Mike Riorden

Another dahlia season has come and gone.  We all had are share of successes and disappointments.  Those of us
who enjoy growing seedlings may have some first year holdovers showing some promise for 2009.  Some of the new
varieties we tried this year did really well and others failed to come close to our expectations.  But at least we gave
them a chance.  Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when things turn out better than we had expected. So it is
with dahlias and life.

The commercial growers are sending out their catalogues and/or making their offerings available on-line. Perhaps
some of the newer ones you have seen or had a chance to score in one of the trial gardens are now being offered for
sale.  Maybe you have already received your copy of the 2009 ADS Classification Book.  Which varieties have
become the ones to beat in their respective classes?  Which varieties won the most in the type and size classes you
like to grow or specialize in? Who do you know who grew them last year and what would they like to trade?  The newer
varieties that everyone wants seem to sell out quickly.  Order early to prevent disappointment.  

Your PNDC will again hold a spring meeting at Steamer’s Restaurant on a Saturday during April in Portland.  We hope
to have a firm date soon. This is a great time to get together and socialize, take care of PNDC business and have our
annual plant and tuber auction.  Many of our members bring their new introductions and the newest and best
available this season.  The bidding always promises to be competitive and spirited!

Also in the preliminary planning stage is a Spring Workshop featuring speakers on various topics of interest to dahlia
growers. We envision this as a no cost brown bag affair. Since we are such a far flung group geographically, we hope
to have a spring workshop in Oregon and a fall workshop in Washington State.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a fine Holiday Season.  

From the Secretary
Joan Marsh

I can finally relax after sewing and baking up a storm for a very successful Christmas bazaar and think of dahlia
matters. I might even get my dahlias dug!
The only news I have to report is that Max Ollieu has a new e-mail address. It is mollieu@q.com
Paul MacKittrick has moved and can be reached at:
3360 Ridgeview Crescent, Cobble Hill B.C. VOR 1L7 (250) 743-4562

From the Former ADS Regional VP
Bob Miller

By now, most of you know that I have resigned as ADS Regional Vice President for the PNDC.  I have enjoyed the
contacts that I have made and I will miss seeing the many friends that I have made in my dahlia travels.

Several things have resulted in my decision.  One of the reasons is the recent cutbacks in air service to the North
Bend/Coos Bay airport.  Another is the increasing security screening processes that I must endure because of my hip
replacement hardware.  This coupled with the economy measures the airlines have taken, has made air travel more
onerous, less enjoyable and more expensive.

Another reason is that I find the local societies moving away from the “grow and show” mindset that fueled my early
involvement with dahlias.  Many of the current members are content to sit at home and not visit or show at other
society’s shows.  They are missing many of the benefits that I found in the dahlia show circuit.  I often think of Emmett
Roberts and his little red wagon as he placed many entries in shows throughout Oregon because he wanted people
to see the many faces of the dahlia and enjoy them.  I will long remember the time Dan Korb returned to the Novice
section of the Eugene show where he had entered his blooms and went to work.  When he returned, he found several
of his entries were missing and he was afraid that they were “stolen”.  We suggested that he might want to check the
head table.  The look on his face when he found the missing entries there on the head table is burned in my
memories as one of the highlights of my dahlia experience.

I will long remember the growers of the past who welcomed newcomers and shared their knowledge of growing and
showing dahlias.  The knowledge and friendship that I received from Bob Bloomfield, Earl Dalrymple, Dale Bishop and
other growers from the past will be with me for the rest of my life.  I hope that the current generation of dahlia growers
can find some of this same enthusiasm and pleasure from our circle of growers.

I am pleased to see the younger members in some of our societies with their new enthusiasm and energy.  I hope they
will become involved at the National level and provide guidance for the continued improvement of the ADS and the

Regional Vice President Review for Sept. 21, 2008 Meeting
Wayne Shantz
On Sept. 18 through 20, 2008, The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society hosted the 42nd American Dahlia Society
Conference and Exhibition at Longwood Gardens located 30 miles west of Philadelphia in Brandywine Valley. Eleanor
and I along with the Oldenkamps, Larry Manwell, Joan Marsh, and Gordon Jackman had the privilege to attend the
show and tour Longwood Gardens, a real horticultural treat. The gardens display a 21st-century approach to classic
Old World traditions. Pierre S. du Pont, an industrial and financial magnate with truckloads of money, conceived a
dream and it began to grow from his private residence on the grounds in the late nineteenth century to the present.
Over this span of time development flourished. Today, one can see conservatories with exotic orchids, formal
gardens, an idea garden, a flower garden walk, hardy water lilies with pond side plants, woodlands, meadows,
numerous fountains, and much more, all featured on 1050 acres. A floral display is never out of season at Longwood,
whether it be daffodils and tulips in the spring, roses in the summer, dahlias in the fall, or orchids and bougainvillea in

The dahlia show was mainly held in one of the conservatories, an annual event, where show tables commingled with
exotic shrubbery, a lawn, pools of water, all merging with good conversation. On Saturday morning, teams of judges
assigned by Steve Nowotarski took to the floor, judging the many blooms that graced the show. I had not ever seen a
judging evaluation seedling that scored the highest over 85 competing with other triple entries for the best triple entry
in the show. In this case, Carol Dexter from Nova Scotia won the best triple entry in the show with her ADS seedling.
As an aside, do also note that Nova Scotia is a fair distance from Pennsylvania. People from Ontario, New York, Ohio,
North Carolina among others brought their blooms. Bargaly Blush (B FD DP) rose through the ranks and after serious
deliberation, a prestigious team of judges chose it as the best bloom in the show.

Nothing is more fun for Eleanor and me than to meet our many friends whom we have not seen for some time. Yes, we
enjoy our chosen flower, but we even feel more enthused when we spend time renewing the many friendships we
have gained over the years. Without the people dimension, our hobby would be somewhat hollow. After the show this
year, we spent a week meandering across Pennsylvania with Barbara and Ron Miner. Stopping in Lancaster, Amish
country, we took to the back roads, seeing mom and pop furniture craftsman at work, enticing bakery offerings, and
finely sewn quilts, juxtaposed along roads with the ubiquitous horse and buggy. From Lancaster we headed west and
north, stopping at Cook’s forest where we reminisced with Ron about his childhood memories. We arrived in Chagrin
Falls, home to the Miners, but not before a shopping spree at a foundry in Grove City. We had fun.

On Saturday morning, we arose early, 2 PM PDT, and veered south along the Pennsylvania western border, arriving
in East Liverpool in time to enter Ron’s chosen blooms. Eleanor and I helped him, a new experience for us, but we
enjoyed it. The East Liverpool members treated us exceptionally well. In fact, we even received a card from one of the
members thanking us for judging at their show – another first for us. After the show we saw several gardens, including
the gardens of Rodney Toth, Jim Chuey, Randy and Kathy Foith. Another highlight came at Youngstown where we
saw the newest trial garden, a part of a nicely manicured park along the Mahoning River. When we considered that
Hurricane Ike had ravaged the entire Youngstown to East Liverpool area, we could only doff our hats to these valiant
dahlia growers. They endured with grace.

The Annual Meetings of the Classification  and American Society were well attended, more than likely because the
Philadelphia Society provided participants with a free breakfast. Even the Oldenkamp girls attended. They have every
right to eat with us all since they continue to demonstrate their keen ability to judge well and provide a spark of hope
for the future. Items of note follow:

