PNDC Bulletin
                  July 2007

August       4th & 5th              Judging School -  Seattle Dahlia Society
August               8th                     Stella Newbom’s 101st Birthday.  WOW!!!!
                       Stella is a Seattle Dahlia Society Charter member
August      18th &19th              Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Show - Country Club Centre
                       Nanaimo, B.C.
August      25th & 26th             PNDC Show - Hillside Centre - Victoria, B.C.
September 1st & 2nd             Seattle Dahlia Society Show. - Lake City Community Center
September 1st & 2nd             Portland Dahlia Society Show - Clackamas Fair - Canby, Or.
September 8th & 9th             Southern Oregon Dahlia Show - Pony Village Mall
                               North Bend, Or.
September 15th & 16th      Inland Empire Dahlia Show - Fairgrounds - Spokane, Wa.
September 15th & 16th             Lane County Dahlia Show - Oakway  Mall - Eugene, Or.
September 22nd & 23rd     Douglas County Dahlia Show - Roseburg Valley Mall
                       Roseburg, Or.

From the President
Larry Manwell

Another show season is upon us.  I sincerely hope that everyone’s dahlias are doing well.  The weather here in
Snohomish has been unseasonably hot.  This year our PNDC show will be hosted by the Victoria Dahlia Society.  
Plan to attend if possible.  The Victoria society always has a great show and the banquet is unsurpassed.  For
information on accommodations please contact Paul McKittrick, the show secretary 250 381 7495.  I hope to see
many of you at the shows.  I always enjoy talking to old friends and meeting new dahlia growers.  It is my fondest
wish that each of your blooms are winners and that you thoroughly enjoy the growing and showing season.  

From the secretary
Joan Marsh

We are quite quiet at the present time. I have some corrections to the roster so please get out your copies and
note the following:-
Ian Back:  correct e-mail is:
Tiffany Boatwright e-mail is now:
Art & Clover Redfern telephone is:  541-753-4936
Tom & Twyla Ball e-mail is:
Bob Chibante is a candidate judge and his PNDC number is 678.
My e-mail is and I do check my messages

"Please change your judging roster to reflect the following name change. Sally Richards is now Sally Miller. Bob
and Sally were married in a private ceremony on May 31st. We wish the newlyweds many years of happiness."

ADS notes.
Bob Miller

One of the items mentioned in the June 15th ADS Executive Board conference call was the fact that some clubs
had not returned the letter sent out by Roger Walker asking for the number of ribbons and forms that were going
to be required for this year’s seedling bench sections at local shows.  If your society has not returned Roger’s
request for information, please do it immediately.  If you do not plan to have a seedling bench, please send him a
negative report.

Another request was for societies to make sure that the show information had been sent to the Dahlia alert
website.  Please check to make sure that your show information is correct on  .  If it is
not, please contact Don McAllister at to update your information.

The ADS is making an effort to improve the current ADS website ( ).  Don McAllister has made
changes to the site to make it more user friendly and to make it easier to find the information you need.  Please
give it a try and send any comments you have to

The ADS conducted an exit poll of non-renewing members.  Obviously many of the non-renewals were because of
deaths or health reasons, but quite a few were because the local meetings did not meet their expectations. Many
found too much emphasis on showing dahlias and not enough information of general interest; others said that
they felt that the local group was not really interested in new members.  Some complained that the programs, if
presented, were the same old subjects repeated over and over again.  Some complained that the societies did
not have any program except a business meeting. The message seems to be that you need to have an
interesting program to attract and hold new members.  Have you looked at your programs lately??

Trial Gardens

Joni Beasley
Once again Bob Beasley, Trial Garden Director, could not say NO and we have yet another 50 entries. All are
doing very well which is a relief after last years weather related issues. The planting was done a week early in
combination with our display garden on May 29th and we actually had one blooming like crazy in the greenhouse
by April 29th. Buddy Dean sends early bloomers...his other entry bloomed quite early as well.
So far all that are in bloom look to be great entries. Somehow it seems we do get a high ratio of winners sent to us
and the public loves them. Some one loved our rebar stakes as well as we have had theft issues with them this
year. Since we are in a public park things like that do happen and the blooms get picked by passer bys and the
lawn mower catches a few here and there but by and large we are quite the popular attraction at Mantio Park.
Hope that anyone who comes to Spokane will drop by and if you are a judge we would love to have your scores
on them. Let the Beasley's know and they will be happy to help in any way they can.

