November 2010

Dear Fellow PNDC Members,
For Northwest dahlia growers, it has been an unusual year.  June was cold and wet, promoting slow growth and/or rot.  
Most cuttings planted outside seemed to survive, but the tubers were for me a losing proposition.  Those tubers already
up with the rains arrived made the cut, those still trying to break ground were a sad lot, many succumbing to the
disappointment of rot.  Late June I was performing exhumations to determine the status of the patient, (if he could be
located) and then in most cases replanting with rooted cuttings.  
It would be an understatement to say my blooms were a bit late this year.  Judging from the number of Giants placed
into competition this season, I wasn’t alone.  
Following the popular organic approach, we began using rabbit manure in straw bedding to side dress the dahlias. Initial
results looked encouraging, until we began to notice curled and gnarly distortions in the foliage growth tips.  This
distortion also eventually began to corrupt the formation of the ray florets, thereby presenting an alien floricultural
perversion. Next step was to have the rabbit manure and bedding hauled off in the trash. Some plants were fortunately
never affected; others as of this writing have thankfully outgrown the herbicidal ill-effects.  I believe the problem can be
traced to a new class of herbicides which have very residual effects for certain plant species, most notably tomatoes
and dahlias. Curiously, the residuality seems less pronounced for the targeted species; namely, broad leafed weeds!  
These herbicides are manufactured and distributed by Dow Chemical and/or its licensees.  Next season I plan to inquire
if tests have been performed by sellers of composts and manures for presence of Aminopyralid or Clopyralid.  I am
aware of other dahlia growers that have experienced similar problems caused by these herbicides.  Maybe we can ask
our county extension agents and/or Master Gardener program participants what information they have regarding these
residual herbicides and what screening (testing) measures are employed in the industry.
Thankfully, our fall has extended the blooming season nicely and provided a few bright, dry days for seed collection,
digging and dividing.  Hope you each had a good year and, like me, are looking forward to yet another growing season.
Warmest best wishes

Tom Ball
I know that I am a little late with the News Letter, but I encountered a few problems.  I came up with some severe back
pain, (old age) then, my computer crashed.  After attempting to get it reworked, I gave up and installed a new machine.  
Hopefully I will be back on track once again and in addition to a few other things, I will get this news letter out in a more
timely manner.  I noted that there were several e-mails sent with some great suggestions and information about our
organization.  I have published some of these articles (with permission) in this copy of the news.  
Please keep in mind  that we are always in need of suggestions and items to be brought up at our Spring Meeting.  I
know we won’t meet until April, but if something comes to mind, please send me a note so that I can incorporate it into a
list for the meeting agenda.
If you change your e-mail address, move, our change phone number,  please notify me so that I may keep all records
up to date.

REMINDER:  Dues and member information must be submitted to Elva by February 10, 2011.  Information received
later will not be entered  into the PNDC Roster.   Judges information must be sent to Joni Beasley as early as possible
so that Judges Rosters can be up dated and submitted to the ADS.

Be sure to include the National Show at Portland in 2012 in your plans.  We urge all societies to participate and to assist
as needed.  This is a huge undertaking.   Contact members of the Portland Portland Dahlia Society and volunteer your
Remember also, the pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference Show hosted by the Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society
on  August 20 & 21, 2011 at the Country Club Center,
Nanaimo, B.C.

Beginning balance as of 4/17/10$8,970.08
Tuber auction$330.00
Interest 5/11-8/10$    1.21
Dues$ 70.00
less bank charge-Canadian MO-    5.00
Total income +   591.21

1221 4/17 Michael Riordan-luncheon deposit  $200.00
1222 4/17 Joni Beasley-judging forms   $  25.87
1223 4/17 Joan Marsh-roster   $174.55
1224 4/17 Portland DS-national show exp     $1,000.00
1225 4/17 Douglas Co.DS-PNDC show exp   $250.00
1226 void
1227 4/17 Michael Rioran-luncheon  $115.00
1228 6/16 Ted Kennedy-website 6/08-4/10     $297.85
1229 7/19 Joni Beasley-judging exps  $  28.46
Total expenses-2,191.73
Ending Balance as of 8/27/10$7,369.56

                ADS Image Library
                                                   Claudia Biggs

Its  that time again.  I am collecting the 2011 new introductions.  The program should be finished sometime in
December.  So far, I have about 80+ new introductions.  You will be able to purchase this program from the library or in
the near future from the ADS Store thru paypal on the ADS web site.
Cost is $13.  Checks should be made out to ADS if purchased through the library.  Contact me by e-mail,  or by phone at 509-326-1953 to request this program.

I am currently trying to catch up some other programs now that I am back to work.  Look for additional programs in
future newsletters.

PNDC Judges Chair Report
Joni Beasley

Thanks to all of the judges that took the time to judge at their shows, other shows and seedlings in a Trial Garden or in
someone's garden!  I have received many reports and will soon be doing the tallies and making advancements where
warranted. Hopefully a way has been figured out to ensure the correctness of everyone's status on all of the rosters.
Sorry to all that may of been listed incorrectly. I will be working with the ADS membership chair and the PNDC
membership chair to try and see to it the ADS judges chair is aware of any and all new additions, corrections etc. If by
any chance you may not of remembered to get your report in to me there is still a little time before it is sent in. Let me
know. Thanks again for everyone's participation and remember this is an organization we should all have fun with.

Stellars and Formal Decorative
by Ted J. Kennedy
The stellar definitions have been refined in the last year or so to where most of us now know what a stellar blossom
should look like.  It seems that when you try to use words to describe a fairly complicated three dimensional object, it is
more difficult that one would think. The key to the new definition appears to be the concept of “negative space”. That is
a rather elegant way of saying that the ray florets should not be too close together. And that also means that if there
are too many ray florets, there is no room for “negative space”.

Since the new definition has been adopted, the classification teams have been at work identifying blooms that no longer
fit the new stellar definition. And what happens to those blooms that fall out of the stellar class? Most of them are being
placed into the formal decorative class.

There are some excellent dahlias being moved over to formal decorative and one example is Verrone’s Sandra J. It is
an exquisitely formed dahlia that has every petal in it’s place and there are lots of them, as it has a very high petal
count. It has so many petals that even though it has a very nice, strong stem, it needs to be sheltered from the rain
because it must weigh five pounds when those petals fill up with rain water.

Will Verrone’s Sandra J. be competitive in the formal decorative class? I believe it will have some problems because of
the way formal decoratives are defined. The book says: “ Ray florets are generally flat, broad, and smooth....  Here is
the rub: Sandra J’s petals are not flat but have that stellar characteristic of an “involute “U” shape...”

I believe that the formal decorative standard needs to be re-written, allowing more variation in the petal formation. It
reality, many winning formal decorative dahlias do not have “flat, broad” petals. They win because of their superb,
almost mathematical, regular formation of the ray florets.  Many of these big time winners in the formal decorative class
are nearly Ball or Miniature ball in formation and are not classified as balls because the florets are not involute enough.
There should be room enough in the definition to include “almost ball” and “almost stellar” dahlias with little or no
penalty. The key characteristic should be the formal lay of the petals and not the exact shape of the florets.

Wayne Shantz
This last fall, Eleanor and I traveled to Chattanooga, TN where we enjoyed the ADS National Annual Show and
Convention. What we always learn when we attend these national shows is that we need to spend more time in the
region than we have allotted. Still, this September we rented a car and traveled to some intriguing spots, including
Hilltop Gardens, the Smoky Mountains, Cumberland Falls, and Lexington, KY where we visited familiar ground for
Secretariat. I mention this trip in order to encourage others of you who love the dahlia to also launch into dahlia
happenings. In the following paragraphs, I will provide an overview of thoughts, information, and experiences that I have
learned and felt in the past year.
ADS National Annual Dahlia Shows: We have attended national shows in Minneapolis, Kalispell, Seattle, San Jose,
Portland, Vancouver, B.C., Everett, Halifax, N.S., Akron, New York and Chicago in addition to holding our own show here
in Eugene. In these excursions, we have garnered a network of dahlia friends. Anticipation reigns high when we begin
planning for another show. Next year, the show will be in San Jose, in relatively close proximity to where we in the PNDC
live. I would encourage you who are dahlia lovers to begin saving now and plan for this show next fall. You will enjoy the
camaraderie and blooms.
One of the other intriguing parts of attending these shows comes when I see the way dahlia growers display their
blooms. I have seen blooms exhibited that are 3 feet in height with two or more pairs of leaves. I have seen blooms
attached to pin frogs, displayed in glassware where the stalks are only inches from the first pair of leaves. I have seen
blooms secured by wedges, staged in Oasis, or Styrofoam. Interestingly, each exhibitor thinks that his way is best.