 An audit needs to be done and the cost will be from $5,000 to $10,000 according to Harry Rissetto.
 PNDC had over 40 who took the judging school this last year. A seedling judging class will be held in Spokane next
summer. (TLW)
 The American Dahlia Society expresses its appreciation to Bob Miller for his contribution on the ADS Executive
Committee. I would add that PNDC also appreciates all that Bob has done. Thank you, Bob!
 A new trial garden exists in Cashiers, Tennessee (according to the minutes), but I think it should read Cashiers,
North Carolina.
 Kevin Larkin reported that the trial run of the four-digit numbering system went well.
 The Snohomish Dahlia Society will host the National Show next year. (In Everett, Washington).
 The finance committee continues to explore ways to put more color in the Bulletin.
 Norm Hines has asked for writers to compose articles that would be of general interest to dahlia growers.
 Steve Nowotarski informed us that Princess Paige (BB FD V WH2/PR28) will be the garden dahlia of the year next
 Insurance forms will be in the December and March Bulletins. She can accept the forms by email. They should be
returned by July 15.
 Bob Moynahan will work strictly with the PNDC Judging Chair, Joni Beasley. If PNDC judges have questions or
changes, they should work through Joni.
 The Portland Dahlia Society will host a national show in the not too distant future.
 A new dahlia society has formed in Fortuna, California with 20 members. Carl Young is the contact person.
 The Mid-Atlantic Trial Garden is terminating this year.
 The ADS website continues to progress.
 A new wall chart should be available in January, but from what I have heard, it may be February.
 The ADS bylaws have been updated.
 The Executive Board accepted the new definition for stellar. The definition will appear in the 2009 Classification and
Handbook of Dahlias.  
 A two-day planning session in March may be held in Albuquerque, NM. Nothing is for sure at this time.
 PNDC asked if it were possible to hold an official seedling bench evaluation, other than at shows.
 Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne Shantz
PNDC Regional VP

Spots and Streaks and One Smart Woman
Ted J. Kennedy

Dahlia genetics is a quite interesting topic and as it turns out, is one heck of lot more complicated than I ever
dreamed. As breeders of new cultivars some knowledge of the genetics of dahlias is necessary and I have done some
research on this fascinating subject.

The first thing I found out was that dahlias do not have the same number of chromosomes as most organisms. Most
things are diploid meaning that they have one set of two chromosomes and that includes us human beings. In the
plant world, it is apparently not that unusual to find plants with extra sets of chromosomes and when for example they
have 4 sets they call them tetraploid.
Well wouldn’t you know it dahlias are octaploid meaning that they have 8 sets of chromosomes.
Interestingly, there are several other plants that are octaploid: pansies, sugar cane and strawberries. By the way each
of these have some interesting traits because they are octaploid: Pansies have an extreme range of colors and color
schemes. Sugar cane grows twenty feet tall and is loaded with sugar that we enjoy. Cultivated strawberries are
extremely productive and it is possible to breed one as large as a tea cup! All20of these plants seem to gain special
potential because of their octaploid chromosomes.

When you have an octaploid chromosome count, some of the things you learned in school about genetics ar e not
pertinent. I remember lots of emphasis on dominant and recessive traits. In people blue eyes is a recessive trait as
compared to brown eyes. We all learned that two brown eyed parents could have a blue eyed child if they both
carried the recessive gene for blue. In fact, they gave us the mathematics of that occurrence and it was 25% of the
children would have blue eyes.  All of the genetic information for people is based upon the two chromosome or diploid

In dahlias where there are eights of  two chromosomes as opposed to the one set of two for people, it becomes much
more complicated. The term “recessive” is no longer a case of one gene not expressing itself in favor of a “dominant”
one. For each spot where the genes are located for a specific trait, there are now 8 genes. That means you can get
anywhere from 0 to 8 of the same gene at that position. It also means that if there are more than two types of genes
for this position, you could get some very strange combinations. And how would these eight genes interact?  Does
only one express itself or is there some interaction between them to create an effect that is exaggerated or greatly
diminished? I suppose many things are possible and I am still trying to research how this genetic puzzle is solved.
Enough on octaploid.
Meanwhile, I have always been fascinated by variegated dahlias. What could possibly cause all of t hose streaks and
spots on the flower? When I was sharing some thoughts on the internet with some dahlia cronies, one of the more
cognizant dahlia nuts said that variegated flowers are caused by “transposons”.  Bam, he hit me between the eyes
with a word totally not in my vocabulary.  I did some research and found that those little spots on the dahlias are
caused by a mechanism that was explained by a Nobel Prize winner who won her prize for her research in this area.
Wow, variegation is a Nobel prize winning subject!

And now we get to the “One Smart Woman”: Barbara McClintock (June 16 1902 – September 2 1992). She was one
of the pioneers of genetic research and she did much of her research on corn. One of the things she noticed was that
on so called “Indian Corn” the kernels are often variegated. She decided to delve into the why and discovered that
small fragments of DNA can “jump” into a gene and cause that gene to not express itself.  In the corn kernel, the
jumping gene blocked the formation of the anthocyanin pigment and as a result the corn karnal looks streaked much
like variegated dahlias.  Other genetic researchers have verified that variegated flowers are caused by this same
mechanism.   These transposons are themselves inherited and that is why variegated dahlias pass on this trait to

Barbara McClintock did her research at a time when women were not recognized as top scientist s. She became very
frustrated when she published papers on genetics and her peers questioned the validity of her work. For a while, she
even stopped publishing but kept on doing research. Much of her work was done in the 1940s and 1950s and in the
1960s and 1970s, her work was finally recognized as ground breaking and she won the Nobel Prize in 1983 for her
work on genetic transposition.

Here is a very basic explanation of the cause of variegation of dahlias:  In a our dahlias there are two basic types of
pigments: flavonoids and anthocyanins. Flavonoids are the  whites, yellows and light orange colors. I like to think of
the flavonoids as the base color of dahlias. The other color pigments are anthocyanins. They are the red pigments
that overlay the base pigment of flavonoids, as they are darker pigments. In a variegated flowers the flavonoids color
the base coat of the flower and a  typical pigment color would be a white or yellow. The anthocyanin red pigments
form the color of the dots and splotches. The transposons block the formation of  the red anthocyanin in many of the
cells of the flower and this pattern of cells without red pigment create the variegated effect. Without the “jumping
genes” the red color would completely cover the base coat of the flower and one would see a solid colored flower. So,
the “jumping genes” cause the red pigment to not express itself in somewhat random areas on the ray floret creating
the variegated pattern o f spots and streaks. A flower that is half red and half variegated has an area where the
“jumping genes” did not activate (the red). If the variegated flower totally loses the “jumping genes”, it becomes a solid
red (or purple, a version of anthocyanin)  color and may never go back to variegated.

ADS Image Library
Claudia Biggs
At this writing, I am working on the New Introductions for the 2009 program.  So far I have about 70 images.  It should
be ready to send out by January 1st, 2009.  Get your request for the program in so I have your date needed.  Only a
few sets of slides are available so first come on those.  Thanks to those who got your images in for the program.

Other dvd programs are still available.  Cost is $13 which includes shipping. Check should be madeout to ADS and
mailed to me.

New Introductions for 2007 and 2008
Fabulous Fifty Dahlias 2004-2006
2007 Fabulous Fifty Dahlias
Photo Contest Winners 2006, 2007
Biggies: AAs and As Dahlias

Editors Note
I just learned that Claudia won the Stanley Johnson contest!! Watch for her  photo of Mary's Jomanda on the cover of
the 2009 classification book.

Tiffany Boatwright

Trial garden director Bill Mishler reports that there were many excellent entries at the Canby Trial gardens this year
with 15 entries passing and several with very high scores.  Bill travels several hours each way twice a week to manage
and care for the entries at the Canby Trial Garden and his efforts keep everything running smoothly.  Swan Island
Dahlias generously provides land at their farm for the trial garden and takes care of the watering while the Portland
Dahlia Society members plant and groom the entries.  The weather was generally cooperative for the majority of the
growing season after recovering from a rainy and cool start that slowed early growth and delayed bloom times.  A
seedling judging school was held during the weekend of the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference show and was well
attended by judges of all levels and persons just wanting to see what was new.  Many senior judges made frequent
trips throughout the growing season to evaluate the seedling and their dedication has been greatly appreciated.

Of the fifteen entries that passed, the two highest scoring dahlias were both open center types.  Midnight Star, an
orchid from hybridizer Richard Johnson wowed the judges with its outstanding form and color and deservedly scored
91.64.  Alba Purity, a white single from Steve Nowotarski was the second highest scoring dahlia with a score of 87.24.  
Felida Mermaid, a dark blend water lily from Eric Toedtli was the third highest scoring entry garnering an 87.14.  Keep
an eye out for these beauties; you will want to grow them yourself.  

Midnight Star                OR PR                Johnson                91.64
Alba Purity                S Wh                Nowotarski                87.24
Felida Mermaid        WL DkBl        Toedtli                        87.14
Louis Meggos                A ID Wh        Meggos                86.7
Sandia Marge                BB C Br        Boley                        86.64
Nick SR                AA ID R        Gitts                        86.55
Clifton Krisha                B SC Fl        Clifton                        86.5
Crazy 4 Jessie                BB IC DkBl        Spangenberg                86.2

Spokane Trial Garden 2008
Bob Beasley

The scores are in and tallied and all ready. We are considering 2009 and changes we may make. The entire year
went really well. There were no losses of entries and other than the usual weather surprises..i.e. snow in June, we
were delighted with the end results. The pass/fail rate was over 50%, barely, and that seems to put us in line with the
other Trial Gardens once again. Those rates show us we have most of our judges with a good eye for a winner and a
loser.  Thanks to all who came and spent hours judging!!
The Hart and Gullickson award winner was one of the entries sent to us to grow  and having seen it on the show  floor
as a seedling entry  previous to cultivating it , we knew it to be a huge winner. It was!!!  Congratulations to Richard
Johnson of Snohomish!!!   It is always fun for us to get an entry that turns out to be a high scorer.
Next year we will once again limit the garden to 35 entries. Seems to be a manageable amount. If any readers are
interested email and confirm a space. They go fast.   


M. Paulette Woodward

Grand Master                        Embrace                        Ron Clack
Triple Crown                        Lakeview Peach Fuzz                Christy Parks
Single AA                        Ivory Palaces                        Jeff Jeffs
Single A                        Clearview Arlene                Ted Kennedy
Triple A                        Camano Sitka                        Linnea McIntosh
Single B                        Alfred Grille                        Christy Parks
Triple B                        Bode                                Wayne Shantz
Single BB                        Embrace                        Ron Clack
Triple BB                        Camano Susan                        Eleanor Shantz
Single Min                        Weston Spanish Dancer        Jeff Jeffs
Triple Min                        Daddy’s Girlie                        Ray Sturman
Single Ball                        Mary Jomanda                        Michael Canning
Single Min. Ball                Little Caesar                        Jeff Jeffs
Triple Min. Ball                Odyssey                        Ted Kennedy
Single Pom                        Pacific Revival                Christy Parks
Triple Pom                        Bowen                                Eleanor Shantz
Single Stellar                        Camano Pet                        Linnea McIntosh
Triple Stellar                        Crazy Legs                        Jeff Jeffs
Single Waterlilly                Taratahi Sunrise                Bob Chibante
Triple Waterlilly                Erin Ann                        Jeff Jeffs
Single Peony                        Brenda Sue                        Emily Gorsch
Triple Peony                        Elvire                                Jeff Jeffs
Single Anemone                Ev Purple Puff                        Sonia Hall
Single Collarette                Sean C.                        Jeff Jeffs
Single Single                        Normandy Lemon Drop        Jeff Jeffs
Single Mignon                        Inflammation                        Cora Vandervelden
Triple Mignon                        Alpen Starlight                Cora Vandervelden
Single Orchid                        Juul’s Allstar                        Eugene Kenyon
Triple Orchid                        Juul’s Star                        Elva Sellens
Single NO                        Wannabee                        Linnea McIntosh
Single NX                        Valley Porcupine                Ray Sturman

Best in show                        Kenora Sunset                        Christy Parks
ADS Achievement                Hollyhill Sunburst 85pts        Ted Kennedy
Best in show                        Margaret Kennedy
Best Vase or Urn                Margaret Kennedy
Joy Gill Challenge                Cora Vandervelden

Much appreciation goes to all that participated in the show from preparation to clean up and everything in between.  
This is our best opportunity to “Show and Tell”
We had 27 exhibitors, 526 entries and approximately 929 blooms.  Congratulations to the exhibitors for coaxing their
plants into bloom.

Victoria Dahlia Society
Ken Beswick

Our season of events went off well with our tuber sale, our club picnic and of course, flower show .  Blooms were good
but amount of entries were down due to weather this year. We brought in five new members from the info desk at the
show. We may be changing venues next year as our Hillside Mall is going to have an extensive reno. so we are
checking out other locations. Will let you know.  

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society
Judy Stevens

The weather has been somewhat mild and we are wondering around some days in our sweater sleeves and no
jackets.  The rain comes and goes.  After all it is November!

