PNDC Bulletin  
 November 2007
Larry Manwell

The shows are over and its time to dig them up and put them into storage for the winter.  I enjoyed this show season very much, as I
always do.  I thoroughly enjoy talking with long time dahlia friends and meeting new growers each year.  I attended the national
show this year and enjoyed it immensely.  The show was great, the accommodations outstanding and the tours very enjoyable.  I
traveled, with Joan Marsh which is always a treat.  We enjoyed ourselves very much.  See Joan’s report on the show later in this
Newsletter.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It is my wish to each
of you that you and your families have a great holiday season.  Remember to put the Spring Meeting in April on your calendars.  I
hope to see many of you there.   

National Show
Joan Marsh

Larry and I arrived in Chicago late on Wednesday evening and spent Thursday recovering! We met old friends and made new ones
at the reception in the evening. The Pheasant Run Resort was excellent apart from the distances we had to walk.
On Friday morning we went to the Morton Arboretum. The highlight of this was the tram ride round the grounds. I would have liked to
go in the children’s garden but unfortunately my knees would not let me. In the afternoon we went to the Ball seed test gardens. I
and several others enjoyed a pleasant rest in a shady area.
In the evening we watched exhibitors setting up and checked the exhibition ballroom.
The judging went very smoothly on Saturday. They divide the horticultural section by how many hills you grow and a separate section
for those growing under shade.
We attended the report on the dahlia research project given by Dr Pappu. It seems to me that very little progress has been made.  
The banquet in the evening was excellent and the ceremonies afterward were of a reasonable length. The ADS gold medal was
awarded to Harry Resetto and the Presidents medal went to Norma and Mac Boyer. Very well deserved.
We attended the classification and the annual ADS meetings. These will be fully reported in the bulletin.  We spent the afternoon
visiting the Meggos and Hein gardens. Unfortunately the weather had damaged the blooms badly but I enjoyed a pleasant half hour
with Mrs. Hein. The hospitality at Meggos garden was great. He certainly squeezes many plants in a small space. We spent Monday
in Chicago visiting the Sears Tower and enjoying a boat ride on the lake. A most enjoyable trip.

Comments from the Regional VP
Bob Miller

I was fortunate to have the opportunity of visiting the PNDC annual show in Victoria and the ADS annual show near Chicago at the
Pheasant Run Resort.

Visiting Victoria is always fun, especially when you take the scenic ferry ride from Anacortes through the San Juan Islands.  They
grow some great dahlias.   It was a great show and Victoria can be proud of their exhibition.

The ADS annual show was a great show and the hospitality was the very best.  The Central States Dahlia Society did an excellent
job of hosting the show.   The originator of the “Vassio Meggos” dahlia, Steve Meggos, is in charge of catering and event scheduling
at the resort and really took good care of us.  They had blooms from Long Island, NY, Indiana, Georgia and places in between

I find visiting shows in other parts of the country very interesting and educational.  Do you know that in many shows that you
transport your blooms to the show in buckets and stage them at the show in containers provided by the host society.  In our area
most of the blooms are staged and shown by the exhibitor in their own containers.

Do you know that some areas show their blooms in bowls with “pin frogs” to hold up the blooms?  Can you imagine trying to display
an AA sized bloom supported only by a pin frog in its base?  

Some of the areas in the eastern part of the country show blooms with at least two sets of leaves.  Their tables look like a forest of
leaves and stems.  You can’t see the top of the bloom unless you remove the exhibit and set it on the floor.  Judging is a real
adventure at these shows.

One of the big benefits of visiting shows in other parts of the country is that you meet some very interesting and gracious people.  I
think that there are more goodhearted and gracious people growing dahlias than in any other group with which I have been
associated.  Take advantage of any opportunity that you can to visit a show in another part of the country.  You will find it very

The ADS annual meeting was held in conjunction with the show at Pheasant Run. Several areas reported that this year had been a
bad year for dahlia growers.  California had restrictions put on the movement of plant material from one place to another that
resulted in the canceling of several shows in the bay area.  Several shows in the south had to be cancelled because of heat and
drought conditions.

The efforts of the ADS to improve the benefits and its worth to the members appear to be paying off.  A packet of information to help
members develop new dahlia societies has been prepared and will be available in the near future.

Several awards were presented at the meeting.  Harry Risetto was presented the ADS Gold Medal for his years of service to
dahlias.  The Presidents Lifetime Award was presented to Mac and Norma Boyer for their many years of service to the ADS.

Improvements are underway in the ADS website.  A reminder was given that donations are still needed to fulfill the matching funds
needed from securing the $10,000 offer for website improvement.

The 2008 annual show will be hosted by the Philadelphia DS and will be held at Longwood Gardens.  The 2009 show will be
hosted by the Snohomish DS.  Make plans now to visit them.

What are the goals and objectives of the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference (PNDC)?  Why do we exist?
Sally Miller, Vice President

Quite often when we try to get new members for the PNDC, we are asked “What do I get for the cost of the membership?”  I think we
need to take a look at our current offerings and see if we can improve on them.  
The PNDC needs to consider what we have to offer potential members.  Right now the PNDC:
1.  Provides a stipend to the society that is hosting the annual PNDC conference show and meeting.   

2.  Has a Judging Chairman that keeps all the records and monitors each judge’s progression and evaluations thus being able to
submit an annual report to the ADS.

3.  Holds two meetings a year one of which includes an auction.

4.  Publishes a Roster of Members and Judges annually.

5.  Publishes quarterly newsletters.

6.  Has several PNDC representatives on ADS committees to assure our representation in the ADS.

Suggestions for improvement of current authorized actions:

1.  All items to appear on the agenda letter should be sent to the secretary at least 60 days prior to the regular meeting as required
by Article VII, Section 2 of the PNDC By-laws.