We in the Pacific Northwest almost always stage our blooms at home, away from the hurly-burly of the show venue. In
the Midwest, California, and East, exhibitors travel with their blooms in buckets and containers and then stage in the
containers provided by the hosting club, or in California’s case, each person has purchased his own glass containers.
For those who exhibit, it tends to be a long night of frantic work. The beauty of such procedures comes at the end of the
show. Except for California, an out-of-town exhibitor merely jumps in his semi-truck and leaves, not having any
additional responsibilities. The other advantage evidences when one views the show. All the containers are uniform,
which does not allow one to identify the exhibitor of these blooms. The great advantage for the PNDC way is that
exhibitors can leisurely stage their blooms and ready themselves for the show. Even though, stress still exists, they are
most likely not as tired when they begin to judge, which is an important component of good judging. As an aside, I would
also suggest that all of PNDC societies use black containers. It would make our shows more uniform and reduce judging
Classification Changes: Since many of us grow, show, and judge dahlias, we most likely have some attitudes about what
the ideal form is for an American Dahlia Society accepted form description. This year, each of us who judge must make
sure to look closely at the updated definitions for form. These definitions will appear on pages 3-6 of the 2011
Classification and Handbook of Dahlias. These definitions supersede all other definitions from prior ADS books. We
must remember that the definition is stated as an ideal, a standard for dahlia identification and classification. Because of
this condition, judges must think and evaluate closely. Most cultivars will not possess an ideal formation but will be
closer to one form than another. Judges who classify a cultivar must inspect it closely and then decide what the form
should be, basing their decisions on the latest classification book. The classification of a cultivar may be quite difficult,
but the competent judge will have considered each detail of the definition and then made a calculated judgment.
Especially note the definition changes of the incurved and fully double dahlias for the 2011 classification book.
Incurved Cactus Dahlias: Ray florets are pointed, narrow at the base, uniform in length and arrangement, revolute for
the majority of their length, and fully revolute for at least half their length. They will curve upward to the bloom face, but
may also arc downward and then up, or they will swirl horizontally around the bloom circumference, usually exposing the
involucre in either case. Depth must be at least half the diameter.
Novelty Fully Double: Dahlias will display distinct and different form from present classifications. The new formation must
display good symmetry, including a closed, tight center, ray florets uniformly shaped and/or arranged differently from
other fully double form characteristics.
Eye Zones: a uniform band of contrasting color(s), less than one third the length of ray florets that surround the open-
centered disc flowers. (Note: This change was recommended by those present in Chattanooga at the classification
meeting and then passed in the fall conference call by the Executive Board.)
Color Description for Fully Double Dahlias: For some time now judges have wondered how to assign color when the
majority of color they see is from the ray floret back rather than the front for fully double dahlias.  The ADS is now
encountering a number of fully involute ray florets in fully double dahlias. The prime example is Valley Porcupine.  Lou
Paradise is currently working on a plan for describing dahlias of this ilk. Most likely, he will use brackets for colors that
appear on the ray floret back. What he will do about a dahlia that has a majority of color on the back and a contrasting
color on the front is still undecided. Most likely, these cultivars will become blends. (Note: The ADS Executive Board has
accepted that color descriptors be made for these involute ray floret cultivars and has recommended that Lou
determine an appropriate procedure)
4-Digit Classification System: Beginning in the 2011 Classification and Handbook of Dahlias, ADS will employ the 4-digit
system. All societies should report using this system. Also understand that Lou Paradise, ADS Classification Chair, will
employ a 4-digit system in the 1976-2010 Composite Listing of Dahlias. This text should be ready for purchase in early
January. Check for the latest publication information.
Hilltop Gardens: Every once in awhile. I stumble across new information. As Eleanor and I wended our way and I mean
wended from Chattanooga, TN to Cashiers, NC, we wound our way in curves much similar to Highway 101 as one who
travels through the Redwoods. I would not take my motor home on this road. Buddy and Kelly Dean, owners of Hilltop
Gardens, assure me that they can direct me in a more navigable way for I want to explore more.
We enjoyed walking through their commercial garden, which is 2000 feet above sea level. Like the garden name, the
garden site is located on a hillside. Buddy and Kelly have their own separate seedling patches where quite a number of
good seedlings appear in the pipeline. The garden is clean and well cared for. One of Buddy’s latest seedlings, Hilltop
St. Charles is a stunning A SC Flame dahlia. In his garden it borders on B size but in the Northwest, it should grow easily
to an A. The bench evaluation at Chattanooga classifies it as an A SC FL. In addition, Buddy rents his dahlia plants to
some of the businesses of Cashiers, planting them in ideal locations on their property. He looks after the plants and
then digs them in the fall, all for an agreed upon fee.
Cashiers is a high resort area with Highlands being the nearest town of any size to it. The rich will often build second,
third and fourth homes in the area, 1 million plus in value. Numerous waterfalls surround it, one being higher than
Niagara Falls. An ADS trial garden is also located at Cashiers, adjacent to a well-kept park. The higher elevation does
emulate more of a northwest climactic condition. If I were in the seedling business, I would not hesitate to send some
seedlings to this trial garden.
Mignon Dahlias: It will not be too long before ADS begins to see named dahlias of differing forms than just the mignon
single. Several originators now have pristine examples of mignon (under 2 ½ inches) orchids, collarettes, and
anemones. I would suspect that some smaller fully double dahlias are also appearing in the seedling patch. Is it time to
start thinking of a complete line of mignon dahlias? In my mind, that would be lush.
ADS Banner: Local societies can use the banner and modify it for their own use. The original banner is well done and
can augment society exposure. Lane County Dahlia Society asked to see the banner and felt it was worthy of a future
Dahlia Books: The latest dahlia book publication may be The Dahlia Primer by Eleanor Welling from the Dahlia Society
of Ohio. It is a paperback that sells for $10.00. Collectors may want to purchase it. The information is relatively limited
and, on occasion, not accurate.
And finally….if Eleanor and I do not see you soon, we do wish you joyous Christmas season and a prosperous and
healthy New Year.

National Show & More
Tiffany Boatwright

Here's what I've been working on for the national show lately: I have Max Ollieu working on obtaining high quality items
for a raffle and have met with him regarding kinds of items and how the raffle will work. I've made contact with a person
who will custom sew a set of dahlia embroidered dish towels as one of the prizes. We hope to pre-sell some tickets via
our PDS site and the mail for a few of our 'big ticket' items. I have designed a logo incorporating our show theme and a
design firm is currently refining it for our end use. Recent hotel contacts have been updated as the staff has changed. I
have a person assigned to ordering and coordinating the event food. Ted will need to fill you in on what he's working on
for the show itself.

