33rd Annual Show Sept 26 & 27 Douglas County Fairgrounds Floral Building  Roseburg, Oregon  

2020 Flower of the Year – Sir Richard

Show Theme – Carnival of Dahlias

Driving Directions  

 Take I-5 to exit 123   
Saturday Sept 26, 2020

07:00 am - 09:00 am Horticulture and Design entries           accepted.   '
09:00 am - 09:30 am Judges meeting           
09:30 am Judging begins        

12:00 pm   
Show opens to public 12:00 pm  Judge’s Luncheon
05:00 pm  Show closes to public

Sunday August 27, 2020

09:00 am   Informal Garden Tour
10:00 am   Show opens to public
03:00 pm  Awards Presentation
03:30 pm  Show closes  
Officers and Committee Chairmen
President Ember Nay 541-496-9766
Vice President Mark Beno 541-496-0544
Treasurer Elva Sellens 541-672-7352
Secretary Pat Hayman 541-679-9440    
Show Chairperson Elva Sellens 541-672-7352
Awards & Ribbons Elva Sellens  Classification Ginger Clack or any Senior Judge
Entry Numbers Elva Sellens  Head Table Elva Sellens Ginger Clack
Hospitality Pat Hayman Lyndall Sellens
Judges Invitations Elva Sellens  Judges & Clerks Assignments Elva Sellens Ginger Clack
Judges Refreshments Pat Hayman  Luncheon Richard Parks  Publicity Elva Sellens  Set-up Ron Clack Richard
Arrangements Ginger Clack  Show Schedule Elva Sellens Ginger Clack
Tally Ember Nay Elva Sellens

MEMBERSHIP FEES:  $5.00 per person, $7.00 family. (Dues are payable by show time). There is no entry fee for
the show for non-DCDS members
FLOAT SECTION Judging Criteria- White Tag Open to all. This section is to utilize high quality
blooms that could not otherwise be shown. Blooms are to be staged so that they will float in a suitable container
to fit the size of the bloom so that the petals are not overlapping the container. The bloom must float in the
container and no accessories are to be used in the float such as glass rings.  Entry will be judged on quality of
bloom and how well the bloom fits in proportion to the container.  

Exhibitor’s show division will be based only on the exhibitor’s history in showing arrangements.  Classification of
Exhibitors: NOVICE Exhibitors entering dahlias in this division are inexperienced in showing arrangements. They
may show as a Novice for a maximum of three (3) years or may choose to advance after the first or second year.

AMATEUR  One who has exhibited as a Novice for a minimum of one (1) year. They may remain in this division for
a maximum of five (5) years regardless of winnings, or may choose to advance after one (1) year.

OPEN       One who has exhibited as an Amateur for a maximum of five (5) years or may have chosen to advance
after one or more years as an Amateur.

JUNIOR Anyone age 16 and under. The design must be arranged    by the Junior exhibitor.


1) Membership in the Douglas County Dahlia Society is not a requirement for entering an arrangement. 2) Any
gardener may enter one arrangement per class. 3) Dahlias must predominate in all designs but other flowers,
foliage, and/or accessories may be used.  Show the name(s) of any dahlias use on the exhibit card if possible.   4)
The plant materials used need not have been grown by the exhibitor, but the exhibitor must have arranged them.
5) Artificial foliage, fruits or flowers may not be used. 6) Each exhibitor must furnish their own containers and mark
their name on the bottom. 7) The show committee will not be responsible for the loss or breakage of containers or
accessories, but will use utmost care for the protection of all exhibits.

Scale of Points for all Designs

Conformance (to schedule requirements) ………………………………………20 Design (Elements, Principles)
…………………………………………………………..42 Artistic Concept (Selection and/or organization)
……………………………..12 Expression (Interpretation of class by exhibitor) ……………………………..10
Distinction (marked superiority in all respects………………………………._ 16                  100

Theme: Carnival of Dahlias

Class :   1 Ferris Wheel” – A design showing circular movement 2 “Bumper Cars” – A design involving 2 containers
with design continuing between the containers to look like one arrangement 3 “Fishing” – A water design of choice
4 “Merry Go Round” – A classic mass arrangement 5 “Roller Coaster” – a design that has rhythm and rolling
movement 6 “Ring Toss” – A miniature design using several containers which together.  No larger than 10” x 10” 7
“The Hammer” – A vertical line arrangement

8  “One and Only” – One dahlia in a bottle with floral filler

MEN ONLY 9  “Pony Ride” – Designers choice to depict them
The show schedule information on entry categories is on the combined show schedule
PNDC Combined Show Schedule (version 3)

password is: