March 2009
Editor Tom Ball
Waterlily Floater
Dates to Remember

April 8                Passover Begins
Easter Sunday
Tax Day
PNDC Spring Meeting
May  1                May Day
Cinco De Mayo
Mothers Day
Armed Forces Day
June  21        Fathers Day
July  1                Canada Day
Independence Day
Aug  22 – 23        ADS National Show
Sep   12 – 13        PNDC Show
          Hosted by IEDS, Spokane

Presidents Message
Mike Riorden

Dear Fellow PNDC Members:
Hope you each survived the rigors of winter and early spring.  I’ve been busy taking cuttings and more cuttings.  There
have been a few sunny days where I have taken the flats of green plants out for an afternoon of full sun on the South
facing deck.  Maybe in April I will dare let them stay outside over night, being mindful of the possibility of a late frost.
Soon many of us will begin planting seed of our crosses from last fall and the circle of annual dahlia activities will begin
its upward crescendo.

As Oscar Hammerstein so lyrically stated in State Fair, “I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I’m as jumpy as a
puppet on a string.  I’d say that I had spring fever, but I know it isn’t spring.  I’m starry eyed and vaguely discontented,
like a nightingale without a song to sing.  Oh, why should I have spring fever, when it isn’t even spring?”  Yes, but the
good news is planting time is getting closer every day.  So, the perennial restlessness and relentless anticipation is felt
and understood, at least to varying degrees.

A wonderful spring tonic is our annual PNDC Spring Meeting and Luncheon.  The meeting will be held on Saturday,
April 18th at Georgetown Realty in Portland.  PNDC delegates and officers meet in executive session at 10:00AM.  The
luncheon and general meeting begin at noon. The banquet facility is located on the lower level.  Our general meeting
presents a great opportunity to meet and network with the top originators, growers and exhibitors in the PNW and
British Columbia.  The most exciting part of the meeting is our annual fundraising tuber and green plant auction.  Many
growers and hybridizers bring their newest and best introductions and/or imports.  The bidding always promises to be
spirited and entertaining.  The award chairs of each society are reminded to please bring (or have your representative
bring) the society medals for the medal exchange within the Conference.

Hope each of you is doing well.  Very much looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, April 18th.

PNDC Spring Meeting
April 18th, 2009
Georgetown Realty, Portland Oregon

Georgetown Realty is located at 1000 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97230.  From I-205 North or South Bound
take exit 21A to Glisan Street.  Take Glisan Street East (numbered cross street numbers increase) to NE 122nd
Avenue.  Turn left from Glisan to 122nd.   Georgetown is on your right about two blocks down on your right.  Turn right
at the electronic sign to access the parking lot behind the building.

Our luncheon will be catered in with a menu consisting of:

Fresh Fruit
Green Salad with Rolls
Chicken Alfredo
Baked Salmon
Coffee and Tea

The cost of the luncheon is $15 per person with gratuity included.  Please send your reservation and payment to Elva
Sellens at:
2651 Loma Vista Drive
Roseburg, OR  97470-6175

Number Attending: _____________Amount Enclosed: _________________

Joan Marsh

I am happy to say that I have the agenda letter ready to mail. I had finished the roster but Lane County sent in four
names of people paying their dues late so I will have to try and
incorporate them. Anyone else is out of luck!

American Dahlia Society Executive Conference Call December 7, 2008
Wayne Shantz

Time Duration: 3 hours +
Number Present on Call: 24

Meeting Business:

President Jerry Landerholm presided at the meeting and thanked the Philadelphia Dahlia Society for the spectacular
show at Longwood Gardens. Two new societies have formed, one in Utah and the other on the northern coast of
California (Fortuna). Information concerning the treasurer’s report and regional vice president reports are in the March