2.  An agenda letter should be sent to all societies at least 45 days preceding a regular meeting as required by Article VII, Section 1
of the PNDC By-laws.

3.  The treasurer should prepare a yearly budget for the new fiscal year at the end of the current fiscal year and submit it to the
executive committee and member societies as suggested by Article VI, Section 4 of the PNDC By-laws.  Such a budget would help
to explain to prospective members where their money is going and would help the executive committee plan for the future.

Suggestion to improve our future:

1.  Hold executive board meetings at regular intervals just after the 60-day deadline for agenda items that are submitted by the
societies to the secretary.  Such a meeting would allow the development of the agenda and assist the board in plotting the future of
the Conference.

2.  Our current By-laws require the hosting society to replace the PNDC ribbons that are used at the hosting society’s expense.  The
replacement of ribbons in small quantities is quite expensive.  These ribbons have not been used for the last few shows.  Either the
PNDC should stock and replace these ribbons at PNDC expense or amend the By-laws to eliminate this requirement.

3.  Amend the By-laws to require each member society to designate a PNDC Representative to provide liaison with the PNDC Board
of Directors and Executive Committee.  This representative must have, or have access to, an e-mail address to assure prompt
receipt of the information and to minimize the cost of postage.  International postage rates are continuing to escalate.

4.  Have each society provide a “Calendar of Events” so that it can be published in the PNDC newsletter and distributed to the other
societies.   Members from other societies will then be able to support an event by planning ahead.  

5.  An Audit Committee should be established to audit the PNDC Treasurer’s books every two years as required by Article VI,
Section 4 of the By-Laws.

6.  The PNDC should designate a “Flower of the Year” so that member societies can assure that enough tubers are planted for a
good showing.  A PNDC special award should also be designated.  It is suggested that two consecutive years of “Flower of the
Year” be selected and published in the Roster of Members and Judges.  

David Fox Senior

It is with deep regret we tell you of the sudden passing of David Fox, Sr, Sunday morning, October 21.  The funeral was held on
Friday, October 19 at 11:00 at the Open Bible Fellowship Church, 1295 Taney Street, Eugene.

Memorial remembrance gifts may be sent to: The Lawrence Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o Eugene Bible College, 2155 Bailey
Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97405.

Please share this information with others in your clubs, who may have known David.  His father, Lawrence, was one of the founders
of the Lane County Dahlia Society.

Nick Gitts
May 26, 1922 - October 16, 2007
Nick Gitts, age 85, passed away peacefully with family at his side on October 16, 2007 at his home in Canby, Oregon, after a
courageous battle with colon cancer.
He was born on May 26, 1922 near Boulder, CO, to Russian immigrants Joe Gifts and Eva Shevchenko. He married Margaret E.
Hovde on January 2, 1943 in Marysville, Wash. His love of dahlias led him to start a small dahlia business, known as Laurel Valley
Dahlias.  In 1963, Margaret and Nick purchased Swan Island Dahlias in Canby. They moved the family to Canby and began the
expansion of Swan Island Dahlias from its original 20 acres to the 40 acres it is today, which is now the largest dahlia farm in the
United States. He was responsible for hybridizing many award-winning varieties introduced by Swan Island Dahlias. Although he
retired from business in 1994, he never truly retired. He continued working on the farm up until this last summer. His favorite
passion was his beloved seedling dahlias. He cared for them with all the love and gentleness given to children. He had a green
thumb and could grow just about anything, from his giant lemons to his kiwis. He loved the outdoors and animals. Some of his
favorite times were spent with family fishing, hunting, clamming, visiting his home on the Kenai River in Alaska, enjoying the
changing seasons at the dahlia farm, and most of all being out on the tractors working among the dahlias.
Remembrances may be made to the American Cancer Society in memory of Nick Gifts.

Trial Gardens

Joni Beasley

This year has been a pretty good one for the Spokane Trial Garden. The weather actually co-operated , unlike last year, and we had
some pretty spectacular blooms.
As per usual we had too many entries...we swear next year to limit it to 35 or less. 50 was the grand total for the year and we had no
losses of entries. Bob Beasley, the director and
pretty much the only one working the garden, did a great job and he spent more hours at Manito Park than ever before. Takes a lot of
hours to do justice to 150 plants!!!
We added sand and more mulch for drainage this year and it helped tremendously. The plan for 2008 is to add more of the same.
The Parks Department did another soil analysis this spring and the appropriate required nutrients were added in also. Soil analysis
is on the schedule for next spring again.
We thank all of the judges that came and did the judging for us this fall and the scores were added up and sent in. A 58% pass rate
of 85% or above was pretty good we thought.  As this is being written there has been no killing frost, but frost or no, it is all going to
be finished up the weekend of October 27th. We plan on doing the Trial Garden thru 2009 and hope by then we can find someone to
take it over for the society. Takes a lot of dedication and time to do this but the results are pretty darned satisfying!!!!!  Come to
Spokane and see it all next year.

Victoria Trial Garden
Barry Willoughby

As a heads up, I have sent an-mail on to Bill Kohlshreiber that we are awaiting
word from the Horticulture Center of the Pacific on improvements we have
requested for 2008. This is a cost item for them and if they won't upgrade the
site we will be closing. We spent about $1000 of Dahlia Club money plus
substantial labor upgrading our previous site that they moved us from two years
ago and we made every effort to make the new site work. However, our experience
over the past two years shows there are drainage problems and clay soil that
need improvement. We asked for a commitment for improvements by the middle of
October, 2007 so that we could advise the ADS in time for notification if they
are not committed to upgrading the site.

The shows are now over, judging has been finalized and I am trying to get our
trial garden results out before October 10th. All of the analysis is done with
7 of 22 passing but there is more paperwork to complete before we can mail the
results out. If the trial garden closes I will have much less work to do and
even if it does not I will be seeking someone to take this job over in the very
near future after 15 years of looking after it. Mary and I are slowing down and we don't see us with our present level of involvement in
the dahlia world beyond commitments we have made for 2008.

Image Library
Claudia Biggs

A new program is available for the winning photos of the 2006 ADS
Photo Contest. I am currently working on the 2008 New Introductions program and hope
to have it completed by the end of December.  If you have photos you want included, all I
need is the classification information, vendor and originator.  The Trial Garden scores and Seedling Bench Evaluations will be
available to me soon from ADS.  The data sheet and release form were overlooked for publication in the ADS Bulletin, so you can
use last year's or just send the information to me.  My address
is 3332 W. Elmhurst Ave, Spokane, WA 99208.  Cost of DVD is $11.

Heard in the Northwest
Wayne Shantz

The repellent I used to deter earwigs from the leaves of my dahlias is as I said.  ANT (B) GONE by Ortho. It's a white powder and
seems to work on both ants and earwigs. - Carlos Van Elsberg

Commercial grower, Phil Mingus, plans to call it quits. He hopes that his son will take over the business. Otherwise, he will sell it
and has an offer for $20,000 for his stock. He has pared his operation from 15 acres with 1500 varieties to 1 ½ acres with 300
varieties, mainly because of ill health.  

Phil sells his tubers from $4 to $15 each. He sells cut flowers for $7 a baker’s dozen. His 35 Sebright bantam chickens take care of
insects. He uses no pesticides and he doesn’t eat the tiny chickens. He insists that there are too many feathers and little meat. For
more information, visit

Other Informative Dahlia Web Pages has many links to pertinent information about dahlias.  comes from a Canadian hybridizer who focuses on laciniated  
For botanical nomenclature information, google International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.

Book for Organic Growers
Lowenfels, Jeff and Lewis, Wayne. Teaming with Microbes: A Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web. Portland: Timber Press, Inc.,
2006. Price $24.95 US. Note: You can get a reduced price by buying used from or . For organic
growers, this book is an excellent resource, possibly good as a Christmas gift.  
Notes from the 2007 ADS Convention and Annual Show in Chicago
Combat red spider organically. Spray with 1 cup of Canola oil to 1 ½ gallons of water. – Steve Meggos

Dr. Daal Saar, a molecular plant biologist, works and researches at Murray State U. in Murray, Kentucky. Currently, she attempts to
answer two questions: 1. What can the dahlia coccinea tell us about global warming? 2. How do organisms react to climactic
Saar statements follow:
  In most dahlias, the ray flowers are sterile.
  Scientists currently have identified 36 different species dahlias.
  D. coccinea is the most prevalent and widespread species, growing all over Mexico and Central America, located primarily at 4 to
5 thousand feet. The colors of this species are yellow, orange, red. They often have a compound leaf.
  Most crosses of dahlias are between d. coccinea and d. sorensenii. In other words the hybrids that we see today have evolved
from these 2 species.
  The time to see dahlias growing in the wild is from mid-August to October since this is when they will be blooming. Like here, frost
can always ruin the show.
  The bicolor dahlias come from the d. coccinea species.
  Viruses will not survive in the soil if they do not have a live medium.
  Boosting plant vigor is healthy. She did not indicate that one brand or type of fertilizer was better than another.
  Viruses can spread by your cutting devices. Do sterilize with a disinfectant.
  Mosaic symptoms usually develop over a span of 5 to 7 weeks.
  To control virus remove detected plants, avoid planting infected plants, and disinfect tools with bleach.
  Dahlias can grow out of virus symptoms.
  When you see d. variabilis in your reading, the cross will most likely be between d. coccinea and d. sorensenii. Most likely these
crosses were the ones that made their way to Europe.
  In Mexico, you will usually find dahlias growing in the wild at higher elevations, located in oak savannas, near road cuts and power
lines, and in cloud forests up to 12,000 feet.
  In their natural habitat, dahlias can grow in rocky ledges like we grow plants in a window box.
  Formerly d. sorensenii was know as d. pinnata. D. pinnata is a hybrid cross between d. pinnata and d. variabilis.
  Three tree dahlia species exist: d. imperialis, d. tenuicaulus, and d. excelsea. Tree dahlias can grow up to 30 feet tall.
  Some dahlias grow for 2 years rather than just one. The subheading species is called Pseudodendron.
  Dahlias in the wild tend to use mycorrhizae for subsistence.

From the Societies

Portland Dahlia Society
Larry Smith
It was a busy growing season in 2007 for Portland members.  We had a very successful show with good competition due to a high
number of blooms brought by guests from out of the area as well as from our members.  We were pleased to see many return
exhibitors from afar.  PDS gave out a record amount of total prize money, topping $1500.  Thanks to our guests for bringing blooms
and for helping to get entries in the trial garden judged.  Next year, we hope to have an even bigger exhibition as we host the 2008
PNDC show.  Our Board is kicking around ideas about how to increase participation even more, including considering adding
novice and amateur arrangement and basket classes as well as categories for pre-juniors.  Please put our show on your 2008
calendar, Labor Day weekend at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby (20 miles south of Portland).

The show season also found a substantial number of our members on the road supporting other shows and with good results.   
Max Ollieu won bragging rights with Peach Delight, named Best Bloom in the Douglas County Dahlia Society show in Roseburg.  
Jerry Rassmussen won double honors at the SODS show in Coos Bay when his Embrace captured Best Bloom and his Cornel
was named Best Triple.  Margaret Kennedy was honored with Best Basket at more than one show. Gordon Jackman, who
participated in eight shows this year, swept the arrangement categories.  More important that the winnings was the fun and
friendship we experienced with members of other Societies.

It is tradition in the Portland Society, since so many of our members travel to weekend shows out of the area, to schedule our
annual garden tour for the last Sunday in September.  The weather normally is cooperative, but this year was an exception-rain all
day.  The Portland area had not been blessed with such a day of steady rainfall for months before, and, of course, we had better
weather for days following our tour date.  Fortunately, for those who braved the weather, the flowers still looked good and
enthusiasm was high.  We visited the gardens of Mike Riordan and Scott McClintic, Ted and Margaret Kennedy, Mark and Laura
Oldenkamp (and daughter's Heidi and Audrey), as well as a potluck lunch stop at the home of Henry and Mary Jane Sjoblom.

Vice President Teresa Bergman has put together some informative and educational programs for our meeting this year.  Our
September meeting was held at Swan Island dahlias among acres and acres of dahlia splendor as a perfect backdrop.  Over 50
members attended this meeting and were treated to a dinner put together by Marge Gitts (including her famous lemon pies made
with home grown lemons).  After dinner, Gordon Jackman showed us how to put together baskets and arrangements.  In October,
in addition to the traditional digging/dividing/storage demonstration panel, we were treated a seedling contest featuring a tableful
impressive blooms.  The winner for Best Potential Show Flower was Bill Mishler's impressive orange/bronze ball (or is it a formal
decorative?).  The Best Cut Flower champ was an orange collarette with long wispy yellow petaloids grown by Bob and Willie Hale.   
October meeting also included a nip and tuck contest for 2008 Dahlia of the Year, with Chimicum Katie being selected by one vote
over Weston's Spanish Dancer.  The first ballot resulted in a tie!  
In October, we began offering a mentorship program for newer members, where they can learn the ins and outs of dahlia culture by
picking the brains of our experienced members.  Each month, a designated "Mentor of the Month" is appointed to be available to
answer questions in an informal setting, beginning 30 minutes prior to the start of our meetings.  Max Ollieu was our first Mentor,
giving advice to four of our newer members.  We think this program has the potential to engage and retain our new members
Member Ted Kennedy has done an excellent job updating our website, which now includes links to our monthly newsletter as well
as a wealth of information valuable to all growers.  Readallabout  it at

2007 Portland Dahlia Show Results

AWARD                                DAHLIA                                WINNER

Best Double Bloom                         Kenora Jubilee                Mike Riordan
Best Disc Bloom in Show                Tahoma Twilight                Larry Smith
Best Double Triple Entry                Kenora Jubilee                Mike Riordan
Best Disc Triple Entry                Tahoma Hope                        Max Ollieu
Best Basket in Show                        Chimacum Troy                Margaret Kennedy
Best Design in Show                        Classic Romance                Gordon Jackman
Open Sweepstakes                        197 points                        Mike Riordan
Amateur Sweepstakes                        261 points                        Max Ollieu
Novice Sweepstakes                        81 points                         Robert Chibante
Junior Sweepstakes                        52 points                         Heidi Oldenkamp
Largest Bloom in Show                Sir Alf Ramsey                Teresa Bergman
People’s Choice                        Verigated Waterlily                 Ted Kennedy
Best “AA” in Show                        Clara Huston                        Teresa Bergman
Best triple “AA” in Show                Bloomquist Glow                Mike Iler
Best “A” in Show                        Kenora Jubilee                Mike Riordan
Best triple “A” in Show                Kenora Jubilee                Mike Riordan
Best “B” in Show                        Trengrove Mellenium                Max Ollieu
Best triple “B” in Show                Seedling                        Mike Iler
Best “BB” in Show                        Rycroft Zoe                        Robert Chibante
Best triple “BB” in Show                Esmerelda                        Mike Riordan
Best miniature in Show                Martina                        Robert Chibante
Best triple miniature in Show                Aitara Caress                        Eric Toedtli
Best Ball in Show                        Mary’s Jomanda                Mike Iler
Best Triple Ball in Show                Mary’s Jomanda                Mike Iler
Best Miniature Ball in Show                Ms. Kennedy                        Kathy Iler
Best Triple Miniature Ball                Downham Royal                Jerry Rassmussen
Best Pompon in Show                         Mi Wong                        Tiffany Boatwright
Best Triple Pompon in Show                Mi Wong                        Tiffany Boatwright
Best Waterlily in Show                Pam Howden                        Max Ollieu
Best Triple Waterlily                        Pam Howden                        Larry Smith
Best Stellar in Show                        Alloway Candy                Aaron Riddling
Best Triple Stellar                        Primrose Pet                         Max Ollieu
Best Anemone in Show                Comet                                Eric Toedtli
Best Triple Anemone                        Alpen Fury                        Max Ollieu
Best Collerette in Show                Alpen Diamond                Gordon Jackman
Best Triple Collerette                        Beaucoup Amis                Max Ollieu
Best Mignon Single                        Rival                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Mignon Single                Rembrandt                        Larry Smith
Best Orchid in Show                        Tahoma Twilight                Larry Smith
Best Triple Orchid in Show                Tahoma Hope                         Max Ollieu
Best Peony in Show                        Brenda Sue                        Larry Smith
Best Triple Peony in Show                Miss Muffet                        Larry Smith