JULY 2007 Victoria Trial Garden report
Barry Willoughby

The Trial garden is planted and the plants are now growing
A restful time for a little while with only weeding and hoeing
The club support  has been great especially with planting
At least twenty showed up, a number well worth ranting

The number of entries has increased a bit this year
More than we had hoped, and most satisfying to hear
Twenty two will keep us quite busy with many new ones to see
Our judges will evaluate them with careful, in-depth scrutiny

On Saturday, August 25th there will be visitors and judging for all
At the PNDC show in Victoria, gathering together at the Hillside Mall
On the 26th for those not yet ready to pack and head for the ferry
There is Trial judging of entries at 9AM so please do not tarry.

Well, it is now about time for this rhyme to come to a close
I ask for your indulgence, as I reach the end of this prose
There are those that like to plant and those that like to discernOur dahlia hobby provides for both and many
opportunities to learn.

SEE YOU at the 2007 PNDC SHOW in Victoria on August 25th and 26th

Also, Don't forget for those that can make it there is an open to all judging
session on Saturday, July 28th at the Horticultural Center of the Pacific in
Victoria under the direction of Tom Ball. Bring a lunch and join us to update
your judging skills before the shows begin!!!!

The Lane County Dahlia Society said goodbye to their friend, former President, and
Longtime member, Joseph Richard “Dick” Canning, who died Feb. 19, 2007 of age related causes at age 81.
Survivors include his wife, Shirley of 58 years, daughter Christine Spurlock of Everett, WA, sons Douglas of
Seattle and Michael of Eugene, and three grandchildren and three great-grand children. A son, Donald, preceded
him in death.
Born June 22, 1925 in Richmond, California, Dick moved to Oregon at the age of ten. In the summer, he would
work for his grandfather in the fields picking strawberries and around the farm tending chickens. Later, he worked
for Reynolds Aluminum, the job that motivated him to pursue a college degree. Dick spent three years in the navy,
serving on World War II submarine patrols in the South China Sea. He was graduated from Central Catholic High
School, from Lewis and Clark with a BS degree, and from
Oregon State University with an MS degree. For thirty-two years, he taught high
school and also served as the District Math Coordinator.
Dick Canning held an uncanny presence that allowed him to mix and move among those who knew him. For me, I
first met him as a colleague and later shared a classroom with him. In this setting, I began to see the keen
perception he had of students and his subtle personal touches that bubbled as he taught. On many an occasion, I
would hear a comment that reeked with wry and dry humor that made him special, both to his students and to all
those who knew him. As a communicator and friend, he exuded a personal touch that endeared him wherever he
went. He wended his way through hobbies, such as woodcarving, sail boating, and photography, always excelling
in what he pursued. He ended his hobby pursuits with the dahlia, a major focus for over 25 years.
One fall Monday morning, Eleanor and I had displayed a basket of dahlias in addition to 15 or 20 different
varieties staged in wine bottles in the faculty room. Each variety had its name attached to the bottle. Quickly, Dick
expressed an interest, stating how beautiful they were. With some encouragement, he began to grow dahlias and
also joined the LCDS where he flourished as a grower, showman, and judge. Before long, he turned his focus to
the growing of seedlings. Many enlarged photographs of these seedlings graced his wall. He would cut a
prospective bloom from his seedling patch, stage it, and then call his friends to come and see the new creation. In
his later years, his son, Michael, gave him a prized gift when he and wife, Cheryle, began growing, showing, and
judging dahlias. Dick knew his beloved dahlias were safe for another generation.  Cheryle wrote, ‘I was struck with
the priest’s comments about Dick, as a math teacher; he was always looking for solutions and answers. He began
talking about the mystery of life, having faith, and the passage of dying. As I listened, it occurred to me that one of
the aspects about growing dahlia seedlings for Dick was the sheer mystery of what he was growing and the faith
that he had in the results.”
Dick’s seedling name choices for his introductions reveal his implicit value system. His love of family reverberates
across pages since he attaches family names to his seedlings. His originations include:  Kathy’s Choice, Cena C,
Emily C, Nicole C, Shirley Canning, Chris, Michael C, Cheryle C, Cheryle, and Katherine C. In addition, he also
has an engaging white miniature semi-cactus seedling with a form similar to Mary Jo that possesses real promise.
No doubt, the world is poorer now, but not bankrupt; for those of us who knew this genial man, we all have fond
memories of a person who gave the world beauty, friendship, and lasting memories that include genuine
goodness. We will miss that unique touch from an artistic man of many talents. I will especially miss the query of,
“Hey, Wayne what do you think about . . . ?“ Dick Canning plied his trade well, forging admirable webs of
character. He rests in peace now and awaits his many friends.