Editor of the Bulletin, Norman Hines, reports that the ADS must send all mail to Canada by first class. Several
Canadian societies objected, but not a PNDC affiliate. Dues for the Canadian society members are currently $33.00.
The cost of postage for these members will be an additional $10.00 in order to cover postage. A lengthy discussion
ensued on this issue prior to this decision.
Lou Paradise reported that the results from the classification committee’s research this past year confirm that the size
of mignon dahlias will not change. He also indicates that the Northern California Dahlia Societies had few problems
after employing the four-digit system this last season. The board approved that the ADS implement this system for
2011 and that the Classification and Handbook of Dahlias use this system. Note: All 2010 shows will need to use the
four-digit system.
Do note the information provided by Steve Nowotarski who is in charge of garden dahlia promotion. He has also
initiated another brochure/wall poster and the ADS has chosen to purchase 10,000 copies. Note: I will not provide
further details since ADS has not been able to gain the number of advertisers needed. Thus ADS has gone to plan B
and the board will have to confirm this plan.  Societies should be ready to make use of this material when it comes
available, so be alert and ready.
The board discussed advertising outreach and is considering an advertising policy with a comprehensive plan.
Our own Claudia Biggs has completed a New Introduction DVD. Societies may order a copy from her for an informative
meeting. Note: Claudia also has other DVDs that she has developed in the Image Library.
The Portland Dahlia Society will host the ADS National Conference and Show in 2012. Note: I would suggest that other
PNDC societies assist PDS in any way that they can.
Judy Hines indicates that the insurance form is in the December Bulletin.
The Carolina’s Trial Garden will be on probation for one more year due to start-up difficulties and flooding this year.
Ron Miner reports that the rebuilt ADS web site is close to completion. Note: The web site is now available at www.
dahlia.org. A members only section is still under construction and will evolve over time.
Harry Rissetto motioned that the Executive Board adopt a policy for the receipt of restricted and in-kind gifts. An ADS
representative to whom a restricted or in-kind gift is proffered will promptly report the proffer to the President. The
President will communicate the terms of the fit to the Finance Committee, maintaining the anonymity of the donor if that
is requested. The Finance Committee will review the proffered gift and any restrictions and promptly make a
recommendation to President whether the gift should be accepted by ADS. A final restricted or in-kind gift may not be
accepted by the society without the approval of the Executive Board. This policy does not apply to situations where the
restriction simply designates the gift for an ongoing ADS project or program.
The board passed the recommendation by Arthur Haskins to raise the ADS contribution for national show to $1400.00.
The 2009 2-day Spring Meeting will be held in Chattanooga.

I want to Try Some New Varieties This Year
Ted J. Kennedy

I want to try some new varieties this year. Nearly all dahlia enthusiasts share that thought. I think that most of us love to
try the new ones and part of our fascination with growing dahlias is the anticipation of seeing our new selections bloom
in our garden for the first time.

I suppose there are many reasons that we lust after some new varieties. One is that some of our older stock declines
and we no longer grow it. When a variety is lost in storage, I bet that most people give up on that variety and replace it
with a new one. Most of us have only so much room in our gardens and must limit ourselves to a specified number of
plants and varieties.

I have noticed that dahlia enthusiasts seem to specialize in certain types as they we grow them over the years. I have
known several people who are totally entranced by waterlily dahlias and grow few others. Fellow grower Gordon
Jackman is currently obsessed by anemone types. He is amassing  a collection of as many as he can find and enjoys
the thrill of the chase tracking down older, little grown anemones.  

Some of us are just flower enthusiasts and are looking for a dahlia that looks good in a bouquet or an arrangement.
Many of these people are looking for the unusual shapes and colors.  Wyn’s Eeekk!!, an exotic, overly exaggerated,
large, dark red  cactus is an example of a dahlia that appeals to these people. Wyn’s claims to sell more Eeekk!! than
any other variety.

Other growers are interested in the best varieties for the shows. When a new variety scores high in the trial gardens or
on the ADS bench, they want it. They feel that the new flower may give them an edge over the  older dahlias in that
class and they want to win.

Other show growers sit back and wait a year or two for the new varieties to be tested by other exhibitors and
(coincidently?) for the price to decline, to try the new ones.  

In addition to growing newer varieties, often there is the opportunity to get some new invigorated stock of an old one.
An example is Rhonda Pom LB that was introduced in 1941. It won consistently for many years and had just about
disappeared.  Max Ollieu gathered together as much stock as he could find and re-selected the best of the best until
his stock was really strong. He showed it to a best pom in show and proved that a really nice  old one can still win. His
stock has been generously shared with many friends.   I am on the trail of some really good stock of some old ones
and growing them is just as exciting as growing the new ones. Unfortunately, some of the old ones decline again as I
found out after growing some outstanding stock of Kenora Canada only to have it do well only one year in our garden.

Spokane Trial Garden 2009
Joni Beasley
The Spokane Trial Garden has 43 entries and we are expecting the entries by April 1st.  For the last few years we
have had the early date so they have a good start in the greenhouse at Manito Park before  they will be transplanted
to a large bed in t he park  in early June.  The Parks Department is currently planning on a new sign for the garden
space as ours is very old and in desperate need of replacement. We are hoping the PNDC and or ADS will help with
the cost of this as it is going to be expensive.