Ginger Clack

Best 1 bloom,                   Peach Delight                        Max Ollieu
Best 3 blooms                        Irene's Pride                        Mike Iler
AA                                      Masurao                        Mike Iler
A, Nov-AA or A                    Verda                                Cris Pritchett
AM-AA or A                            Boneventure                        Janet Fox
B-Nov                                       Reginald Keene                Bob Chiante
3B                                       Ruskin Andrea                Max Ollieu
BB,AM-BB                             Taratahi Lilac                        Lexa Cookson
Nov-BB                             Cherwell Goldcrest                Cris Pritchet
3BB                                      Misthill Contessa                Christy Parks
AM-3BB                             Embrace                        Janet Fox
Nov-3BB                             Ryecrift Zoe                        Bob Chibante
MIN                                    Alden Snowlodge                Ray Sturman
AM-MIN                            Weston Spanish Dancer        Cora Vandervelden
Nov-MIN                           Blended Beauty                Cris Pritchett
3MIN,AM-Nov                         Kathy's Choice                Michael Canning
BA,Nov-BA                            Cornel                                Cris Pritchett
AM-BA                            Snoho Peggy                        Janet Fox
3BA                                     Mary's Jomanada                Christy Parks
MB                                     Pocrates                        Kathy Iler
3MB                                     Creamy                        Christy Parks
PP                                     Pacific Revival                Christy Parks
3PP                                     Little Willo                        Ron Clack
ST                                    Alloway Candy                Janet Fox
3ST                                    Camano Pet                        Mike Iler
WL,AM-WL                         Wildwood Marie                 Janet Fox
Nov-WL                            Cameo                                Emily Gorsch
3WL                                     Pam Howden                        Kathy Iler
PE                                     Miss Muffit                        Art Wuerth
3PE                                     Elvira                                Emily Gorsch
AN                                     Melqua Nebula                Ron Clack
3AN                                     Purple Puff                        Sonia Hall
COL                                     Pooh                                Emily Gorsch
3COL                                     Sean C                        Teresa Nohrenberg
S                                     Sarah II                        Elva Sellens
3S                                     Normandy Lemon Drop        Max Ollieu
MS                                     Inflammation                        Emily Gorsch
3MS                                     Matthew Juul                        Max Ollieu
O                                     Natalie's Star                         Art Wuerth
3O                                    Amy's Star                        Kathy Iler
NO                                     Peach Star                        Elva Sellens
3NO                                      Lorona Dawn                        Kathy Iler
NX                                      Horse Feathers                Emily Gorsch
3NX                                    Mingus Eleanor S                Max Ollieu
Smalllest PP                            Pacific Revival                Ginger Clack
LRG                                     Masurao                        Mike Iler
1st yr, 2nd+ sldg                    sldg                                Ted Kennedy
FLOAT                           Fern Irene                        Cheryle Hawkins
FOY                                      Rose Toscano                         Ron Clack
PC                                     Northlake Hertiage                Christy Parks
Best Bsk, B Bsk                      Alfred Grille                        Christy Parks
Best AM Bsk                        Martina                        Mike Iler
Best Nov Bsk                         Weston Pirate                        Kathy Iler
BB Bsk, LAC Bsk                    Umpqua Little Bits                Christy Parks
Min Bsk                           Tonya                                Christy Parks
PP Bsk                                    Linda Harris/Bowen                Eleanor Shantz
OT Bsk                            Valley Porcupine                Christy Parks
Grand Slam Bsk                       Mixed varieties                Eleanor Shantz
Mini Slam Bsk                    Mixed varieties                Kathy Iler
Best ARR                            Harvest Moon                        Gordon Jackman
Best AM ARR                           Morning & Night                Margaret Kennedy
Best Nov ARR                   Autumns Colors                Ted Kennedy

Lane County Dahlia Society
Lexa Cookson

The Lane County Dahlia Society has had a very busy Fall.In September, we held our 44th Annual Show at the Oakway Center in
Eugene. We had over 30 exhibitors from Washington and Oregon. We would really like to thank all of our out-of-town visitors, who
took the time to join us for the weekend. Because of your participation, we had one of our best shows ever. The Mall was just ablaze
with color and excitement. We shared the dahlia with a lot of people that weekend, and signed-up 16 new Members.

As Fall settled in, we enjoyed viewing the ADS 2006 Photo contest Winners at our October Meeting. Once again, Claudia Biggs put
together a great DVD. We also took time in the meeting for a "Dahlia Show-and-Tell". Members were encouraged to bring in dahlias
from there garden and share the meaning behind them. Some folks brought old favorites, some shared new favorites, and many
people brought blooms that reminded them of others.

Our November Meeting consisted of our annual Tuber dividing demonstrations. Once again, this meeting proved to be a big draw,
with almost 40 folks in attendance. Lots of new and old ideas were exchanged, and 5 more new members were signed-up.

With December quickly approaching, we are all focused on getting those tubers out of the ground and stored securely for the winter.
Once this is accomplished , we can sit back and enjoy the Holidays with Family and Friends, before we jump back into the Dahlia
Calendar in January, with our first meeting of the year. As the year ends, we would like to take a moment to remember those who
passed away during the last year. Our Society lost 3 beloved members: Dick Canning, Roy Larson, and Davis Fox Sr. We miss them
deeply, but are so thankful for their friendship.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Lane Co. Dahlia Society!

