Victoria Show Results
Victoria Dahlia Society Show
August 12-13 2006

  Best Single in Show        Camano Sitka        David and Penelope Wood
  Best Triple in Show        Chimacum Troy        Ralph Hellens
  Best AA Single        Sir Alfred Ramsey        Ralph Hellens        
  Best AA Triple        Zorro        David and Penelope Wood
  Best A Single        Camano Sitka        David and Penelope Wood
  Best A Triple        Camano Sitka        Sandra Wilson
  Best B Single        Colwood Hope        Connie Young-Davis
  Best B Triple        Hamari Accord        Graham and Deirdre Rendall
  Best BB Single        Hy Sockeye        Ralph Hellens
  Best BB Triple        Taratahi Lilac        Graham and Deirdre Rendall
  Best Miniature Single        O3A11        Ralph Hellens
  Best Miniature Triple        R Hydrogen        Ralph Hellens
  Best Ball Single        Suncrest        Ralph Hellens
  Best Ball Triple        Lhurh Marie         Sandra Wilson
  Best Miniature Ball Single        Odyssey        Bob Sampson
  Best Miniature Ball Triple        Chimacum Troy        Ralph Hellens
  Best Pompon Single        Tiny Treasures        Bob Sampson
  Best Pompon Triple        Midnight        Marie Almeida
  Best Waterlily Single        Juuls Lotus        Barry and Mary Willoughby
  Best Triple Waterlily        Cameo        David and Penelope Wood
  Best Stellar Single        O4A5        Ralph Hellens
  Best Stellar Triple        Camano Pet        Ralph Hellens
  Best AOV Single        Horse Feathers        David and Penelope Wood
  Best Triple AOV        Valley Porcupine        David and Penelope Wood
  Best Origination        Hamari Accord        Ralph Hellens
  Best Three Bloom Entry                n/a
  Best Five Bloom Entry        O5C2        Ralph Hellens
  Best Nine Bloom Entry                n/a
  Best Three Different Laciniated        Alice May        Jack Vandament
          Colwood Anne                
          Colwood Edna
  Best Flower of the Year        Kenora Jubilee        Ralph Hellens
          Saanich Surprise        n/a
  Smallest Most Perfect        Rembrandt        Paul McKittrick
  Largest Dahlia Bloom        Inland Dynasty        Burl Deatherage
  Best 25 Years & Over        Rebecca Lynn        Ralph Hellens
  Outhouse Dahlia        Zorro        Erika Lavergne
  Best Lily Pond Floater        Cameo        Judy and Vern Stephens
  Best Photography        Bloom and Object        Pat Dippel
  Best Basket        Worton Blue Streak        Graham and Deirdre Rendall
  Best Bowl        BB Sizes        Teresa Thom
  Best Seedling        O4A6        Ralph Hellens
  Best ADS Seedling Bench        Keating Joan Marsh        Barry and Mary Willoughby
  Best Junior                n/a

  Open Aggregate        Ralph Hellens
  Amateur Aggregate        Paul McKittrick
  Novice Aggregate        Connie Young-Davis
  Junior Aggregate        n/a

Another successful show!   We are always grateful for the support from other dahlia societies - especially our friends
from the Nanaimo Dahlia Society and the Seattle Dahlia Society.

Paul McKittrick, Show Secretary