The IEDS is hosting the PNDC show in September and we are counting on the judges who come for the show to help
us judge the entries again this year. It gives us a hand in covering the entries better and earlier. Anyone traveling thru
the Spokane area this summer is encouraged to get a hold of the Beasley's to judge as well.

Tiffany Boatwright
The Canby Trial Garden will be full again this year with 33 entries from hybridizers across the country. A new sign
displaying the trial garden name and giving visitors information regarding what a trial garden is and its function will be
added this year. As most of you know, the garden is located on Swan Island Dahlias’ property adjacent to their display
garden and receives tremendous exposure to the public. We hope that this new signage will prompt even more interest
in dahlia culture and encourage people to join a dahlia society. As always, if you are a judge, please remember to
make time to judge at the trial garden.

Claudia Biggs

Two new programs are now available on dvd. The 2008 Fabulous Fifty Dahlias features  98 dahlias on the Fabulous
Fifty list.
2008 ADS Photo Contest Winners features the winning photos of the 2008 ADS
photo contest.
Both are $13 each. Shipping is included in the price.
The 2008 ADS New Introductions is still available on dvd and slides.  Cost of
dvd is $13.
Contact Claudia Biggs, 509-326-1953 or email dbiggs@mindspring.com
to order.

From the Societies

Portland Dahlia Society Update
Larry Smith

We are excited to announce that Portland was approved to host the 2011 National Show.
The co-chairpersons selected to manage various aspects of the planning for the show include Tiffany Boatwright, Ted
Kennedy, and Larry Smith.

As usual, we began the year with our annual January Board Meeting in which we began planning for our tuber
auctions, annual show, and National Show.

The date of our main auction and sale will be Tuesday, April 14 at our regular meeting location (Rose City United
Methodist Church).  Doors will open at 6 p.m. for the sale (5:30 for PDS members) and the auction will begin at 7 p.m.  
We will also have a booth at the Master Gardener Sale in Canby on the weekend of May 2 and 3.

Life Memberships were bestowed to Phil Mingus and Bill Mishler in 2008.

Officers for 2009-10 include:
President-Teresa Bergman
Vice President-Ted Kennedy
Recording Secretary-Shirley Burleson
Correspondence Sec.-Tiffany Boatwright
Treasurer-Larry Sawyer

PDS has a full slate of great programs and activities lined up for 2009 and all of you are welcomed to join us whenever
you find yourself in the Portland area.  Look for information on our website:www.portlanddahlia.com

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society
Reg Cluett

Fellow Dahlia growers,
Winter is the time of rest, when the tubers and the growers take a much deserved time out. This has not been the case
for the growers of the Nanaimo club. Our shovels have not been still. Rust has not had a chance to form as they have
been busy with the snow. But now we busily start getting ready for the summer season. This year our first major project
was to move our 10 by 20 foot storage shed as the property where it sat had been sold. This shed is our storage
location for all the vases and foam that our club provides at show time so in this shed we store a dozen or so large
Tupperware containers holding about a thousand ADS green vases. We store the foam in king size garbage cans, and
since we recycle the foam  the garbage cans have a ring of half inch holes drilled in the bottom to drain off the water.
There are also many boxes of signage and other sundry items that we use during the shows. So you get the idea,
there is a lot of stuff.

As I walked across this muddy field I saw some of our club members Al Boquist and Bob Sampson holding the wall as
Garry Whiteoak took a saw to sectionalize the wall into chunks that four men could lift on to a trailer. As I was late
arriving they had already completed the roof where Garry, relying on his vast experience as project superintendent for
Vancouver Island construction companies, was able to cut the roof into manageable sections which were then loaded
onto a trailer. By this method we were able to move the building to its new location where it was rebuilt. Thank God our
club has a very solid core of hard working volunteers that time and again make a project look easy and fun.

Another of our members Connie Thompson who had been the club treasurer for many years took a year’s time out
from club activities while she gets her own new garden into shape at her new home with her significant other, John.
The club is indebted to them both for allowing us to erect the storage shed on John’s sheep farm property 15 miles
north of Nanaimo. This year’s show will be held at the sheep farm (No just kidding. After all it is almost April fool’s Day).
See you all at the flower shows this summer

Southern Oregon Dahlia Society
Paulette Woodward

A new year is in full gear.  Most of us already have pulled tubers for cuttings, tuber sales and are either preparing to
work up garden beds or have done so.  As a society preparing our members for the growing season, we had a
program in February on lasagna gardening by Cheryle Hawkins and Michael Canning of Lane County Dahlia Society.  
Their enthusiasm and experience (7-8 years) made this a possibility for anyone.  The March and April programs are
specifically for the Novice growers, but aren’t we all?  
We are doing a display and information table at the Master Gardener Seminar on the 28th of March, featuring ADS,
PNDC and our Society along with growing information.  This is fun, you’re teaching and visiting and vice versa.  Ideas
are flying all over the place.  What is better!  Our tuber sale is scheduled for April 11th at the Pony Village Mall.  We
ought to add education.   We are preparing simplified handouts and the year’s calendar to take home.  I think that this
is the prime time to talk dahlia culture and converse with the general public.
The second major project for our society is the show.  Happiness is seeing the show schedule off to the computer guy,
Mike Iler, then to the printers.  I can’t thank the members enough for their participation.  Our show this year will be
September 12th and 13th at the Pony Village Mall in North Bend.  The theme this year is Nueva Vista (New View).  The
dahlia of the year is Vista Lindsey BB LC Y.  Our challenge flower is Glorsia B FD V Y/R.  
This year’s slate of officers is:
President:                  Paulette Woodward        541/267 0740                
Vice President:        Gary Swan                541/396 1900
Treasurer:                Earl Gordon                541/756 4161        bydand34@pcinw.com
Directors:                Jeff Jeffs                541/269 0849        jef3505@wmcomnect.com
                  Beth Gordon                541/756 4161
                  Wanda Anderson        541/808 0323
ADS Rep:                B. J. Paintanida                        oceanecho@peoplepc.com
Newsletter:                Donna Humer                541 294 0550        jchymer@myway.com
Show Chair:                Paulette Woodward
Before I close, my thanks to the officers for stepping forward.  It is amazing how much better we are when we play off
each other, it is exponential
From our society to yours, may your year of dahlias be filled with peace, the joy of sharing and the fun of having dirty

Victoria Dahlia Society
Ken Beswick

Not a lot of changes here in Victoria. The weather has been awful and I'm afraid a lot of tubers bit the dust over the
winter. We will start our year with our annual tuber sale on April 25th at the Hillside Mall. Prior to this, April 18th. we
have a private tuber sale at a members farm where we gather and sort all tubers and have the first pick before taking
them to the Mall the following Saturday. It's a lot of fun and usually involves a lot of pizza and other stuff. This will be
followed by our Show on August 15-16th, also at the Hillside Mall.  We have selected our blooms for 2010. Keating
Arizona B LC FL  (single)  and Odyssey MB LB (triple).

We have six new members since last report and we have three new people assuming positions on our executive.  Phil
Dade (publicity) Wendy Dippel (membership) Cathy Featherby (tuber sale co-ordinater) assisted by Teresa Thom.  

Phil and Teresa also hosted another Summer Barbeque last year with Phil doing his famous beer back chicken along
with many other things.

Best Regards to all.     

Lane County Dahlia Society
Michael Canning

Its great to see the stirrings of spring in the southern Willamette
Valley! Why is it as I get older the winters seem to last longer and/or
Spring seems to take longer to get here? I'm beginning to appreciate the
appeal of snow birding as the years pile on.

I regret to report the passing of a long time Lane County Dahlia Society
member this winter. Margaret Leonetti, beloved wife of past President
Bob Leonetti, died in Eugene on February 4th of vascular disease.
Margaret will be missed for her quick wit, bright smile and deep
understanding of the finer aspects of gardening and bloom presentation.
She will be missed deeply by our group.

The slate of officers for LCDS doesn't change much for the 2009 season.
Lexa Cookson continues as President, Cheryle Hawkins remains Vice
President and newsletter editor, and Phyllis Shafer returns as
Treasurer. Anne Phillips has stepped down from the Corresponding
Secretary duties, and I have taken up that position. Gretchen Randle has
taken my place as Recording Secretary for the coming year. LCDS wishes
to acknowledge Ms Phillips superior efforts over the years. We are
thrilled she will remain an active member of the LCDS.

Our 46th annual show will be held the weekend of  September 19th-20th,
2009. The flower of the year is Mary's Jomanda. The venue has changed
from the Oakway Center to The Lane Events Center (aka The Lane County
Fairgrounds). It is located on 13th Ave near downtown Eugene. Contracts
should be signed in the next couple of days. Because the show is not in
a mall this year, we should be able to get exhibitors out of town a
little earlier on Sunday than in years past. There is also  plenty of
parking and easy access.

LCDS has many challenges in the coming year, but we are anxious to get
at them. We are confident we will meet every one with purpose and good

Inland Empire Dahlia Society
Joni Beasley

The IEDS is beginning the task of putting together the PNDC show for September 12th & 13th. The program and roster
are being proofed and will be sent to print and be available at the PNDC spring meeting in April. There will also be
entry forms available at that time as well.  We are also gearing up for the 3 tuber sales in April and May. Reports from
all members are encouraging as to how well their tubers have held over the winter. The April meeting will be the tuber
auction for members and then the public sales are a couple of weeks after.

Wayne and Eleanor Shantz have graciously agreed to give a seedling class for us August 8th and 9th. Anyone who
wishes to attend may contact Joni Beasley or Greg Smith for details.  Having a Trial Garden in Spokane means we
have a great need for our judges to have available a class on this subject as it has been close to 15 years since a
seedling class was held.

Please mark your calendars and try and come for our PNDC show . It promises to be a lot of fun and lots of prizes will
be awarded. More information will be made available as we get closer and the programs we will take to spring meeting
have some suggestions for
Hotel stays with prices etc.

Seattle Dahlia Society
Twyla Ball

Our year started out with some weather events.  We had to cancel our annual Christmas Party because of blizzard
conditions.  In Seattle?  Can you believe it?
The Seattle Dahlia Society is looking forward to another year of growing and showing our favorite flower. Our flower of
the year for 2009 is Camano Sitka. Plans are in the works for our 2009 show which will once again be presented at the
Lake City Community Center on the 5th and 6th of September.  James and Donna Chavez have again volunteered to
take on the responsibilities of the show chairman. We invite everyone to come, enter blooms and/or view our show.  
We are also looking forward with great anticipation to the ADS National Show to be hosted this year by the Snohomish
County Dahlia Society.  For information about the Snohomish County Society and the national show and venue please
go to scdahlias.org.  Our tuber sale this year will once again be held at the Country Village, 23730 Bothell-Everett
Highway.  Sale hours are:  Saturday 18 April 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday 19 April from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Judges Evaluation Chair
Joni Beasley

This year I am going to save money on postage and with any luck get a better response on the annual judges reports
from current judges. To this end I am going to take to the Spring meeting a packet for each society that will include all
of the cover letters and report copies that need to be filled out and returned to me by October 1, 2009.   These are to
be handed out to each of the judges at their local show by their judges chairman. This should eliminate the "I can't find
mine" and be timely enough to remind everyone the need to return them as soon a possible. After a lapse of 2 years
of not returning the report and at the beginning of the third year, I am going to assume you are no longer judging and
you will be dropped from the judges  roster.  The real downside of this is a judge will have to return to candidate status
and work their way back up to their previous status as per the ADS rules.  I am hoping to avoid this for all judges and
for my records as well.  This year I did try and remind the ones in danger of this happening to but won't notify anyone
next year. Consider this your reminder.

Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers
Brad Freeman

The Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers includes both local societies in Canada and United States. Currently our
Canadian members are being charged a different rate for membership due to the cost of mailing items to Canada. I
know that Jerry and Alan have received emails about the increased membership cost to our Canadian members. The
Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers had an Executive Board Meeting in February and this topic was discussed.
The sentiment of the Federation Board was that we should treat our members equally and the cost of membership
should be same for both the American and Canadian members (and I would think our members in Mexico). After all we
are the American Dahlia Society not the United States Dahlia Society who happen to have a few Canadian and
Mexican members. The American members of the Federation Board stated that they would pay higher dues just as
long as the Canadian members pay the same dues. If the Executive Board of the ADS continues with the policy of
charging Canadian members higher dues then the Federation Board would like explore other options of getting the
printed materials to our Canadian members. The Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers is a unified body of local
societies both in Canada and the United States so this is an issue that needs quick resolution otherwise we risk
alienating a key group of our members.

And Finally!
I take this opportunity to thank each of you for all of the work that you did in getting this newsletter out to our
members.  Believe me, I couldn’t do this without you.  There is a rumor circulating that this will be the last newsletter
that I will do.  Not entirely true.  I guess that I was not clear when I spoke to our esteemed secretary.  What I said, or
meant to say, was that I will edit this newsletter and then later decide if I shall continue editing it.  I will continue to edit
the newsletter for the time being, that is if you don’t send me a “pink slip” and fire me.  I enjoy doing this work and it
gives me an opportunity to keep a hand in. Your suggestions and ideas to improve the newsletter will be greatly
appreciated. I would also like to send my best wishes to all for a great growing and showing year.  I do hope to see
many of our members at the shows that we attend.   

Please submit articles for the next Newsletter by July 10, 2009.  The newsletter will be published approximately
20 July.  Thank You.

Be sure to check the PNDC great Web Site – PNDC Dahlias
Head Table Eugene Show