Lane Co. Dahlia Society 44th Annual Show Award Highlights

Best (1) Double Bloom    Peach Delight                        Eleanor Shantz
Best(1) Disc Bloom          Pooh                                    Mark Oldencamp
Best (3) Double Bloom    Northland Primrose                Mike Iler
Best (3) Disc Bloom        05-B                                    Margaret Gitts
Best Basket                                                              Eleanor Shantz
Best Design Arrangement                                            Ginger Clack
Largest Blur Ribbon Winner Bryn Terfell                        Mike Iler
Smallest Blue Ribbon Winner  Moor Place                    Jeff Jeffs
Advanced Amateur            Mark Oldencamp                 213 Points
Amateur                          Wayne Lobaugh                    262 Points
Novice                               Emily Gorsh                        277 Points
Junior                                Heidi Oldencamp                  107 Points
Basket                               Christy Parks                     60 Points
Design                                Margaret Kennedy                5 Points

Inland Empire Dahlia Society
Joni Beasley
Well the show is over and the fall is here and we all are scrambling to dig and store our tubers for the winter.   We all feel that even
with the usual surprise glitches we had at show time,  it was a great show that was held September 15. Thank  you to the Ball's ,
Mike Valler, Lynn Weger and the Marieneau family for coming from out of town to help us fill the floor with blooms.  Norm and Dawn
Anselmo were awarded the PNDC Gold Medal at our pre-show set up. Much deserved...congrats!
Summer was spent with our own projects and a picnic held at the Anselmo's. When the shows began around the Pacific Northwest
several members managed to go to the shows held in Montana, Victoria's PNDC show, Seattle and  North Idaho.  Thank you to all
who had us in their homes and banquets. Many tourist things as well as trips to the local growers in those places were sandwiched
Now we are ready to elect a new slate of officers and have our anual Holiday Party in December. We all miss the months that we
don't see the "outside" world of
dahlia members and special friends  but we  are all ready making plans  to go to the  the shows next fall.

Sept. 15th, 2007


Single AA                Jewel Huston                        Dawn Anselmo
Triple AA                Danum Meteor                Mike Valler
Single A                Kenora Jubilee                Tom Ball
Triple A                Woodland’s Wild Thing        Roy Barton
Single B                Skipley Twyla                        Tom Ball
Triple B                Magic Moment                Mike Valler
Single BB                Clara Marie                        Carol Konitzer
Triple BB                Urchin                                Greg Smith
Single Mini                Pineapple Lollipop                Tom Ball
Single Ball                Mary’s Jomanda                Claudia Biggs
Triple Ball                Jessie G                        Mike Valler
Single MB                Ms. Kennedy                        Elizabeth Hawkins
Triple MB                Lakeview Karrah                Dawn Anselmo
Single Pom                Mi Wong                        Gary Plowman
Triple Pom                Glen Place                        Tom Ball
Single W/L                Pam Howden                        Mike Valler
Single COL.                Alpen Diamond                Darcy Bentley
Triple COL.                Beaucoup Amis                Delsie Marienau
Single OR                Seedling 4501                        Tom Ball
Single Single                Delta Red                        Pat Bentley
Single Peony                Elvira                                Pat Bentley
Triple Anemone        Alpen Fury                        Elizabeth Hawkins
Single Stellar                Camano Pet                        Claudia Biggs
Triple Stellar                Camano Pet                        Mike Valler
Single Novelty FD        Valley Porcupine                Tom Ball
Triple Novelty FD        Valley Porcupine                Dawn Anselmo
Single Laciniated        Citron de Cap                        Mike Valler
Triple Mignon Single        Daisy                                Pat Bentley
Best Bloom in Show   Kenora Jubilee          Tom Ball
Vase 5 B’s                Mingus Bobby                Mike Valler             
Vase 5 BB’s                Taratahi Lilac                Norm Anselmo    
Vase 5 Mini’s                Sugartown Sunrise        Mike Valler                                        
NW 3 Blooms                Clearview David        Geri O’Conner
Foreign                Peach Delight                Tom Ball                
Full House                                          Norm Anselmo
NW 1 Bloom                   Ivory Palace--                 Dawn Anselmo
Vase 10 Poms                                        Tom Ball
Dahlia of Year           HollyQuintessence          Pat Bentley
Smallest Pom                   Doria                           Lynn Weger
Pre- 1950                Kidds Climax                Norm Anselmo

Sweepstakes    Novice         --Lynn Nolan    Amateur  -- Elizabeth Hawkins  
Open – Roy Barton
Best ADS Seedling          Marie’s Sunshine          Gary Plowman
Best Basket In Show  Beaucoup Amis          Delsie Marinenau
Best Arrangement in Show                         Delsie Marinenau
Best Bouquet                                       Elizabeth Hawkins

Total Blooms 984

Victoria Dahlia Society
Ken Beswick / Paul McKittrick

The Victoria Dahlia Society (VDS) has completed a very successful summer dahlia season.  This year in August, the VDS co-hosted
our annual 2007 Dahlia Exhibition with the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference (PNDC).  The Dahlia Exhibition was a huge
success -  with a number of PNDC growers showing up from other Clubs.  We had over 1,000 blooms in our Show - it was quite
impressive!  On the Saturday of the Show, we had the PNDC general meeting to discuss the business at hand.  Tom Ball was
recognized for the great job that he has done over the years as our Judges Chair - as he is stepping down from that role at the end
of the year.

On July 28th, we had a successful Judging Seminar where Tom Ball was our guest speaker.   Our Club had a good turnout at our
annual summer club BBQ in August.  Thanks to Phil Newton and Teresa Thom for hosting this event in their great backyard.  Good
food, good bocce games, and good times were had by all.

As well as participating in our own Victoria Dahlia Show, a number of our club numbers went to other dahlia club shows in British
Columbia and Washington state.  These members faired quite well at these shows - getting their dahlias on a number of Head
Tables.  See the attached document for the list of winners at the 2007 Victoria Show.

Hopefully everyone's summer growing season went well (ours was a little cool and damp), and that your fall tuber digging activities
yield you a good crop.

Victoria Dahlia Society Show
August 25 – 26, 2007
Paul McKittrick

         Cultivar        Exhibitor
 Flower of the Show        Camano Sitka        C. Featherby
 Best Triple in Show        Pam Howden        C. Young-Davis
 Best AA Single        Hy Mom        S. Wilson                        Best A Single        Vassio Meggos        P. McKittrick        
 Best A Triple        Spartacus        P. McKittrick        
 Best B Single        Peach Delight        C. Featherby        
 Best B Triple        Amy K        C. Young-Davis        
 Best BB Single        06D4        R. Hellens        
 Best BB Triple        R. Bruce        C. Young-Davis
 Best Miniature Single        Tui Connie        C. Young-Davis        
 Best Miniature Triple        R. Joan        R. Hellens        
 Best Ball Single        Mary’s Jomanda        S. Wilson        
 Best Ball Triple        Mary’s Jomanda        R. Hellens        
 Best Miniature Ball Single        Pocrates        E. Johnson        
 Best Miniature Ball Triple        Lulu Island Dad        A/R. Kuiper        
 Best Pompon Single        Lismore Moonlight        R. Cluett        
 Best Pompon Triple        Moore Place        S. Wilson        
 Best Waterlily Single        Juul’s Lotus        B/M. Willoughby        
 Best Waterlily Triple        Pam Howden        C. Young-Davis        
 Best Stellar Single        Camano Pet        E. Johnson        
 Best Stellar Triple        05C7        R. Hellens        
 Best AOV Single        Honka        J/V. Stephens        
 Best AOV Triple        Maria Schnugg        J/V. Stephens        
 Best Container of Dahlias        Clearview David        C. Featherby        
 Best Five Bloom Entry        Mary’s Jomanda        S. Wilson        
 Best Nine Bloom Entry        Yellow Baby        C. Young-Davis         
 Best Three Different Laciniated        Colwood Faith        J. Vandament        
         Colwood Gail                
         Colwood Crush
 Best Flower of the Year        Camano Sitka        C. Featherby                
 Largest Dahlia Bloom        Inland Dynasty        C. Featherby
 Best 25 Years & Over        Lavender Athalie        C. Featherby        
 Best Origination        Trengrove Millenium        A/R. Kuiper
 Outhouse Dahlia        Whirly Gig II        R. Cluett
 Best Photography        various        L. Vantreight        
 Best Basket        Chilson’s Pride        G/D. Rendall        
 Best Bowl or Vase        Taratahi Lilac        G/D. Rendall        
 Best Lily Pond Floater        Cameo        J/V. Stephens
 Best Seedling        xx        L. Manwell        
 Best ADS Seedling Bench        Keating Elite        B/M. Willoughby                Open Aggregate                R. Hellens
 Amateur Aggregate                C. Young-Davis
 Novice Aggregate                C. Featherby
Hosting the 2007 PNDC Show was exciting and produced another successful show!  We had over 1,000 blooms on display.  We
are always grateful for the support from our friends from other dahlia societies who attended the show.

Kathy Iler

The Southern Oregon Dahlia Society would like to thank everyone who participated in our 51st Annual Show. Twenty eight exhibitors
staged 987 blooms the weekend of September and 9th at Pony Village Mall. We now have 14 new members, thanks to the
enthusiasm of our volunteers at the information table. SODS board members will be busy in the coming months planning programs
and events for 2008!
Best One Bloom         EMBRACE                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Best Three Bloom         CORNEL                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Single AA                 SIR ALF RAMSEY                         Jerry Rasmussen
Triple AA                 IVORY PALACES                          Paulette Woodward
Single A                 ELMA ELIZABETH                         June Adams
Single B                 KENORA LISA                         Jeff Jeffs
Triple B                 TRENGROVE MILLENIUM Bob         Chibante
Single BB                 GATESHEAD FESTIVAL                 Jerry Rasmussen
Triple BB                 CHILSON’S PRIDE                         Jerry Rasmussen
Single Miniature         KATHY’S CHOICE                         Jerry Rasmussen
Triple Miniature         ELIZABETH HAMMETT                 Ray Sturman
Single Ball                 CORNEL                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Triple Ball                 CORNEL                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Single Miniature Ball         LITTLE CAESAR                         Ray Sturman
Single Porn                 IRISH MISS                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Triple Porn                 LISMORE MOONLIGHT                 Ron Clack
Single Stellar                 WOODLAND’S MERINDA                 Elva Sellens
Single Waterlily         JOAL LOUISA                         Emily Gorsch
Triple Waterlily         CAMEO                                 Elva Sellens
Single Peony                 ELVIRA                                 Emily Gorsch
Triple Peony                 ELVIRA                                 Jeff Jeffs
Single Anemone         EV YELLOW PUFF                         Sor,ia Hall
Triple Anemone         LUCKY DUCKY                         Ron Clack
Single Collarette         ALPEN CHERUB                         Elva Sellens
Triple Collarette         SEAN C                                 Teresa Nohrenberg
Single Single                 RAEANN’S SUNSHINE                 Elva Sellens
Triple Single                 MOHAWK VALLEY SUN                 Teresa Nohrenberg
Single Mignon         ALPEN M&M Cora                         Vandervelden
Triple Mignon         BONNE ESPERANCE                 Teresa Nohrenberg
Single Orchid                 HONKA                                 Elva Sellens
Triple Orchid                 HY ARGENT                                 Elva Sellens
Single Novelty Open CHRISTMAS STAR                         Elva Sellens
Triple Novelty Open EBONY STAR                         Ginger Clack
Single Novelty Dbl.  VALLEY PORCUPINE                 Elva Sellens
Triple Novelty Dbl.  VALLEY PORCUPINE                 Elva Sellens
Novice Sweepstakes 127 points                                 Bob Chibante
Amateur Sweepstakes 124 points                                 Jeff Jeffs
Open Sweepstakes 111 points                                 Jerry Rasmussen
Best Basket                 VISTA LINDSEY                         Christy Parks
Best Arrangement “JEWELS OF THE GARDEN”                 Ginger Clack

Tom Ball

The Seattle Dahlia Society had a very successful show.  Our new show chairpersons James and Donna Chavez did a marvelous
job and everything ran smoothly from set up to take down.  This was the Seattle Dahlia Society’s 50th show and many growers
came to help us celebrate.  We thank those who traveled from Canada and Spokane who attended, entered blooms, judged and in
general helped out. Our thanks also to Dennis and Claudia Biggs who spent the day after judging taking pictures to produce a DVD
to be shown at the society meeting in January.  We look forward to seeing many of you next year at our show.  