For the most part, several of the tubers have been dug, showered, dried, and stored.  For the rest, they still have
their feet in the soil, waiting for their turn to go into storage.
The tubers look good, numerous, hard and free of any obvious fungus or viruses.
Hopefully they remain that way until Jan when we check them before starting cuttings in about March.
All of our club members are busy doing the tuber thing.
We have our club dinner on Nov. 22 with it being a Christmas theme.  Our entertainment will be a Dutch or Yankee
It's usually fun and we get to see the true colors of some of the quiet members.
Executive is talking about possibly having our 2009 show in Sept.  Nothing confirmed yet though!!!!
All that being said, we wish you all the best for the Holiday Season and the New Year!

Nanaimo Show Results for 2008
Best AA Single        Sir Alfred Ramsey                        Connie Young Davis                
Best A                        Kenora Jubilee                        Ralph Hellens                
Best B                        R Kris                                        Connie Young Davis                
Best BB                R Burl                                        Connie Young Davis                
Best Miniature                Weston Spanish Dancer                Connie Young Davis                
Best Ball                Mary’s Jomanda                        Ralph Hellens                
Best Min. Ball                Barbarry Gem                                Ray & Jane Lauzier                
Best Pompom                Little Willo                                Sandra Wilson                
Best Water Lily        Cameo                                        Ed Johnson                        
Best Stellar                R Jane                                        Ralph Hellens                
Best Triple A                Elsie Huston                                Connie Young Davis                
Best B                        Camano Sitka                                Judy & Vern Stephens        
Best BB                Jomanda                                Cathy & Dave Featherby        
Best Miniature                Nicole C                                Sandra Wilson                
Best Ball                Laura Marie                                Ralph Hellens                
Best Min. Ball                Pocrates                                Ralph Hellens                
Best Pompom                                                                                        
Best Water Lily        Pam Howden                                Sandra Wilson                
Best Stellar                R Jane                                        Ralph Hellens                
Best AOV Single        Valley Porcupine                        Connie Young Davis                
Best AOV Triple        David Lam                                Penelope Wood                
Best Dahlia in Show        R Burl                                        Connie Young Davis                
Best Laciniated        Colwood Hope                        Jack Vandament                
Best 5 Bloom                Embrace                                Connie Young Davis                
Best Lily pond Dahlia                Taratahi Ruby                        Sandra Wilson                
Flower of the Year-Single        Jessica                                                                
Flower of the Year-Triple        Mary’s Jomanda                Bob Sampson                        
Best Photo                        Alpen Cherub                Maxine Haley                        
Best Bowl of Dahlias                Weston Spanish Dancer        Judy & Vern Stephens        
Cultivar 20Years & Over        Hamari Accord                Judy & Vern Stephens        
Best Basket of Dahlias        Rebecca Lynn                Judy & Vern Stephens

Twyla Ball

Another growing and showing season is in the books.  Out show was outstanding due mostly to all of the folks from
Canada and the surrounding Seattle area societies.  We do thank each and everyone of you for your participation!
Our new slate of officers:
President:                Karen Lorentzen
Vice President:        Diana Blackmer
Secretary:                Kathy Ryan
Treasurer:                Tom Ball
Corresponding Sec:         Twyla Ball
Board of trustees:          Buz Carter, Dick Williams, Bill Bonneywell.

We are looking forward to new programs at each of our meetings.  We are endeavoring to recruit new members
during 2009 and train them as judges.  We send our very best to each of you and our wish for a happy and joyful

