlia Society will be holding the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference show on August 25th. At this time, the Trial garden should
also be ready for visiting judges to evaluate our entries so don't forget to
add us to your "must do list" for this summer. To get ready for Trial Garden visitors (and to improve tilth), we even added a donated load of well rotted
horse manure to the dahlia bed last fall. As well, the club has purchased 20 new varieties from Clack's Dahlias to add to our border to increase interest.
The new varieties might be of more interest than the soil enhancement.
Of additional interest, on July 28th, our Society will be sponsoring a judging seminar lead by Tom Ball from Seattle and hopefully we will have some
early blooms in the Trial Garden to help with that event. The session will be held in
the classroom at Glendale Gardens, (the new name for Horticultural Center of the Pacific) where our Trial Garden is located. Anyone who is interested is
welcome to attend to polish up on what they forgot since 2006 and get ready for the 2007 judging season.
Good luck with your dahlias for the upcoming season and don't forget to let us know asap if we you need some space in our Trial Garden.
                                   News from the Societies
Happy Spring from the Lane County Dahlia Society
Our Officers for 2007:
President:                                Lexa Cookson
1st Vice President:                  Cheryle Hawkins
2ns Vice President:                 David Fox, Sr.
Recording Secretary:              Michael Canning
Treasurer:                               Phyllis Shafer
Corresponding Secretary:       Annie Phillips
ADS Rep:                               Phyllis Shafer
We have started 2007 with some great meetings. January we viewed the ADS DVD of the new dahlia introductions and heard Wayne Shantz speak on
ordering dahlias. February’s meeting featured a guest speaker who discussed the merits of different soil amendments. We wrapped up the first quarter of
the year with March’s round-table discussion on the preparation and planting of tubers.
The LCDS is now focused on our upcoming Annual Tuber Sale & Auction. Through generous member donations and a lot of behind the scenes work, we
hope to get our fund raising off to a great start.
Dates to remember:
Our April Meeting: The Dahlia Tuber Sale & Auction, April 7th at our regular meeting place, Campbell Senior Center, 7:30 pm.
Mothers Day Weekend: Our second tuber sale – Oregon Plant Fair 2007, Saturday may 12th, Alton Baker Park, Eugene.
LCDS Annual Show – September 15 & 16, Oakway mall. Flower of the year, Pam Howden.
We wish all of our fellow PNDC Societies good luck with their fundraising efforts this Spring and we hope to see you around the NW this Summer.
                                          Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society
                                             Connie Thompson
It is still officially Winter here, the signs of Spring are showing up daily. Most of us have brought our tubers out of Winter storage and for myself, am
pleased with how they look this year. We have had our first meeting of the year and pleased to have a strong healthy membership which continues to
grow and develop. It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm and have several of them also join the ADS, and showing flowers at our shows. Their interest in
learning and development as dahlia growers is a healthy sign for the Nanaimo Society.
Our Annual Tuber Sale is coming up on Saturday, April 28th. It will be held once again at Country Club Mall and Judy Stephens will be our Coordinator.
It officially starts at 9 a.m., but I would advise one and all who are interested in purchasing the best of the best to be there by 8:30 a.m. We are usually
finished by about 1:30 p.m. as the stock is well picked over by then.
We will once again plant a display garden at the Malaspina College Horticultural teaching site on East Wellington Road. Long-time member, Jim Gilchrist
organizes this each year. This is a colorful sight for those visiting the greenhouses to purchase their plants during the summer season. It also acts as a
teaching location for our newer members helping them to learn the techniques of growing good-dahlias. We use it regularly during the summer working in
teams attending to the garden's needs before meetings, and weekly maintenance having newer members work with a senior members. They can learn about
tying and disbudding and why this is done. We can discuss signs of damage and diseases and what they can be on the look-out for. It has been a very good
learning tool that everyone can enjoy and provide us with more tubers at the end of the season for next year's Tuber Sale.
We look forward to seeing many of you at the shows this summer, and hope that some of you can make it to our show as well. Happy Growing Season
may the Summer be a nice balance of sun and rain.
Portland Dahlia Society
Larry Smith
Portland Dahlia Society began 2007 with a sizzling Board Meeting/Potluck in January. Among items discussed were how to improve our annual show,
fund raising events, and meetings. Subcommittees were formed and members were quick to complete assignments.