My two cents on the members only portion of the ADS website- I believe some parts should be kept for members only,
otherwise there is no incentive for many people to pay for a membership. I believe they are working on posting the
bulletin on line and the publications are what many people pay for. I haven't had a problem with access.  Many of you
know that I've experienced severe damage to my dahlias these last two years from what I believe is herbicide damage
either in the mushroom compost or alfalfa that I used to construct my dahlias beds with. While I'm not certain this is the
problem, it seems most likely after considering all possible causes and normal soil tests. The culprits identified in
Washington, Oregon, and the UK are the pyridine class of herbicides (aminopyralid, clopyralid, picloram). Dahlias are in
the plant family most severely damaged by these herbicides and Dow Science specifically lists dahlias as an adversely
effected crop. Dow states that residual herbicide in manure and compost can break down in as little as 30 days, other
sites list up to several years. My dahlias are as fully effected this year as last, so that's two years already for me. Dow
states that regular rototilling will speed up it's breakdown. The Minnesota University agriculture site says that an
effected area should be left as restricted for at least two growing seasons for sensitive crops. Dow addresses consumer
questions about aminopyralid on their website and Washington State University has good information and pictures of
damaged plants. Apparently there was a petition circulating in England to ban these herbicides, but I don't know what
has become of the issue. A class action suit doesn't seem likely as Dow has covered themselves by clever wording of
usage instructions and warnings on the labels of these products. In response to consumer complaints, they state "In
those rare cases where garden plants have been damaged by aminopyralid, the herbicide was introduced through
animal manure that should not have been used as a garden fertilizer amendment" and "Any introduction into a garden is
due to a failure to follow label directions". Basically it's your fault and the other guys fault. Their product label does not
say that the use of this product is to be passed on to any potential end users, so we are left wondering what we really
are getting. There is a way of testing your soil/manure through a bioassay test which I have done. My results with this
test are somewhat inconclusive so I sent many photos to Washington State and their answer was that some looked like
they could be potential damage from herbicides. At any rate, I'm replacing my soil with a new product and crossing my
fingers that this
ordeal will be over with. One thing that Dow said that does make some sense to me is that if only some of your crop is
effected,  then the cause isn't likely herbicide damage. I tend to think that in the case of dahlias, some varieties may be
more susceptible than others as I used compost evenly over my beds and almost all my dahlias have been effected.
Hopefully there will be more studies in the future and I would love to see these harmful chemicals taken off the market.  

Trial Garden Spokane
Joni Beasley
We had a great year! After a dismal beginning with the usual June rain we had late blooming but wonderful entries! We
had over 60% pass and that tells us the quality of entries are being improved on every year. Out of 38 entries all but
one bloomed before the cut off date. We are taking reservations for 2011 now!!! Remember the date of April 1st as our
requested ship -to date. If we don't get the entries in at approximately the same time we end up having the late entries  
behind in growth and bloom date.
Once again we would like to compliment the entries sent in from the Pacific Northwest...they are among the very very
best!!! We do grow great dahlias here don't we???
Mike Riordan

Some growers in our area have had their dahlias severely effected by the residual long term consequences of the legal
controlled use of herbicides distributed by Dow Agro Sciences under the generic names of Aminopyralid or Clopyralid.
These are a class of herbicides that are not available to the home gardener but are used and made available to
farmers with applicators licenses.  The fundamental problem with these chemicals
are that the are residual and do not break down from season to season. Some of my dahlias were effected through
application of rabbit manure.  Another member of our Society reported contamination through compost and enriched
top soil. The same member reported that Dow Chemical does not know how long these chemicals will continue their
residual effects! I will send everyone a separate e-mail with information
shared on the dahlia-net and photos of some of my effected plants. I would urge the American Dahlia Society to
respond by asking Dow Agro-Sciences to stop manufacturing and distributing these insidiously harmful chemicals.
Further, the American Dahlia Society should contact the EPA or other appropriate governmental
regulatory agencies to cause Dow Agro-Sciences to recall and withdraw these herbicides from the marketplace. Finally,
the ADS should contemplate beginning a class action tort claim against Dow Agro-Sciences for the damage caused to
dahlia growers and other similarly effected classes.


Victoria Dahlia Society
Ken Beswick

Hi Tom, the Victoria Dahlia Society has had another eventful year. Started our" Learning Garden" this spring with the
generous offering of space by Phil Newton and Teresa Thom. This gave the club a place for the experienced growers to
pass on their techniques to new members. It was a weekly work party to tend the beds and enjoy the blooms, some of
which were entered in the August show and also sold at the cut flower booth.  We have just completed the tuber dig and
will profit from their sale at the spring tuber sale. As mentioned the August Show went well even though a month more
sun would have helped. Some of our big winners were  Connie Young-Davis with 20 entries to the head table, Cathy
and Dave Featherby with 5 and 2 by their Grandchildren. Many of our members participated in other shows and did
very well.  Three of our members made the trek to Chattanooga and brought back lots of picture and memories. They
were treated so well they will be going back. We have just had our annual election of officers and I will be switching hats
to Vice President but will  make sure the new secretary keeps you informed.

Larry Smith

At this writing, since no one has yet developed a tuber that will self dig/divide/store most of us in the Portland area are
somewhere in the midst of that cumbersome process.  After suffering the least favorable growing conditions for dahlias
in recent memory, we actually managed to pull together a very successful annual show on Labor Day weekend. Thanks
to our members and participants from neighboring Societies for helping to make our show a success.

Though our plants were slow to bloom, the flowers were spectacular later in the season and, at first glance, it appears
that strong tubers were produced. Fortunately, we did have some bloom in time for our annual tour of member gardens,
which occured on the third Saturday in August. Around 40 people participated in that event, highlighted by a potluck
picnic lunch at Larry Smith's garden. We continued the tradition of holding our September meeting with a potluck dinner
and Trial Garden judging party at the Swan Island Dahlia Farm. Highlights there included a presentation on growing by
Nick Gitts and, of course, sampling Marge Gitt's fantastic pies made from lemons grown right there in the greenhouse.  
At our October and November meetings, there was a silent auction of tuber clumps brought in by members.  We figured
if anyone had extras and did not want to divide them, we could use that as a fund raiser. Around 50 clumps were
brought in to sell at the November meeting.

That gives a nice segue to the subject of the 2012 National Show, of which we are in full preparation mode. The main
committee for that has been meeting regularly to develop the outline for our game plan. Our National Show fund raising
has begun and we thank all of the Societies and individuals who have contributed and, important note: there is still
plenty of time to help us out in that arena.  Likewise, we are always looking for volunteers from other Northwest Dahlia
Societies to help us put on the show, so contact us and we will be pleased to accept your help.

2011-2012 officers for our Society will be as follows:
President: : Mike Riordan
Vice President Larry Smith
Recording Secretary: Shirley Bankston
Corresponding Secretary: Tiffany Boatwright
Treasurer: Larry Sawyer

There was no column list of PDS show winners sent out this year, but I have copied the following excerpt from our
newsletter, you can glean the winners out of this

Ryecroft Dave’s Choice, as exhibited by Tiffany Boatwright won best fully double bloom in show. Mark Oldenkamp
garnered top honors for his best disc bloom in show with Reddy. Max Ollieu’s exhibit of Barbarry Bingo, got the nod as
best triple entry in the show. Larry Smith garnered best triple disc in show honors with Stillwater Plum.

The best basket in the show was presented by Eleanor Shantz using Don C. and Hallmark. Margaret Kennedy won best
design in show.

Larry Smith won Open Sweepstakes with a total of 178 points. This was the second in a row sweepstakes win for Larry.
Larry’s secret to success is growing a large diversity of types and great attention to detail. His city size lot also is home
to numerous vegetables which he also grows competitively for the various county fairs.

Eugene Kenyon won Amateur Sweepstakes with 84 points, this after winning Novice Sweepstakes at our show last year.
Eugene is a welcome keen up and coming contender in the dahlia world. Eugene told me he was growing twelve
hundred first year seedlings this season.

Novice Sweepstakes winner is Victoria Castro. This was Victoria’s first year of showing. Victoria showed no shyness in
trying new things, and even had a win in the Basket competition!

Julie Toedtli with 24 points is our Junior Sweepstakes winner. Congratulations to all our sweepstakes winners!

Richard Bach from Eugene got top honors for largest bloom in show with this entry of Inland Dynasty.

Nick Sr., as presented by Tiffany Boatwright was best AA in show.

Michael Canning garnered best A in show with Dagmar. Ray Sturman’s Elma Elizabeth was best triple A in show.

Max Ollieu’s Peach Delight was the best B size in show. Narrows Tricia by  Mark Oldenkamp was the best triple B in

Lolita as presented by Michael Canning was the best BB in show. Ryecroft Brenda T by Wayne Shantz was the best
triple BB in show.

Best miniature in show was Tiffany Boatwright’s Ryecroft Dave’s Choice. Ryecroft Jan by Ted and Margaret Kennedy
was the best triple miniature in show.

Max Ollieu won best triple miniature ball in show with Narrows Kirsten. Ted and Margaret Kennedy’s Sir Richard took
best miniature ball in show.

Lexa Cookson had the best single entry pompon in show with Willo Borealis. The triple pom honors went to Elva Sellens
with her exhibit of Tiny.

Pam Howden made a clean sweep of the water lily honors with Lexa Cookson taking single entry and Larry Smith triple
entry awards.

Alloway Candy dominated the Stellar competition. Here Gary Murphy had single and Max Ollieu triple honors.

Eileen C as shown by Tiffany Boatwright was the best anemone in show. Best triple anemone went to Max Ollieu for

Best Collarette in show went to Larry Smith for his Sean C. Best triple Collarette was presented by Max Ollieu.

Reddy was the best single entry Mignon Single shown by Mark Oldenkamp. Stillwater Plum exhibited by Larry Smith was
the best triple Mignon Single.

The Orchid form competition was dominated by the usual suspects. Midnight Star by Larry Smith was best single entry
and Natalie’s Star by Max Ollieu was best triple entry.

Larry Smith’s entries of Miss Muffet swept the Peony form competition winning in single and triple entry classes.

Best Single in show was  Delta Red by Mark Oldenkamp. Best triple Single in show was Tahoma Eldean as shown by
Elva Sellens.

Both triple and single entry top honors in open novelty went to Jacs Kelli by Tiffany Boatwright.