Best in Show                        Kenora Clyde                        Connie Young Davis
Best AA                        Kenora Clyde                           “            “        “
Best Triple AA                        Sir Alf Ramsey                James Chavez
Best Single A                        Elma Elizabeth                Connie Young Davis
Best B                                Trengrove Millennium        Ralph Hellens
Best Triple B                        Camano Sitka                        Michael Johnson
Best BB                        Embrace                        Kathy Featherby
Best Triple BB                        Camano Cloud                Dave Eldridge
Best Mini                        Amethyst Glow                Bob Sampson
Best Triple Mini                Weston Miss                        Ida Bonneywell
Best Ball                        Mary Jomanda                Kathy Featherby
Best Triple Ball                Mary Jomanda                Connie Young Davis
Best Mini Ball                        Narrows Kristen                Bernie Wilson
Best Triple M. Ball                Pocrates                        Ralph Hellens
Best Pom                        Glen Place                        Ida Bonneywell
Best Waterlily                        Pam Howden                        Kathy Featherby
Best Triple W/Lily                Cameo                                Ralph Hellens
Best Stellar                        R Jane                                Ralph Hellens
Best Triple Stellar                R Jane                                Ralph Hellens
Best Collarette                David Lam                        Penelope Woods
Best Triple Collarette                Teasbrook Redeye                Michael Johnson
Best Peony                        Elvira                                Louie Eckhoff
Best Single                        Kokette                        Kari Opland
Best Orchid                        Midnight Star                        Ida Bonnewell
Best Triple Orchid                Honka                                Vern & Judy Stevens
Best Mignon Single                Rival                                Carol Fiske
Best Nov. NX                        Clearview Magic                Hills & Nancy Collins
Best 3 Nov. NX                Peach Fuzz                        Bernie Wilson
Smallest Pom                        Pearsons Michelle                Dave Blackmer
Largest in Show                Sir Alf Ramsey                Connie Young Davis
25 yrs./Plus                        Salmon Rays                        Vern & Judy Stevens
Triple 25 yrs./Plus                “              “                                     “     “            “
Best N.W. Orig.                R Minu                                Connie Young Davis
Best Triple N.W. Orig.        Skipley Spot                        Dick Williams
Best Foreign                        Mary Jomanda                Connie young Davis
Best Triple Foreign                “          “                                          “       “            “
Best American                Elma Elizabeth                   “       “            “                
Best Triple American                Mary Jo                        Dick Williams
Best Coll AA or A                Vassio Meggos
                        Spartacus, Janal Amy        Hills & Nancy Collins
Best Coll. B                        Ruskin Andréa                Buz Carter
Best Collection BB                Santa Claus                        Bernie Wilson
Best Five Mini                        G W’s Babe                        Vern &Judy Stevens
Best Five Ball                        Greendor                        Ken Greenway
Best dahlia of year                Snoho Sonia                        Tom Ball
Best 3 Dahlia of year                Snoho Sonia                        Dick Williams
Best Bouquet                                                        Irene Walker
People’s Choice
Best Dahlia Grown by          Kokette                        Kari Opland   
Best Dahlia Grown by        Kenora Clyde                        Connie Young Davis
Best seedling                                                        Paul McKritich
ADS seedling Award                Midnight Star                        Richard Johnson
Best Miniature Basket        Mary Jo                        Dave Eldridge
Best Pom Basket                Little Bees Wings                Dave Eldridge
Best Mixed Basket                Karras 150                           “         “
                        Ruskin Andrea
                        Kallatas Angle
Best Amateur Basket                Rose Toscano                        Donna Chavez
Best Basket in Show                Mary Jo                        Dave Eldridge
Best Novice Arrangement                                        Scarlett Pflugrad  
Best Amateur Arrangement                                        Cora Slechter
Best Arrangement by a Man                                        Jack Crawford
Best Arrangement of Advanced Amateur                        Char Crawford
Best Junior Arrangement                                        Alicia Kuppler
Best Arrangement in Show                                        Cora Slechter

Congratulations to all.  

Joni Beasley
Busy year again here on the east side. Elections have been held and the slate is: President
Greg Smith, Vice President: Bob Beasley, Secretary: Joni Beasley 3 Year
Trustee: Carol Konitzer, 2YearTrustee Pat Bentley, 1 Year Trustee: Bill Swanstrom.  Our annual Christmas Party is
December 6 and then a much needed break for some till the February meeting at which time we begin plans for the
PNDC show on September 12 & 13th, 2009. The flower for the year is: Embrace.
Our show went well.  Flower count was down (601) due to a diminished amount of exhibitors. We hope that next year
will be a better one for all and more will be able to come and join us. Should be lots of fun and we are planning a great
many prizes and monetary awards.
Show winners for 2008 include:
Best Bloom of Show: Carol Konitzer;  Mingus Eric
Best Open Bloom: Bill Swanstrom;  Vassio Meggos
Best Amateur Bloom: Pat Bentley;  Hy Clown
Best Novice Bloom: Carol Konitzer;  Mingus Eric
Sweepstakes were won by : Lynn Weger,  Amateur;  Mike Valler, Open;  Bruce Hall  Novice.
Best Triple of Show: Pat Bentley    Jane

Hope all have a safe and happy holiday season.  Mark your calendars for the 12 & 13th of September after the
National Show with plenty of time to rest up in between!  