Gordon Henry Leroux
The dahlia world said good by to one of the foremost hybridizers of our flower on June 9th 2007.  Gordon Henry
Leroux was born October 27, 1936, in Kenora, Ontario, Canada.  In the early 1960s he lived in California.  He
decided to return to his hometown, but when he got to Everett Washington, he decided to stay for awhile.  There
he met his wife, Jeannie and they were married in 1971.  After taking a geology class, his interest turned to
mineral crystals, so he became a mineral minor, collector and distributor of minerals.  Traveling all over the U. S.
and Canada he dug, traded and sold mineral crystals to collectors.  Some of the minerals he has found are in the
Smithsonian Institute and the Sorbonne Museum in France.  Before moving into their house in 1976 they did not
even grow houseplants.  Gordie was concerned that the yard was too big, but the view of the Cascade Mountains
and the valley was glorious, so they bought the house on Veiw Drive. There were only a couple of flower beds, so
Jeannie promised to weed and care for these if Gordie would mow the huge lawn.  Almost immediately he started
digging up flower beds and planting them with annuals, wild flowers and cacti.  Jeannie backed out of the weeding
deal saying it wasn’t fair to dig up the lawn and expect her to take care of all of the extra flower beds.  In the
summer of 1977 Gordie got tubers of Kelvins Floodlight and Granite Falls from his mother-in-law and grew them.  
In August he visited the dahlia show at Grays Harbor Fair Grounds.  He was immediately put to work clerking and
met many of the Snohomish County Dahlia Society members.  He was adopted by Les Steenfott who became one
of his mentors.  The next year Gordie entered a triple of Choh in the Snohomish County Show.  When he went to
check his entry after the judging it was gone.  They found it on the Head Table winning Best Collarette Entry in
show.  Cancer arrived in 1987 along with Shingles.  His dahlias kept him going through chemo and radiation.  In
1995 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Things took a lot longer and were a lot harder, but he could
still grow great dahlias.  
Gordie supplied many churches and care homes in the area with flowers all season.  His Kenora dahlias are
grown and are known throughout the world.  This renowned hybridizer of the dahlia will be missed by all.  
Thank you Gordon Henry Leroux for your contributions to the dahlia world and for making all of our gardens a
little brighter.  

It has been announced that Teresa
Bergman of Cowlitz River Dahlias will be growing Gordie Leroux's remaining
stock. Jeannie had this to say about their choice:

Kenora Dahlias
Jeannie Leroux
When Gordie and I talked about what we could do with the dahlia business since it was getting to hard to do and
take care of his needs, he said it had to be passed on to someone who really loved the dahlias, had good
business sense, and time and energy to raise the Kenora dahlias for us.  We were grateful to Dick Ambrose who
sold our tubers in 2006, but Dick was trying to grow less dahlias, not more.   We were looking through old photos
and the seedling patch when we came again across a photo of Teresa looking at the seedling row.  Gordie looked
at me and I looked at him and said in unison, “Teresa Bergman”!  Gordie still wanted to think that he could do it
on his own, but his infection and stay in care facilities made this impossible.  In the spring, I asked Teresa if she
would like to do it and was pleased when she said that she would be honored to do it.  She came up to pick up the
many buckets of dahlia tubers which were mostly not marked or marked with a question mark.  She has a very big
job ahead of her because she must figure out the names of the unmarked ones and check the accuracy of the
labeled ones.  I am anxiously awaiting photos by e-mail of them blooming in her yard.

ADS Image Library
Claudia Biggs

As your new introductions bloom, it is time to be taking photos of them for the New Introduction program for 2008.
Please have your photos to me by November 1. This is an earlier date, but I am inundated with photos and it is
hard to finish by mid December. The data sheet and info sheet should be in the September ADS Bulletin.,

I'm currently working on the Photo Contest Winners for the 2006 contest. I have all the digital photos but not many
of the 4x6 pictures entered. I will try and have this program completed by September.