Valley Porcupine was the winner in the fully double novelty category, single and triple entries, both for Ray Sturman.

M. Paulette Woodward
In this show report I am featuring three areas that do not get much attention.  Baskets, Seedlings and Arrangements.  It
takes not only horticulture skills but an eye beyond exhibit perfection.  Thanks to all for taking the dahlia to a higher
standard and having the imagination.   Cora Vandervelden, has picked up from where Francis Vandervelden, her
mother in law stopped and with the same talents.  some of the talents are composing, creative arrangement titles and
details.  They are fun to read.  I hope that you take the time to appreciate this artistic part of our show and the
techniques of designers.  They put many hours working a design, gathering the materials and flowers, then constructing
the display on site.  The loss of one flower can ruin the entire design.  
One of the interesting that happened this year was the thoughtfulness of the public.  At the tuber sale the customers
bought with a purpose, not just for the WOW factor and at the show they were reading exhibit tags and taking notes on
their lists.  At our annual display for Shore Acres State Park, the majority of the visitors inquired about purchasing
dahlias.  Outside of handing out the business cards of regional growers we gave them a contact person close to their
home.  Gardeners seem to more about their gardening.  Another interesting thing was the exhibitors.  We were just
happy to have  blooms to exhibit.  As always, there is so much appreciation for all that participated in the show and
especially to those who took the time with the public to answer questions and visit with them.  
We would like to thank Wayne and Eleanor Shantz for the judging schools.  We appreciate their taking the time to share
their knowledge, trying to keep us on the straight and narrow.  
We have our tuber sale scheduled for April 9th and our show date Septemter 10th and 11th.
Have a great holiday.

Southern Oregon Dahlia Society
54th Annual Show
Basket Awards
Best Basket in Show                        Bowen                                        Christy Parks
Best BB Basket                                Vista Lindsey                                Christy Parks
Best Laciniated Basket                        Vesuvius                                Bob Chi bante
Best Pom Basket                        Bowen                                        Christy Parks
Small Flower Basket                        Mingus Eleanor S                        Kathy Iler
Grand Slam Basket                        Don C.        ,Odyssey, Chimacum Troy        Eleanor Shantz
Novice Basket Sweepstakes                                                        Bob Chibante
Amateur Basket Sweepstakes                                                        Kathy Iler
Adv. Am. Sweepstakes                                                                Christy Parks

Seedling Awards
Single Undisseminated                Neighbors Pride St Y                        Mike Iler
Triple Undisseminated                Mini Orchid Yello                        Wayne Shantz
Highest Scoring ADS                        ’60-Steve Meggos
                                  A  ID Br  85.66                        Wayne Shantz

Arrangement Awards
Best Arrangement in Show                An Old Cottage Garden                Cora Vandervelden
Advanced Amateur                        Treasure Chest of Old                        Cora Vandervelden
Vase or Urn                                Antiques and Lace                        Ginger Clack
Joy Gill Memorial Chall.                 An Old Cottage Garden                Cora Vandervelden
Advanced Amateur Sweeps                                                        Caora Vandervelden

Inland Empire Dahlia Society
Joni Beasley
2010 is winding down and we feel our society under President Greg Smith had a great year. Thank you Greg!!!
The show was well received with over 1300 blooms. Entrants came from Montana, Idaho and the other" Washington.
Often we here wish we had the growing conditions the Puget Sound Area has. ( Hard to compete with the spider mites
and earwigs we get. ) Thanks to all that came and made the show the talked about vision it presented.

Elections were held and the new year will begin for the new slate of officers  after the 1st of January. Plans will begin for
the first show using  the 4 digit system and the PNDC show in 2012. Lots to do but I hope  they will be up to the task.
Tuber sales will be held in April and May and the society is planning to have a good save rate of the tubers in storage.  
Thank you again Greg for the past successful years.
Happy Holidays to each of you and Happy 2011

Seattle Dahlia Society
Kathy Ryan
The Seattle Dahlia Society annual show was held September 4th and 5th, 2010 – Lake City Community Center, Lake
City, WA
Show Co-Chairs:  Tom Ball and Diane Blackmer

Name of Prize:                Name of Dahlia:                        Exhibitor:
Best Dahlia in Show                Martina                                Ken Greenway
Best Single AA                 Inland Dynasty                        Marc Norman
Best Triple AA                Show and Tell                                Vern and Judy Stephens
Best Single A                        Harvey Koop                                Richard Williams
Best Single B                        Camano Concord                        Ken Greenway
Best Triple B                        Skipley Bonanza                        Hills Collins
Best Single BB                Aitara April                                Scarlett Pflugrad
Best Triple BB                Jomanda                                Hills Collins
Best Single Miniature                Martina                                Ken Greenway
Best Triple Miniature                Badger Twinkle                        Richard Williams
Best Single Ball                Mary’s Jomanda                        Vern and Judy Stephens
Best Triple Ball                Greendor                                Richard and Monica Tailleur
Best Single Mini Ball                Chimacum Troy                        Ken Greenway
Best Triple Mini Ball                Barbarry Gem                                Richard and Monica Tailleur
Best Single Pompon                Dutch Baby                                Denis and Karen Girard
Best Triple Pompon                Yellow Baby                                Ken Greenway
Best Waterlily                        Wildwood Marie                        Hills Collins
Best Triple Waterlily                Carmen Bunky                        John Sullivan
Best Stellar                        AC Rooster                                Richard Williams
Best Anemone                        Quick Step                                Kathy Ryan
Best Triple Anemone                Goldie Gull                                Vern and Judy Stephens
Best Collarette                        Alpen Diamond                        Dave Blackmer
Best Triple Collarette                AC Coy                                Ken Greenway
Best Peony                        Elvira                                        Louie Eckhoff
Best Triple Peony                Elvira                                        Louie Eckhoff
Best Single Single                Lulu Island Mom                        Vern and Judy Stephens
Best Triple Single                Lulu Island Mom                        Vern and Judy Stephens
Best Orchid                        Midnight Star                                Ken Greenway
Best Mignon                        Matthew Juel                                Dave Blackmer
Best Triple Mignon                Rembrandt                                Mike and Sally Paulus
Best Novelty (NX)                Valley Porcupine                        Carol Fiske
Best Triple Novelty (NX)        Valley Porcupine                         Hills Collins
Best 25 Years + Entry                Pop Willo                                Richard Williams
Best Triple 25 Years+ Entry        Salmon Rays                                Richard Williams
Best NW Origination                Skipley Spot                                Richard Williams
Best Triple NW Origination         Mick’s Peppermint                        Hills Collins
Best Foreign Origination        L’Ancresse                                Mike Alexander
Best American Origination        Wildwood Marie                        Hills Collins
Best Basket in Show                Chilson’s Pride                        Diana Blackmer
Smallest Most Perfect                Dutch Baby                                Denis and Karen Girard
Largest Most Perfect                Kenora Clyde                                Hills Collins
Best Dahlia by a Junior        Carmen Alexandra                        Alexandra Sanchez
Best Dahlia by a Novice        Martina                                Ken Greenway
Best Dahlia by an Amateur        Wildwood Marie                        Hills Collins
Best 2009-2010 Introduction        BJ’s Reina                                Jerry Morris
Best Laciniated Entry                Vista Lindsay                                Richard Williams
Best 5 BB Dahlias                Red River                                Ken Greenway
Best 5 Pompons                Yellow Baby                                Ken Greenway
Best “Dahlia of the Year”        Midnight Star                                Richard Johnson
Peoples Choice                Skipley Spot                                Richard Williams
Best Undisseminated                Seedling                                Richard Williams   
We would especially like to thank everyone who brought flowers – even with the cold wet spring, we had over 975
blooms - and those who participated in judging, clerking, setting up/breaking down, flower sales, and the information
desk.  It took a lot of volunteers to make our 53rd Annual Show  a success and a truly beautiful event.      

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society
Judy Stephens

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society will be hosting the 2011 PNDC Show on August 20 & 21 2011 at Country Club Centre.
Challenge flower will be Kenora Clyde and flowers of the year will be a single of  Vassio Meggos  & a triple of R Joan.
Mark your calendars, come see the island, and share with us a good time!!

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society members are busy winterizing tubers and digging glad corms. The weather has
cooperated to a degree but rain or shine it has to be done.
Apparently it's supposed to be a cold and long wet winter. Hopefully the tubers will survive!

Our membership is steadily growing and we have a group of very inquiring dahlia minds. We're always looking for new
programs to keep the more experienced growers keen as well.
We changed our display garden at the Vancouver Island University Paine Horticultural Centre to a seedling garden for
our members who are into growing seedlings.  This can be a teaching tool for new growers and we can use it as well to
explain the color chart and classifications of blooms. Denis Girard and Jim Gilchrist will be in charge of this endeavor
and the cost per seedling entry will be $5.  The entry must consist of seedling tubers hybridized by the club member.

Due to the sales of our tuber sale, we were able to donate $500 to a horticultural student in the VIU hort program. Our
recipient was Robert Conner. If tuber sales prove as lucrative each year, we will try and make this an annual donation.

In recognition of the passing of Garry Whiteoak, we created an award to emphasize the outgoing compassion of dahlia
teaching, growing and sharing of information to the club members. The recipient had to be someone in our very own
membership.  The honoured club member was myself.
Some Award Winners From Our Show.
Best Dahlia in Show- Kenora Jubilee--Cathy/Dave Featherby (Victoria)
Best Giant AA Dahlia- Inland Duynasty--Paul McKittrick (Vic)
Best 3 Giant AA Dahlia- Zorro--Connie Young-Davis (Vic)
Best Medium B Dahlia- Hamari Accord--Bob Sampson (Nanaimo)
Best Triple Pom- Glenplace--Karen/Denis Girard (Nanaimo)
Best Waterlily- Figurine--Ray/Jane Lauzier (Nanaimo)
Best Single Dahlia- Lulu Island Mom--Judy/Vern Stephens (Nanaimo)

Lane County Dahlia Society
Michael Canning
The Lane County Dahlia Society has closed the door on another growing season. Many of us are now focused on
bringing in the crop of next year's tubers. As with every season, there was success and failure at many turns. There
were varieties that did not quite live up to expectations, others that surprised and delighted us with their stunning
beauty. The weather, as always, was a mixed bag as well. It seemed like this year everything was late as we suffered
through a cold, wet early spring. Some of our best blooms came on in the weeks after the shows were over.

One loss this year will be extremely difficult for our organization to overcome. Our last surviving charter member, Alfretta
Spores passed away on September 29 at the age of 90. She suffered a stroke on the eve of our show, and died later of
complications. Alfretta was everyone's favorite LCDS member. She was very active in our organization, and attended
every show, every meeting, and every committee function. She has been our go-to person for the design and basket
sections at our show for more years than anyone can remember. Alfretta was also a very active member of the Eugene
Garden Club, and was the floral superintendent for the Lane County Fair for many years. We have been hurt deeply by
her loss, and it will take much more than the winter months ahead to soothe our pain.

Through it all the Lane County Dahlia continues to grow and spread the good word about our flower. We have an
active, engaged membership, and a committed core group who are dedicated to moving forward to the wonders of the
new season. Your friends at the Lane County Dahlia Society wish you and those close to you a healthy and bloom filled
Here are some of our winning entries from our show September 18 & 19 2010:

Best of Award        Dahlia Variety        Exhibitor        Best of Award        Dahlia Variety        Exhibitor
1 Bloom Double        Lakeview Glow        Christy Parks        1 Bloom Novelty Open        Lorona Dawn        Wayne
Lobaugh Jr
1 Bloom Disc        08 Kelsie Kristie        Wayne Lobaugh Jr        3 Blooms Novelty Open        Christmas Star        Wayne
Lobaugh Jr
3 Blooms Double        Aitara Caress        Ginger Clack        1 Bloom Novelty Double        Valley Porcupine        Ray
3 Blooms Disc        Christmas Star        Wayne Lobaugh Jr        3 Blooms Novelty Double        River’s Novelty        
Eugene Kenyon
1 Bloom AA        Ivory Palaces        Ron Clack        1 Bloom Peony        Granville        Mark & Laura Oldenkamp
1 Bloom A        Janal Amy        Mike Iler        3 Blooms Peony        Elvira        Ray Sturman
3 Blooms A        Kenora Jubilee        Robert Chibante        1 Bloom Anemone        Comet        Max & Marie Ollieu
1 Bloom B        Colwood Hope        Hiedi Oldenkamp        3 Blooms Anemone        Mexico        Wayne Lobaugh Jr
3 Blooms B        Alfred Grille        Max & Marie Ollieu        1 Bloom Collarette        Kelsey Sunshine        Wayne Lobaugh
1 Bloom BB        Lakeview Glow        Christy Parks        3 Blooms Collarette        Dark Suspense        Wayne Lobaugh Jr
3 Blooms BB        Ryecroft Zoe        Mike Iler        1 Bloom Water Lily        Ruthie G        Cora Vandervelden
1 Bloom Miniature         Bristol Tangerine        Robert Chibante        3 Blooms Water Lily        Sandia Shomei        Ray
3 Blooms Miniature        Aitara Caress        Ginger Clack        1 Bloom Stellar        Camano Pet        Linnea McIntosh
1 Bloom Ball        Mary’s Jomanda        Robert Chibante        3 Blooms Stellar        Crazy Legs        Ray Sturman
3 Blooms Ball        Mary’s Jomanda        Robert Chibante                           
1 Bloom MB        Odyssey        Lexa Cookson                           
3 Blooms MB        MS Kennedy        Ted Kennedy                           
1 Bloom Pom        Valda        Ginger Clack                           
3 Blooms Pom        Moor Place        Mike Riordan                           
1 Bloom Single        08 – Kelsey Kristie        Wayne Lobaugh Jr                           
3 Blooms Single        Alley Rose        Wayne Lobaugh Jr                           
1 Bloom MS        Rival        Jeff Jeffs                           
3 Blooms MS        Lo -Blush        Wayne Lobaugh Jr                           
1 Bloom Orchid        Natalie’s Star        Max & Marie Ollieu                           
3 Blooms Orchid        Natalie’s Star        Wayne Shantz                          

I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted articles for this Newsletter.  I know that it is a most busy
time of year with digging, and caring for tubers and holidays coming up.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  
The next Newsletter will be published in February 2011.  Please submit articles by 12 February 2011.
Be sure to include the National Show at Portland in 2012 in your plans.  We urge all societies to participate and to assist
as needed.  This is a huge undertaking.   Contact members of the Portland Portland Dahlia Society and volunteer your

Be sure to include the National show at Portland in 2012 in your plans.  We urge all societies to participate and to assist
as required.  This is a huge undertaking.  Please be reminded that many hands make light work.  Contact members of
the Portland Society and volunteer your services as necessary.

Remember also, the pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference Show hosted by the Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society
on  August 20 & 21, 2011 at the Country Club Center,
Nanaimo, B.C.

Remember also the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference Show hosted by the Nanaimo Gladiolus & Dahlia Society on
August 20 & 21 2011 at the Country Club Center, Nanaimo, B.C.

I wish everyone a wonderful and joyous holiday season.  May you and your families enjoy the spirit of the season  in
every way.  

The majority of this Newsletter is being sent via e-mail.  If you do not wish to have it e-mailed, but prefer regular mail,
please let me know as soon as possible.