And Finally!
I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this Newsletter.  Without you we couldn’t publish.  
Again, if you can, or want to receive the PNDC News as an e-mail attachment please let me know by sending me an e-
mail so I will have your correct e-mail address. tntball@worldnet.att.net.  Thanks.
I would also like to wish each and everyone of you a great holiday season and my best wishes for the coming year.  
Editor Tom Ball
Best Basket at Coos Bay Show
Kenora Sunset by Christy Parks
Judging the Head Table at Coos Bay
2008 PNDC Dahlia Show Results

AWARD                                DAHLIA                                 WINNER

Best Double Bloom                         Little Willo                                Tiffany Boatwright
Best Disc Bloom in Show                Delta Red                                Larry Smith
Best Double Triple Entry                Willo Borealis                                Mike Riordan
Best Disc Triple Entry                Elvira                                        Gordon Jackman
Best Basket in Show                        Bowen-Linda Harris                        Eleanor Shantz
Best Design in Show                                                                Margaret Kennedy
Open Sweepstakes                        185 points                                Mark & Laura Oldenkamp
Amateur Sweepstakes                        71 points                                Michael Canning
                                                        71 points                                Emily Gorsch
Novice Sweepstakes                        80 points                                 Shirley Bankston
Junior Sweepstakes                        102 points                                 Heidi Oldenkamp
Largest Bloom in Show                Ivory Palaces                                Jeff Jeffs
People’s Choice                        Bodacious                                 Gary Murphy
Best “AA” in Show                        Ivory Palaces                                Audrey Oldenkamp                             
Best “A” in Show                        Kenora Jubilee                        Mike Riordan
Best “B” in Show                        Camano Sitka                                Michael Canning
Best triple “B” in Show                Peach Delight                                Mike Riordan
Best “BB” in Show                        Taratahi Lilac                                Mark Oldenkamp
Best triple “BB” in Show                Scott’s R.W.                                Mike Riordan
Best miniature in Show                Weston Spanish Dancer                Lexa Cookson
Best triple miniature in Show                Nicole C.                                Michael Canning
Best Ball in Show                        Tahoma Lucas                                Tiffany Boatwright                      
Best Miniature Ball in Show                Pocrates                                Wayne Shantz
Best Triple Miniature Ball                Ms. Kennedy                                Ted Kennedy
Best Pompon in Show                        Little Willo                                Tiffany Boatwright
Best Triple Pompon in Show                Willo Borealis                                Mike Riordan
Best Waterlily in Show                Pam Howden                                Lexa Cookson
Best Triple Waterlily                        Chimicum Cathleen                        Gary Murphy
Best Stellar in Show                        Primrose Pet                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Stellar                        Alloway Candy                         Jeanette Benson
Best Anemone in Show                Comet                                        Michael Canning
Best Triple Anemone                        EV Fire Puff                                Gordon Jackman
Best Collerette in Show                Teesbrooke Redeye                        Larry Smith
Best Triple Collerette                        David Lam                                Elva Sellens
Best Mignon Single                        Inflammation                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Mignon Single                Stillwater Plum                        Mark Oldenkamp
Best Orchid in Show                        Lupin Shelia                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Orchid in Show                Marie Schnugg                        Elva Sellens
Best Peony in Show                        Miss Muffet                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Peony in Show                Elvira                                        Gordon Jackman
Best Single in Show                        Delta Red                                Larry Smith
Best Triple Single in Show                Bashful                                Mark Oldenkamp
Best Open Novelty in Show                Jacs Kelli                                Tiffany Boatwright                         
Best Double Novelty in Show                Valley Porkupine                        Audrey Oldenkamp
Best Triple Double Novelty                EV Puff & Stuff                        Gordon Jackman