If you have ideas for programs for the image library, let me know. I will try and get something together.
I have increased the Dahlia Forms slide show from 20 slides to 60 for those who still use slides. I'm also having
copies of the photo contest winners made into slides.

From the Societies

Kathy Iler – Secretary

Summer has arrived early on the Coast. SODS members are busy topping, tying, stopping, and timing blooms for
this seasons shows. Our April tuber sale was a record breaker. Members and friends of SODS contributed over
2500 tubers! Our president, Paulette Woodward, painstakingly organized the prepared tubers by size and form
and then alphabetically. This speeded set up and was a great help for shoppers. Sales were brisk and the tables
were staffed with helpful club members. Dahlia growers from all over the West Coast, Alaska, and as far away as
Maine were there. They, as well as locals, left with new varieties for their gardens. Through our donations the
Coos County Fair has a new planting of the orchid types and Shore Acres State Park was able to add some new
varieties to their already extensive collection. If you are planning to spend some time on the Coast this summer
consider Shore Acres on September 22nd for “Dahlia Daze”.

The SODS June meeting featured our own Cora Vandervelden demonstrating her basket display techniques. It
was a very informative program resulting in some outstanding baskets including one with Nicole C (M C OR). We
may see some more exhibitors trying their hand at baskets as a result. This year’s summer picnic is a progressive
potluck and garden tour of four member gardens. We also look forward to the August meeting as world class
flower arranger Joan Cooper will be up from Gold Beach to demonstrate her award winning techniques using our
favorite flower.

The theme of Southern Oregon Dahlia Society’s 51st Annual Show is ‘Coastal Gems’. It will be held at the usual
venue of Pony Village Mall on September 8th & 9th. Flower of the year is Pooh (CO BI) and the challenge flower is
Cornel (BA DR). If you would like to attend and need a show schedule or are interested in judging please contact
June Adams. June’s email is: or she can be reached over the telephone at  (541)271-
The Southern Oregon Dahlia Society wishes everyone a great dahlia season!     

Lane County Dahlia Society
Lexa Cookson

Greetings  from the LCDS. We have had a very busy and productive Spring. Our Annual Tuber Sale and Auction
was held in April. Once again, we beat the previous year's sales and had a terrific evening. In May, we attended
the first Annual Oregon Plant Fair held at Eugene's Alton Baker Park. Along with other specialty plant vendors,
garden artists and food vendors, we enjoyed a very bust day of selling tubers and sharing our love and
knowledge of the dahlia. We look forward to participating in this event again next year. We would also like to thank
our friends in the Douglas County and Southern Oregon Dahlia Societies who volunteered many, many tubers
toward our sales. We would not have had the success that we reaped without their support. Thanks!
Now that July has arrived, the dahlias are all planted and growing. Our June meeting featured a presentation by
Wayne Shantz on grooming dahlia plants. As always, Wayne's talk was a big hit and we had over 40 folks in
attendance. Our July meeting will be a member's potluck held at the home of Jeff and Nancy Beckwith. This is
always a fun evening when LCDS members can relax and enjoy each others  friendship.  As the Summer rolls on,
our thoughts will turn to the show season. This year, Oregon's 4 Dahlia shows are being held on 4 straight
weekends in September. It should be a busy and enjoyable month! We encourage everyone to mark your
calendar and come to Eugene the weekend of September 15-16th. Our show is being held at the Oakway Mall
and our Flower of the Year is Pam Howden. We hope that you can join us!
Have a great Summer and enjoy your gardens!

Portland Dahlia Society
Larry Smith, President

Portland Dahlia Society had a very successful fundraising season, topping all previous
records. We cleared around $3000 from our various Society sales and about the same amount at the Master
Gardener sale. This would not have been possible without a lot of great teamwork within our membership and the
support of Swan Island Dahlias. Several new members have joined as a result of the sales.
Meetings are steaming along. We now start the meeting with the program, a change which has been well
received. In June, we had a speaker regarding soil amendments and a show and tell of tools to use in the dahlia
garden. in July, I, being a veteran fair exhibitor, taught members how to show dahlias in fairs. The subject of the
August meeting is preparing for our upcoming show.  Speaking of shows our annual show is on Labor Day
weekend, September 1 and 2, at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds, as usual. It is a great show.
We also will need judges to judge the show and at the Canby Trial Garden.
Join us!