2007-2008 officers are:
President---Larry Smith
Vice President--- Teresa Bergman
Recording Secretary---Shirley Bankston Correspondence Secretary--- Tiffany Boatwright Treasurer---Larry Sawyer
In our February meeting, members voted in favor of increasing total prize
money awarded in our annual show to around $1500. The show will be held again on Labor Day Weekend at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby
and we hope that people from other dahlia societies will bring blooms and help
judge the entries at Canby Trial Garden. Our flower of the year will be the waterli1y Pam Howden.
Many of our members are having a lot of fun working on our annual fund raisers. Being together with friends and making new friends creates a big
incentive to help out. Our annual Auction and Sale will be Tuesday, April 10 at our regular meeting place, Rose City United Methodist Church at NE
58th off Sandy Boulevard. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for the sale and the auction begins at 7 p.m. Our other big fund raiser will be at the annual Master
Gardener Sale on the first weekend in May at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. Tuber preparation work parties at Swan Island Dahlias will precede
each of these sales. We are also encouraging members to bring clumps and/or special variety tubers to auction off in the first few
meetings of the year, as people who like to start cuttings want them early and will pay a nice price.
Programs at our meetings have gotten off to a nice start. So far, we saw slides of new introductions at the February meeting and have a demonstration of
taking cuttings and caring for plants and seedlings at March meeting.
Oh! if we can only have some warm, dry weather at the right time this year so we can get the precious plants and tubers we are amassing safely into the
Kathy Iler
It is beginning to feel like spring here on the Oregon Coast. Rainless days with a hint of warmer weather and the coming Dahlia season. Of the many
harbingers of spring the best is within ourselves. We feel the impulse to venture out in the garden to see what changes the winter has wrought and begin
planning for a new year.
SODS has begun ’07 with fourteen new members, The Board has planned a full year of programs and events. This year we have added a photo contest
with the hope of bringing back our favorite flower in the darkening days of November. True spring will bring our annual tuber sale. Held as always in
Pony Village Mall from 9am to 3pm on April 14th.
SODS 51st show will also take place in the Mall on September 8th & 9th. The flower of the year will be POOH (CO BI). This outstanding collarette was
introduced by Swan Island in 1998 and consistently ranks in the Fabulous Fifty. Along with its winning ways Pooh serves as a magnate to garden
visitors. A new addition to our show schedule this year is a Challenge Flower section. A staple up north for years we anticipate enthusiastic
participation. This year’s challenge flower is CORNEL (BA DR).
The Southern Oregon Dahlia Society would like to thank the outgoing officers. They each did an outstanding job. This year’s slate of officer is as follows:
     President: Paulette Woodward (541)267-0740
     VP: Emily Gorsch (541) 267-3173
     Secretary: Kathy Iler (541)290-9011
     Treasurer: June Adams (541)271-3559
     Directors; Jack Adams, Mike Iler, and Robert Miller
Victoria Dahlia Society
Bill MacLachlan
It is hard to believe that spring is just around the comer and we will be launching a new Dahlia growing season. After the cool wet winter weather we have
been having most of us looking forward to getting outdoors and getting hands dirty digging good ole mother earth.
To get us off to a good start at our last general meeting we had a speaker who addressed the issue of soil fertility and mulching. He stressed he need to
have our soils tested annually so that we know what we are dealing with when it comes to applying nutrients to our gardens. The matter of soil fertility is
a complex issue and involves many factors. The talk was timely and of interest to all who were in attendance.
In order to introduce some new tubers/dahlias to our gardens the Victoria Dahlia Society spearheaded a purchase of dahlia tubers from Clack's in Oregon.
The Dahlia tubers some 199 in number have now been received. They arrived in good shape and the members who purchased them now have them in their
possession. The Club also purchased 20 tubers for our Trial Garden. It is planned to do this again next year.
The next event of our year is our Annual Tuber Sale to be held on April 28th at Hillside Mall. This is our major fund raising event of the year. The event
is being managed by Connie Young-Davis with assistance from Tom Degroot.
The biggy event of this year is the Annual Flower Show on August 25/26 at Hillside Mall. This year we are also hosting the PNDC show as well. We
hereby extend an invitation to Dahlia Growers/Club Members from near and far to make plans to be in Victoria at this time. The show is being hosted by
Angie Lavergne. The VDS has been able retain the services of well known local VDS club member and entertainer Eric Roberts to provide the
entertainment for the Show Banquet.
Enjoy the moment - check your tubers in storage and make those plans for spring plantings.
Welcome to a new slate of officers for 2007:
President:                    Nancy Spangler
Secretary:                   Karen Lorentzen
Treasurer:                   Tom Ball
Corr. Secretary:          Diane Blackmer
Trustee:                      Cora Schlecter
Trustee:                      Bill Bonneywell
Trustee:                      Buz Carter
Doris Hanson and her mighty crew are busy organizing the Annual Tuber Sale slated for April 21st-22nd at Country Village in Bothell. We are always
grateful to friends and members who contribute tubers to make this sale such a great success. Be sure to procure some prize winning dahlia varieties for
the upcoming show season.
There are plans to host a Judging Class this summer with Wayne and Eleanor Schantz from Oregon. This is the most comprehensive and informative
dahlia seminar available and well worth the time you invest. Wayne is a member of the American Dahlia Society Classification Committee and a retired
teacher. Eleanor is equally qualified with special expertise in creating award-winning dahlia baskets. Even if you don’t aspire to become a dahlia show
judge, you will benefit from every aspect of this excellent and extensive training covering every aspect of dahlia horticulture, cultivation and classification
(including some “hands-on” experience). The dates are August 4-5 at the Shoreline Senior Center.
All agreed that our 2006 Show held at the Lake City Community Center was an immense success. Lake City is in NE Seattle with convenient access from
the I-5 freeway to 125th Street and 28th Avenue NE. The 2007 show is slated for the same, great location. We have ample room for every exhibit plus
meeting rooms all on one level. The show dates are September 1-2, 2007.
This is the Seattle Dahlia Society’s 50th Annual Show, a milestone for our society. Members are especially grateful to have Stella Newbom as an active
participant - she was a charter member back in 1957! Please plan to join us for this auspicious event.
We enjoyed a lovely digital presentation of the 2006 show at our last meeting thanks to Claudia Biggs and are all anticipating the gorgeous blooms,
baskets and arrangements we will see in 2007. Seattle Society members especially look forward to seeing all our dahlia friends once again, so bring your
blooms on September 1st and join in the good company!
Judging Demeanor
Tom Ball, Judges Evaluation Committee
I was a bit disturbed in reading the judging reports for this past judging season. Several judges reported comments from fellow judges, who on completing
their assignments came to other sections of the show where they had entries and complained (some rather loudly) about the lack of judging skill of the
teams that were judging their entries. Before the section was completed these judges demanded to know why their entries did not receive blue or higher
awards and started comparing their entries against others in the section. These judges not only managed to embarrass the working judging team, but cast a
very poor light on the entire show by giving the people viewing the show the idea that the working team was possibly in error. Need I remind you – If
you have a complaint about how an entry is judged you should contact the Chairman of Judges and ask him/her to look into the matter. Never make
negative comments about other judges, growers or the content of the show. Invariably some dissension will ensue if this activity is allowed. Rather bring
these complaints and/or differences to the attention of the show chair or the judging chair.
Ethics of Judging: Rules of Good Conduct define the ethics of judging. Ethical conduct is based on honesty, empathy, integrity, sincerity, courtesy,
intelligence and wisdom. Judges have a particular duty to follow the principals of ethical behavior conscientiously.
Some of the judges who commented also stated that they didn’t feel they wanted to carry on as judges if these verbal attacks continued. Our differences
must be approached in a positive manner. By bringing in a mediator (the Show Chair/Judges Chair) the difference of opinion can and will be rectified.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the one that we do not need is to have some of our Accredited and Senior Judges walk away with a bad taste in their mouths never
to judge dahlias again.
                                                      AND FINALLY!
I would like to thank everyone who contributed articles and information for this Newsletter. Believe me; I couldn’t have done it without you. The next
Newsletter will be published in June. Please send your articles to me by June 10th. I hope to see many of you at the shows this year. I send you all my
best regards and my wish for a great growing and showing season.
Don’t forget to send your reservations and check to Elva for the Spring Meeting Luncheon at Steamers in Portland.
To: Elva Sellens
  2651 N. W. Loma Vista Dr.
  Roseburg, OR 97470-6175
   541- 672 7352
                           Please Print
Enclosed, is my check in payment for reservations for ___________
at $14.99 each. Total $___________________.
                          Thank You!