Best Anemone         Comet                                 Michael Johnson
Best Stellar                 Camano Pet                         Dick Ambrose
Best Triple Stellar         05C7 Seedling                 Ralph Hellens
Best Waterlily         Wildwood Marie                 Dick Williams
Best triple Waterlily         WildwoodMarie                 Irene Walker
Best triple pom         Pop Willo                         Dick Williams
Best pom                 Pop Willo                         Dick Williams
Best Miniature Ball        Odyssey                         Dick Williams
Best triple Min Ball         Chimacum Troy                 Ralph Hellens
Best Ball                 Mary’s Jomanda                 Hills & Nancy Collins
Best Triple Ball         Mary’s Jomanda                 Woodrow White
Best Triple B                 Hamari Accord                 James Chavez
Best Miniature         GW’s Babe                         Ralph Hellens
Best Triple Mini         R Joan                         Ralph Hellens
Best Triple AA         Inland Dynasty                 James Chavez
ADS Seedling Achievement 436 Seedling                 BJ Morris
Best B                         Trengrove Millenium                 Ralph Hellens
Best Triple A                 Elma Elizabeth                 Ralph Hellens
Best AA                 Inland Dynasty                 BJ Morris
Best Dahlia of Show        Dorothy May                        Tom Ball
Best A                 Elma Elizabeth                 Ralph Hellens
Best Triple B                 Camano Roo                         Dick Ambrose
Best Single BB        Dorothy May                        Tom Ball
Best Single of Yr         Embrace                         Ralph Hellens
Best Triple of Yr         Embrace                         James Chavez
Best Intro 06-07         R Hydrogen                         Ralph Hellens
Best Sin. Amer. Orig Wildwood Glory                 Larry Manwell
Best Trip Amer.         Orig Jax Char                         Norm & Laurie Milliard
Best Single For.Orig         Mary’s Jomanda                 Dick Williams
Best Single NW Orig         Skipley Spot of Gold                 Hills & Nancy Collins
Best Triple NW Orig         Cactus Jack                         Janet Gordon-Thatcher
Best Single 25 yrs         Salmon Rays                         Dick Williams
Best Triple 25 yrs          Salmon Rays                         Dick Williams
Best Laciniated         Jennie                                 Irene Walker
Largest Most Perfect         Sir Alf Ramsey                 Ralph Hellens
Smallest Most Perf.        Little Matthew                 Diane Blackmer
Best Novice Dahlia         Taratahi Lilac                         Laurie & Norm Milliard
Best Single Nov         Valley         Porcupine                 Michael Johnson
Best Triple Nov         Valley Porcupine                 Michael Johnson
Best Triple N/O         07LE1 Seedling                 Lou Eckhoff
Best Mignon Single         Rival                                 Dave & Diane Blackmer
Best Triple MS         BJ’s Barbara                         BJ Morris
Best Triple Peony         640 Seedling                         BJ Morris
Best Single Orchid         05R1 Seedling                 Richard Johnson
Best Triple Orchid         Tahoma Star                         Hills & Nancy Collins
Best Single                 Delta Red                         Hills & Nancy Collins
Best Peony                 Bishop of Llandaff                 Marc Norman
Best Collarette         Alpen Diamond                 Michael Johnson
Best Old Fashioned Bouquet                                 Irene Walker
Best Arr by Amateur                                         Pola Bontoyan
Best Arr by a Junior                                         Alicia Kappler
Best Arr by Adv Amateur                                 Char Crawford
Best Arrangement by Man Pam Howden                Jack Crawford
Best Arr by Amateur and
Best Arrangement of Show                                 Cora Schlecter
Best Basket by Novice and
Best BB basket                                         Donna Chavez
Best Basket Miniature Dahlias                         Dave Eldridge
Best Basket of Others                                         Dave Eldridge
Best Basket of Poms                                         Jack Crawford
Best basket of Mixed and Best Basket of Show         Dave Eldridge
Best Basket of Mixed BBs                                 Donna Chavez
Best Triple by Amateur         Snoho Doris                 Hills & Nancy Collins

I would take this opportunity to wish each of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Honuka and a Joyous New Year.  I wish each of you the
best in whatever you undertake.  I heartily thank those of you who took the time to write something for this newsletter.  Without your
inputs we would not be able to publish it.  As you know, Joni Beasley and Bill Swanstrom will be the PNDC Judges Chairs, so next
year, please send your reports to them promptly.  I shall finish off this year by completing the ADS Judges roster for all of the PNDC
Judges.  If you havn’t sent in a report yet, please get it to me as soon as possible so that I may complete this task and deliver all of
the records to Joni Beasly.  Our next newsletter will be published in March.  Please be thinking about writing something for it.  Soil
preparation, tips on planting, etc.  Keep in mind that two or more people collaborating on an informational article is also a great

Trengrove Millinium        Photo by Claudia Biggs
Pam Howden