Inland Empire Dahlia Society
Joni Beasley

The 1st half of 2007 has kept the members of the IEDS very busy. March we were 7 strong at the PNDC meeting
in Portland. Somehow we got left off of the count in the PNDC meeting report but  we were there!!! Enjoyed  
meeting new people and putting faces to names and voices.  
We had our usual 3 tuber sales and although we were anticipating revenue losses due to a hard winter to hold
tubers, we did very well. Thank you to all of the individuals from Washington and Oregon that sent extra tubers to
us to sell.
Plans for the Trial Garden and VA display garden were underway as we were selling last years stock. We decided
to plant both gardens on the same day and free up members a weekend for their own gardens. Actually this went
really well and although it was done on Memorial Day weekend and only had a handful of members to do the work
we were done doing both by 10:30 and these gardens are on opposite sides of the city. Both  gardens  are doing
June was the time we had for a judging school and to our delight Tom and Twyla Ball came from Seattle and Tom
did the class. We were his first and he did a phenomenal job and we now have 7 new candidate judges and the
refresher course under our belts for another several years for the rest of us. We send along a huge THANKS to
Next up is the annual picnic and planning for the show September 15th. If anyone would like to come and judge
that we did not anticipate please let Joni Beasley know and she will put you on the list. All are welcome!
Happy  Growing.

Connie Thompson

We are approaching the end of June here on Vancouver Island, and so far have only had one hot day. We all
hope that Summer is just around the corner! Despite the wet, cool weather, the dahlias are growing and looking
good....but we could sure use some warm weather to give them a push upwards!
At the end of April we had an extremely successful tuber sale. The financial gains that we have made over the
past several years are now allowing us to make some positive changes in our Show Schedule. All Head Table
winners will now receive a monetary award effective 2007. We hope that this will entice more people to enter,
including a few more people from out of town as well as new club members. As always, we enjoy having our
wonderful American friends come and both participate and judge. Over the years, many wonderful friendships
have been established thru the growing and showing of dahlias!

As a club, we have been fortunate to see our numbers grow tremendously over the past couple of years. It is
exciting to see this and to see the enthusiasm in many of the new members to both grow and show. Once again,
we have planted our Display Garden at the Malaspina College Horticultural Teaching Site and this is a very useful
tool in teaching our newer members the details in growing. It is also helpful to have a plentiful display of flowers
readily available to teach them how to prepare for a show, how to stage, and what to look for when choosing their
blooms to take to the show. We are trying to take some of the mystery out of shows so that the newer members
feel comfortable instead of intimidated by the experience. Of course, having them participate as clerks and attend
judging schools gives them more knowledge and confidence that they are showing against people who are
perhaps showing for the first time too. We have to remember that it is a wonderful learning experience at whatever
level we are at and important to pass this on to old and new members alike.

Our show this year will be held the 18th and 19th of August at Country Club Mall in Nanaimo. Set-up will take
place on the Friday evening and you will be welcome to start putting out your flowers after about 8 p.m. Vern
Stephens is Show Chairman and can be reached at and Jim Gilchrist is Judges Chair and can
be reached at 250-722-2109.
We hope to see many of you there! Don't forget that we have a great dinner on Saturday evening following the
judging, please plan to attend and socialize with us.

Have a great growing season.

Victoria Dahlia Society
Paul McKittrick

The Victoria Dahlia Society is ramping up for another busy summer. We had a very successful Tuber Sale at the
end of April with over 2000 tubers sold. In order to bring some new stock and new varieties in our area, this past
Spring our Club did a bulk purchase of about 200 tubers from a grower in Oregon - Clack’s Dahlia’s. Our
members are looking forward to the results from this bulk purchase. In May the Club prepared and planted the
Trial Garden with 22 entries.
We are hosting a Judging Seminar on July 28th where Tom Ball will be our guest speaker. Our Club BBQ will be
once again hosted by Phil Newton’s and Teresa Thom’s place on August 11th. Phil will be doing some “pit”
cooking with a couple of different kinds of meat.
Our Club is privileged to co-host our annual Dahlia Show with the PNDC this year on August 25th I 26th. We are
hoping to see many PNDC members from across the Pacific Northwest coming to our “Exhibition 2007” in August.
The two Flowers of the Year are Camano Sitka and G.W.’s Babe. Our Show will once again take place at the
Hillside Mall at 1644 Hillside Avenue in Victoria. If anyone wishes information on motel reservations, you can call
the Show Secretary (Paul McKitlrick) at 250 381-7495 or email
Hopefully everyone has fabulous weather this summer, and may your dahlias be prolific and stunning.

Diana Blackmer

The Seattle Dahlia Society is greatly anticipating our 50th ANNUAL SHOW this year!  We welcome all of our
friends and fellow dahlia enthusiasts to join us in Lake City – a neighborhood north of Seattle for our Golden
Anniversary Show.
Bring your winning blooms - $50 prize for the BEST DAHLIA IN SHOW - plus a new category: the BEST
LACINIATED DAHLIA (the Jack Vandament $25 Cash Award).
Save the dates:  September 1-2.  Nurture an Embrace to enter for DAHLIA OF THE YEAR:  best single (Lou &
Patty Eckhoff Award) or best triple ($25 Seattle Dahlia Society Cash Award).
There are 89 major awards for your prize flowers plus lots of fun with dahlia growers from the Northwest.  We
welcome dahlia growers new to showing their blooms or dahlia growers who are old hands at showing off the
delights from their garden.
The location for our show is the very accommodating Lake City Community Center – 12531 28th Avenue NE,
Seattle, Washington.
From I-5 going NORTH take Exit 174; turn right and drive east (NE 130th gradually turns to become NE 125h
Street); turn left on 28th Avenue NE.
From I-5 going SOUTH take Exit 175, turn left, driving east on NE 145th Street until you come to Lake City Way
(SR 522); turn right and drive south to NE 125th Street; turn right on NE 125th Street and right again at 28th
Avenue NE.
Our new show co-chairs are James and Donna Chavez, who are enthusiastic dahlia growers and members of our
society.  We welcome them to this endeavor as we all come alongside to assist them in every possible way.
Also mark your calendar for Sunday, July 29th, and plan now to attend our Summer Potluck Picnic-July Meeting.  
Dale and Renee Hoffman are hosting us again this year at their mountain home in the “wilds” of Preston at noon.  
Blooms are appreciated for “hands-on” dahlia show-staging experience.
We wish you happy gardening and growing of your dahlias in all their varied colors, forms and sizes.  Seattle
Society members especially look forward to seeing all our dahlia friends once again, so bring your blooms on
September 1st and enjoy the good company!

Publishing Schedule for PNDC Newsletter

List of dates the Pacific Northwest Dahlia Conference Newsletter will be published.

Date of Publication                                        Please submit articles by:
October 30th                                                                October 15th
January 30th                                                                January 15th
April 30th                                                                 April 15th
July 30th                                                                July 15th

Anyone may submit articles for publication.  Articles dealing with dahlia horticulture, including soil preparation,
planting, fertilizing, use of pesticides, maintaining pest free gardens without the use of pesticides, digging, cutting
and storing dahlias, or any article that may be of interest to dahlia growers.

Thank you,
Tom Ball, Editor.

Help Wanted

At the spring meeting I submitted my resignation as the Evaluation Committee Chair.  I have agreed to continue
on in the position through the 2007 judging season.  After that I expect to be relieved of this duty.   The job is a
very rewarding position with constant communication with all of the judges within the PNDC. The position requires
the Chairperson to regularly communicate with the ADS Chairman of Judges (usually via e-mail) to answer
questions about current judges status. The position also entails keeping statistics on all of the judges and
maintaining their records and files so that accurate reports may be sent to the American Dahlia Society each year
for the purpose of making up the annual ADS Judges Rosters.  The Evaluation Chair regularly monitors each
judge to insure that all ADS and PNDC judging requirements are met.  The chair person will attend the PNDC
meetings, will be included as a member at the PNDC Board Meetings and is regularly requested for PNDC inputs
in regard to changing judging requirements.    The person who applies should have some computer skills and
access to a computer with e-mail capabilities.  (This capability makes the position 100% easier).  The person
volunteering for this position should be a Senior Judge.  
For more information about this position please contact Tom Ball at 206 367 5647 or   


Just received word that Claudia Biggs mother passed away on 16 July, 2007.
She passed in her sleep in the extended care facility where she lived.  Services are planned for Saturday 21 July.  
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Claudia and her family on this very sad occasion.   

And Finally!
My thanks to all who contributed information and articles to this newsletter.  Without you we couldn’t publish it.  I
hope to see many of you at the shows this year.  My best to each of you for a great growing and showing year.  
Thank you.   Tom